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    Loudoun is the easiest lake anywhere near Knoxville to fish. I love that lake. Of course I grew up on it
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    I’ve never fished any of the Knoxville area lakes. Coming to Norris next weekend for the first time. I’d like to visit Melton and try to catch a musky.
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    Loudoun is also my favorite hole, but since I live near Morristown now, I hardly ever get down there.
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    Full Moons now come with a light shield to reduce glare when standing over or very close to light. Extra shields will be sold at cost for older lights. See your nearest dealer. Check them out on moonliteusa.com Thanks
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    There are a couple different ways to peg a bait-weight combo and i know most folks use a toothpick, some use the rubber inserts and then there is the Florida weights which is my choice if and when I decide to peg a weight. I have never been much of a fan of the toothpick cause it puts added pressure to the line at that union. The Rubber is better but it but does not hold as well. I know the Florida weight systems cost a little more but no more than I use them I find it worth the difference..............JMHO
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    tom's is on the left on Buffalo Trail road toward Morristown from the red light near Morristown marine. it's a small shop been in business for 30 years+... good bait shop next door. i would call before going there, most shops are busy now. i don't know the mechanics at morristown marine. any time you get work done, have them list everything they did on work order. if you don't understand what they did, ask them to show you. this is only necessary until you find someone you can trust, then you don't have to worry about it. and boat parts cost triple or more than comparable auto parts so be prepared for a shock.
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    it takes a special tool to remove flywheel. you may be able to use a generic puller if you have the right bolts. what exactly was the patch? repaired wires? replaced stator? if you didn't get a new or good used stator for the $400 patch, i would find a different mechanic. you need to ask exactly what they did for $400.
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    They look AWESOME! Can't wait to get an order in.
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    I've been working this rig for the past 2 years. The only consistent thing I've noted in those 2 years is that this presentation is inconsistent. You just gotta be flexible. The key is having a plastic bait that's the same size and color pattern as the bass' preferred forage. If I don't get a bite on one size I usually go down (say, from 4" to 3" or from 3" to 2"). Sometimes they want it a little bigger. You have to experiment a bit until you find the right combo of size and color pattern. And even then it's not a given it'll work. On my last outing I couldn't get a sniff with a vertical presentation. I could see the bait fluttering in front of the suspended fish. Nothing. I tried bouncing it off the bottom and got bit on my second cast - a solid keeper. From there I jigged it down points and along ledges. I caught three more keepers doing this. Then the bite died. When I'm learning something new it's usually the only thing I take out. It's my way of forcing me to learn, to pay attention. Most days it pays off (eventually), thru a comedy of errors or plain luck. Some days nothing works. The fish just don't wanna eat (anything). The replies from some of the other doods telling you to hang in there a bit longer for the cold to really set in is telling. They've shared an element to their patterns that you haven't perhaps considered - that a combination of water temp, time of year, lake level, etc are key parts of success w/ this rig. Go back thru your most recent outings. Make some notes on water temp, presentation, bait size, jighead size and shape. When you go out next make notes on what you do, especially when you make adjustments. Make note of what you saw or thought to prompt the change. After few a outings you'll have enough data points to be able to narrow down the set of conditions that are best for the damiki. FYI - this approach isn't unique to the damiki. It's what we do when we're trying to learn any new presentation or bait. Hang in there!
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    Gotta be padding someone’s pocket as is everything in big business and government.
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    So it's essentially a shaky head not was well endowed....