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  2. +1. Bought my last boat there. Have referred several who've also bought boats there for this very reason. Mike, Joey, and the crew in the shop are also superb. Aaron and Brandi run a terrific business.
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  5. I want to share my recent experience at Watson's..Wonderful is a good adjective but it comes up short as I was treated more than wonderful. Rex Aaron, Brandi, Chopper and all the folks that work there treat customers the way customers should be treated. They're are lots of good boats but not many good honest dealers around. I can reccomend Watson's Marine without reservation. In fairness I've known these folks a long time. But this was my first major purchase and I couldn't be happier with both boat and process of buying.
  6. Hello Aquaholic, Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Aquaholic joined on the 08/22/2017. View Member
  7. Beer, brats, cigars, and's that time of the year boys

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  9. the sidescan will revolutionize your fishing. no more guessing whether fish are holding on a certain piece of structure or cover. you'll be able to see it without trolling up on top of it. for me, the biggest advantage of sidescan has been efficiency during practice. I no longer have to make 100s of casts to find fish. now I look at the screen, mark, and move on. I'm able to cover 10 times more water and gather more detailed info. congrats on the new toy.
  10. I have two St.croix premier 7 ft. Med casting rods. Both rods are older but in good condition. $75.00 each. Can text pictures.
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  12. Welp, I pulled the trigger last week and ordered one. SUPER excited and man has technology pricing come down a lot. I got mine for $630.00 I remember when side imaging hit the market, gosh I guess ten years back now, I had just sold some property to buy a house and bought a Humminbird. I gave about $1200.00 with tax and map card for mine at the time that only had a 5 inch diagonal screen, side imaging, traditional sonar and GPS mapping. My Garmin I ordered has a 7" screen, built in maps, CHIRP sonar, Side View, Down View, traditional sonar, map creating software. Man I'm super excited. I had to give up my Lucky Tackle Box subscription to justify the payment but hey I got 24 months 0% apr! Spent this morning moving my old Lowrance 525 to the bow of the boat for vertical fishing. Wish I would have never sold my old Humminbird but hey I think this one is going to be better, thanks for the recommendation Wes. Also REALLY hope she arrives this week so I can put her on Sat. and hit the water Sunday.
  13. Gonna play around with it today. Like to keep my stuff in good working condition. If needed in will get new moon lite connectors. Dont fish at night much but I really like these lights
  14. Advise from the man himself.
  15. I didn't check voltage. Did use a a prong into wire and it lit up
  16. be sure the light's plug is going down into the female connector far enough. if cups are adjusted out too far, they won't make contact. also check voltage. it must be 11.7 volts for lights to operate at full power. sloan/hoppy's style plugs are prone to corrosion if they've been unused for a while. many people put a switch on those style jacks. how did you check power to the jacks?
  17. Prolly has an inline fusebox on the wires going to your jacks, id check and see if it has a fuse in it...
  18. I recently bought a 2013 Skeeter FX21. It has jacks for the black lights but they appear to be old Stan Sloan jacks. Don't really know. I have Moon Lite full moon and half moon. Love these lights. I have power to jacks but my lights won't come on. Took them out and used a wire brush in case it was corrosion. Didn't help. Do I need to purchase new jacks from moon lite? Need some input please.
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  22. Hello lesterktm, Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. lesterktm joined on the 08/18/2017. View Member
  23. Got a few minutes to mess around on this problem last night. I went wild with the volt meter and finally found the bad plug connection. I was getting 12 volts before the connection and only 7 after on the pump side. Cut it out and replaced and good to go now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction fellas.
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