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    Here's my opinion of what's wrong with the used boat market... My current boat is worth $25 - $28,000... and has no warranty on the motor. If I sold it for $25,000 and the new owner bought it and blew it up they are screwed. A new motor is going to run you around $17,000. Now they are into it $42,000. You can get a heck of a nice boat for $42,000 with warranty. I think about how bad it's going to suck all the time when my motor blows. Trading boats before the warranty goes may be the cheapest insurance policy you can have. There's no reason a boat motor should cost as much as a small car. We are being ripped off and the sad part is we are happy about it and smiling all the way to the lake.
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    LOL on the bright side just think it saves everybody 8 hrs misery on the dead sea. And i do mean dead sea.
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    +1. Transducersaver shield & big ol hose clamp
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    They sell Transducersheild mounts at Bass Pro, but it's basically just a mount, that protects the transducer, with slots, and 2 giant radiator hose clamps, that clamp around the motor head. That would be my preferred way, so you don't damage the transducer. That said- Idk about Lowrance transducers, but shouldn't be hard to buy a couple of big hose clamps and engineer something, if you wanna save money http://www.basspro.com/shop/en/lowrance-hdi-trolling-motor-adaptor-for-skimmer-transducer?hvarAID=shopping_googleproductextensions
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    I used 1/2" PVC to pull my wires. Make sure that you use shielded wire for your electronics. 10 gauge or at least 12 gauge wires.
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    +1 on the timing thing. Offshore has been very erratic this year
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    The bite has been slow for me on worms this year. IDK why..... seems like its been 15x slower than a normal time.
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    I still have a lot from my last order. Most of the soft baits I use are for trailers, I caught one Sunday afternoon on a chatterbait using one of the craws I ordered from you as a trailer. That fish killed the craw, obliterated it. They are excellent craws, I am surprised you are not on back order for those.
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    Well in my case, it's because I sold my boat, and have worked every single day since I sold it. FML. As for anyone else, my guess Doug is you had a lot bulk orders in spring, so maybe no one needs anything right now.
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    I'm guessing you bought a used boat so just a few questions? 1 being did the boat ever have a trolling motor? If so the wires may still be in place in the boat and you just need to find them. Most people don't take all the wiring out of a boat when they removed a unit. They just take the necessary wiring and leave the rest. That goes for electronics like fish finders and other electronics. I have owned several used boats over the years and never had to pull wire for Trolling motor and most times for electronics either! Just a thought but might want to check and see if the wiring may still be hid and still there..........JMHO I know you said you looked but many times it's there and just hid!!! If it is really gone any of the ideas above will work well for you.
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    Negative. Lowe's or maybe Wal-Mart has them. It's called a fish tape, but has nothing to do with fishing or boats. It's just a spool of a stiffer wire used to help pull wire through tight spaces. I use a straightened out coat hanger and tape the wires to the end. Put a flashlight on where you want wires to do and fish the coat hanger with your wires toward the light. Works decent for straight shots that you can't reach with your hand/arm length. Fish tape is easier to deal with tho especially in the tighter curvy spaces.
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    The best investment you can get to run that wiring is a fishtape. You start at the bow and run it through the hull back to the back of the boat. Then hook or tape your wires onto it and pull them back through the hull to the front.
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    Welcome to the site. Lots of good info here. Feel free to ask anything that's on your mind.
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    A big part of used boats not selling is that a bank will not finance it for 15 years with 0 percent interest. People that have the money to buy without a bank just get new boats with the warranty every 4 or 5 years and trade them in to a dealer before it expires.
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    Still hard to figure out, especially in Andy's case. That thing should have moved months ago. The price of new ones is astronomical now
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    I sold my little boat in less than 2 weeks..... a little over what it booked for due to upgrades.
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    Not to hijack your thread, but the G5 Montec carbon steel is the best fixed blade broadhead on the market. Sent one thru a deer or 2 with excellent results. Still carry 1/2 a quiver of them & 1/2 a quiver of Rage.
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    Welcome to TNBF. Like bronzebackhuntr said, awesome trail and group of guys on here dude
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    , we have a great little tourney trail that we fish through here. Great group of guys.
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    Depends on what you hope to accomplish with it. I have one. I use it regularly. But not for it's intended purpose. I've noticed that shad & bait don't get spooked as easily with it on. Does it stimulate fish feeding activity? I dunno bout all that, but to me, it covers some of the trolling motor noise, and that's what I'm after. If you're hoping to gain a magical edge that will call fish up & have em jumping in the boat, I think you'll be disappointed.
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    Setting here in the hospital with my wife and my frist child he is a 10lbs 11oz chunky boy going to be my fishing buddy in a few years
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    Need some advise on black lights. Going to be fishing in a couple of night tournaments and I just purchased a Night Stalker LED rechargeable black light. What is your guys opinion on black lights? And what do you know about the light I purchased at BPS.