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  2. I got a halo starlite, med action med fast at walmart awhile back & it is nice. A bit stiff for cranking but works well with larger stuff. Works exceptionally well with a buzzbait. It was $100+ rod on clearance for $48. They still had 3 last time i was there ( 2 weeks ) . Walmart by Knoxville center ( formerly east town ) mall. Its ugly, red with yellow foam handles, but its light & sensitive.
  3. Welcome to TNBF
  4. Hello chase, Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. chase joined on the 06/23/2017. View Member
  5. I guess you'll have to tighten the steering wheel down now huh lol..
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  7. That's moving... faster than the lead sled I have.
  8. 2001 18' BasStream (small company, made in GA) 93 150 Faststrike slidemaster Jack plate, 24p Raker prop.
  9. What boat/motor do you have?
  10. Wish it would rain......

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      Running out of places to put it

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      I'm guessing it's been raining a lot around there lately? I've been in this miserable southwest desert at 120 degrees for days now. 

  11. Yeah you have to really drive it with this prop.
  12. Holy chit dude that's haulin' in that rig! Glad you got out and got it up and going!
  13. Glad you're back up and running dude
  14. Just got back in. Caught 7, 5 keepers, from 6 to 9. The boat ran awesome. Now I see why everyone had told me I need one of the old Rakers. Had the girls with me so I didn't get crazy. Hit 68 and it was still building. It started chine walking so I let out of it. That's full tackle load, full tank of gas and two and half people. So I'm guessing mid to low 70s top speed.
  15. Last week
  16. Lmao!!!!!!! "Shoot,Move, and Communicate" without Comms it's just Shoot, move.........and Shoot more. Lol
  17. Noone is ready for that..... especially if we go combat fishing. We need C4 and Det cord.... take my lean seat off the Nitro and throw a M2 on there let him run it. Ill get comms....
  18. Y'all need to hook up and go fishing lol
  19. I never wore a PC. We wore boonies. Well I did in basic and AIT
  20. I was pissed when they made us put the PCs down and put the dang black berets on.....
  21. Legs have called me that before. Lmao. Your just jealous of my red hat. Lol
  22. LOLOL!!! Airborne thats why Jk!
  23. Whj I bought a Raker yesterday and got it on. The boat is plugged into the wall now and I'm taking the kids after work. I had different experience with east tn propeller. The first time I had him order me a thrust washer he told me it would be there Monday. So I left work and went to get it and he never even ordered it. The last time I dealed with him I called about a prop, he said he had it and priced it to me. So I left work and went down there it was a reconditioned prop that was priced like a new one and I'd had to buy a hub kit which he didn't mention on the phone. So from now on I'll just use the shop I used in North Carolina. And it may be me, I maybe the A hole, I've been told that before.
  24. +100!!! Great people! Great work too!
  25. If you have to have prop work, check out east tn propellers in Knoxville. I took mine by a while back to have the hub pressed in a little. Super nice guy owns it. He pushed it in around 3/4" and wouldn't take any money. Said I'd need work sometime in the future and just remember him when I did.
  26. Get her back together?
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