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  1. Stren what i use are p line both are mono 12 to 14 for worm and jig fishing at nite
  2. Thanks u all for input just trying get ready for nite bite i been one time this spring 😆
  3. What do you fellers do to get prepare for nite fishing? Any special projects going on with anybody's boats? This upcoming summer nite fishing.any good tips to share with everyone and good lures
  4. 19.70 BF smallmouth 5.04
  5. Good looking boat hope u enjoy😆
  6. The trim has up and down relay could be going bad or it could be a loose wire from the tilt trim switch or the fluid could be low in the pumps mine was a loose wire coming from shifter tilt trim switch hope this helps u
  7. Welcome to TNBF site
  8. Welcome TNBF family
  9. I thank it will take 16 lbs to win Big fish LM 5.25 lbs
  10. +1 on lews reels
  11. Ill be call u soon softy
  12. Mercury go fast and spend cash
  13. Hey I just wanted to say if y'all haven't orderd from softbait maker u should . I got my order today best softbaits I've seen and felt in a long time and softy is a great person .he cares about his products and it shows thanks softy
  14. What setup do u all use for 3 to 5 inch soft swimbaits
  15. Welcome to TNBF