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  1. I guess you'll have to tighten the steering wheel down now huh lol..
  2. Holy chit dude that's haulin' in that rig! Glad you got out and got it up and going!
  3. Y'all need to hook up and go fishing lol
  4. .. Seriously thanks for helping us out.
  5. Nice! Can't wait to hear the results. Cherokee and Douglas are right around the corner
  6. I have fished out of 2 Nitros. My very first tournament win came out of either 17.5 or 18 (can't remember) with a 150. Small but back then I didn't care. I just got into bass fishing and I was thankful to be on the pond. Last month I fished the SoHo tournament with Wes out of his Z18 and was quite impressed with it. For an 18ft rig it was roomy. Me personally I'm a 20-21ft guy. I have no issues with a nitro and would look heavy into it if the price is right. Anymore with any brand it's all in price. Gotta get more bang for your buck!
  7. Thanks Wes and congrats on the W!!
  8. It may be 5am before we decide to leave the ramp with all the ol faces showing up
  9. Yep! Cracked me up to be honest lol
  10. I'm in with 82nd4life
  11. Entertainment center sold. Still have everything else
  12. Thanks!
  13. Great great great info fellas!! Thanks a bunch!
  14. Thanks bud