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  1. Still have this available. Someone make an offer! Cash or trade!
  2. Yeah came off a Merc, I didn't even pay attention that you said OMC. I'm in Church Hill, but I'm pretty sure it won't work without modification.
  3. I have a 23P Tempest Plus for sale, may give you more than you want tho. You're welcome to try it out.
  4. Bump for Jbrown to see
  5. Silverfox was able to get manufacturer date of 4/16/2008, for anyone that is interested.
  6. I haven't made it that far Nobby. Really haven't been out enough to figure things out yet.
  7. The guy at Watson's said the same thing. I haven't used the Xi5 to know how I feel about it. The foot pedal is definitely a different feel. It'll take some getting use to. I bought it for the anchor feature. I hope that will help my off shore game. A straight bank I think it will also be great. A curvy bank and I'll probably wish I had the tour. Time will tell.
  8. Watson's couldn't get the year to pull up, but he said it was probably around a 2007/2008 model.
  9. Honestly have no clue. It was on the boat when I bought it last year. Boat is a 99 but it's not the original TM that came on the boat. More than one set of holes under the mount, so I'd guess it's 3-4 years old but can't say for sure.
  10. I have a 24V Motorguide Tour 82 lb thrust for sale. Has some normal cosmetic wear, but works great. I upgraded to the Xi5, so I don't need this one any more. I'd let it go for $250, or trade for just about anything. Just shoot me a message on here. I'm in Church Hill and will meet anywhere within reason.
  11. Still available?
  12. Awesome numbers. Fish must have been hungry! Congrats to everyone bringing fish to the scales! Wow!
  13. Here's a couple high points of the article for those that can't open the link: "So Gander Mountain filed bankruptcy as you know, and about 10 days ago I bought all of the assets, all of the intellectual property, all of the trademarks, all of the leases and the Overton's business. Except for the fact that I did not buy, intentionally, the inventory that's in the stores," Lemonis told IndyStar Sunday morning. "A liquidator bought the inventory that's in the stores and they have the right to sell that inventory down and out as if it's going away. But the confusing message is whether a store is staying open or not. And ultimately we control the leases ... every single property. And my intention is to keep at least 70 open." "We want to help the liquidators sell their inventory. We don't want to be disruptive to that, but we also don't want employees thinking that they're all losing their jobs. That's why I've been so active is because, think about it. If you have a rent payment, a car payment, a tuition payment ... you need to know what the heck is happening," Lemonis said. "I don't want to disrupt what the liquidators are trying to do, but I am definitely going to protect my people at all costs. No matter what." Lemonis said he is working on repurchasing inventory, and surviving stores will be restocked and reopened. Stores that experience temporary closures to be restocked should be open by late summer or early fall.
  14. I use my camera to backup to the hitch, basically for distance not alignment. Backing the boat down the ramp it doesn't help since all you can see is the tongue of the trailer really. It's somewhat helpful on the empty jet ski trailer, but I still prefer to turn around too. If the ramp is sloped right, I can drop the tailgate and see it fine, if not i use the camera.