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    Wish I'd taken my boat to my own wedding so I could leave before the wedding......
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    Sufix Neon Fire braid lights up like the 4th under black light. Pretty tough stuff too. Haven't changed my line in over 2 years and still holding up well.
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    Wow....I"m finally in! Thanks a HEAP to all that helped. I love bass fish'n and I know I'm gonna love this place. Randall
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    HEY He made it!!! Welcome to the site.
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    Lol. Were you fishing for carp?
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    That's moving... faster than the lead sled I have.
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    Just got back in. Caught 7, 5 keepers, from 6 to 9. The boat ran awesome. Now I see why everyone had told me I need one of the old Rakers. Had the girls with me so I didn't get crazy. Hit 68 and it was still building. It started chine walking so I let out of it. That's full tackle load, full tank of gas and two and half people. So I'm guessing mid to low 70s top speed.
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    Lmao!!!!!!! "Shoot,Move, and Communicate" without Comms it's just Shoot, move.........and Shoot more. Lol
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    Y'all need to hook up and go fishing lol
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    Legs have called me that before. Lmao. Your just jealous of my red hat. Lol
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    Whj I bought a Raker yesterday and got it on. The boat is plugged into the wall now and I'm taking the kids after work. I had different experience with east tn propeller. The first time I had him order me a thrust washer he told me it would be there Monday. So I left work and went to get it and he never even ordered it. The last time I dealed with him I called about a prop, he said he had it and priced it to me. So I left work and went down there it was a reconditioned prop that was priced like a new one and I'd had to buy a hub kit which he didn't mention on the phone. So from now on I'll just use the shop I used in North Carolina. And it may be me, I maybe the A hole, I've been told that before.
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    If you have to have prop work, check out east tn propellers in Knoxville. I took mine by a while back to have the hub pressed in a little. Super nice guy owns it. He pushed it in around 3/4" and wouldn't take any money. Said I'd need work sometime in the future and just remember him when I did.
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    Congrats on the win! Good seeing all of the people that fished with us!(including Bob!!)
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    As far as I am concerned you cannot beat Sufix brand lines whether it be their braid or the Co-polymer ProMix. Best lines I have ever used and won't fish anything else. The lines under a black light look like Florescent boat rope hanging off the end of your rod and when it enters the water it dissappears. Love the stuff..............jmho
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    Pretty cool. Let us know how it does in water.
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    Yep! Cracked me up to be honest lol
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    I hate 'em. In the past, you could fish the same bank fairly close to another boat and both enjoy the experience (with black lights on). Now, if you get within 200 yards of some of them, you either have to pull your hat brim down over your face or leave the area. It's ridiculous how some seem to feel the need to give the appearance of being a city when moving down the bank.
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    Hello Randall53, Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Randall53 joined on the 06/13/2017. View Member
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    Hello Luckydog1212, Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Luckydog1212 joined on the 06/14/2017. View Member
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    Well, I guess I'll tell everyone hello. I live in Chattanooga and I fish Chickamauga just about exclusively. I used to fish Nickajack some, but it's been a couple of years since I've been down there. The Chick is really on it's heyday and is getting ton's of pressure. It's all about the night bite for me now and will stay that way until fall. I love me some night fishing!
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    Yep, with a ton of help from Mountainman it got done and I can't thank him enough.........
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    Welcome to the site Randall................
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    You will love that OMC TM for sure. Like Andy said, they are bullet proof and very quiet. I have owned a couple over the years with no complaints.
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    There sure is Whooper. Welcome to the site. There is a wealth of knowledge on here in the fishing department. Nice boat!!
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    Welcome aboard, there's a couple of us Buckeyes here.
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    Welcome to TNBF. Nice looking floater dude, even if it's a Suckeye fan boat
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    Welcome to TNBF & to our great state.
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    It is OMC, it says that on the bottom of the head next to the serial number. I'm pretty excited, lol. Curious if the quietness will help me catch more fish, it's for sure the quietest one I've ever had. Now to get a depth finder for the bow....
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    I don't know abt that specific model, however, the old OMC trollers were indestructible. I had 3 different ones on different boats. All were flawless. Quiet, dependable and well made. Very similar in design to motorguide...wink wink. I'd say you did good.
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    I use both quite a bit, it all depends on how you're going to fish. If you're beating the banks primarily bass fishing stay with a cable steer, if you're going to use it to troll, use an electric. I had a 14 footer for a long time with a cable steer and it doesn't take up much space when it is deployed.
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    The Xi5 i had on the old boat worked great. It was very responsive and turned qiickly. They have come along ways since the previois generation of wireless motors.
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    Craig is another who knows a thing or two about a night blade. And Pickens isn't a true Colorado blade, it's like a Colorado/Indiana hybrid
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    There are a few things to think about when discussing the nite time spinnerbaits. First, its not a daytime spinnerbait. Not saying a NT blade won't catch em' in the day under certain conditions, like cold muddy water, but a true nite time blade is specialized for just that purpose. A lot goes into a good nite time spinnerbait. Just like any other bait, a good hook is a must, 5/0 gammy is a great choice IMO. Next is the wire, stainless wire last longer and doesn't rust, but steel wire catches more fish, piano wire works best IMO, also while we're on the subject of wire, the line tie is very important, a closed line tie is a MUST!!! A big SM will wreck a spinnerbait with a R-bend...whether you like a twisted eye or a safety pin eye is up to you but save yourself the trouble and aggravation, and ditch the R-bend. Skirts are more of a personal preference thing to me, lots of options, rubber, living rubber, silicon, even hair or feathers. I think most guys go with a silicon or rubber skirt. Now, to the heart of the matter, swivel and blade. Swivel, Sampo ball bearing, size is up to you most guys use a #1 or #2 but get a Sampo! Blades, again, ya got lots of options but the heart and soul of a night time spinnerbait is a thumping blade, so the willow leaf blade is out. Use Colorado or Indiana blades or a modified version of them. Most guys use France or Pickens blades around here, but is you can find the old diamond blades....buy them!!! A couple other things about nite time spinnerbaits, they are heavier than daytime blades (5/8 to 1,1/4 oz.)due to the way ya fish them....slow rolling on the bottom in most cases.in the daytime ya gonna throw a SB at a bush or tree, or something you either can see or know is there making relatively short cast. With a nite time blade ya gonna make long cast on flats, or points or parallel casts to stepper drop offs. Also, a lot of guys, myself included, have went to braid for Nite time blades, not because ya have a hard time feeling the bite, but because ya have much better feedback with braid. With mono I couldn't always feel what the bait was doing, if I was bumping the bottom or how fast the blade was turning. When I made the switch to braid I got bit a lot more cause I could feel exactly what my bait was doing. And i can tell ya I was going way too fast with mono. The braid made me slow down and that got me bit more, and the 6" hookset is nice too. Lastly, we live in the mecca of custom lure makers and there are guys around here that make awesome nite time spinnerbaits and even the best nite time blades at bass pro are horrible so buy from the guys that live here and make baits for here, it'll save you a lot of time, aggravation, and in most cases money too. Hope this helps
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    What size engine will that fit on?
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    Basically it's a downsized Carolina rig. They don't bite it, I wouldn't waste my time.
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    Dang I had some 30# sacks coming from the pond this week
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    Ok. I'll take it