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  1. Congrads to all the winners. Looks like it may have been a little tough on some folks!
  2. As far as I am concerned you cannot beat Sufix brand lines whether it be their braid or the Co-polymer ProMix. Best lines I have ever used and won't fish anything else. The lines under a black light look like Florescent boat rope hanging off the end of your rod and when it enters the water it dissappears. Love the stuff..............jmho
  3. Yep, with a ton of help from Mountainman it got done and I can't thank him enough.........
  4. Welcome to the site Randall................
  5. Welcome aboard Bass bruiser and I am front middle Tennessee and I dearly love to fish Tims Ford lake but have not got down that way in quite a few years. Last time was before they put that crazy limit on Smallies, I fished PBF Inc tournament and love cathc those big Smallies that lake has to offer. Softbaitmaker or as most call me Softy
  6. You will love that OMC TM for sure. Like Andy said, they are bullet proof and very quiet. I have owned a couple over the years with no complaints.
  7. "They have come along ways since the previous generation of wireless motors". Yep, I'm sure they have since the first ones where pretty much junk so they had no where to go but up....... Just poking fun Nobby and I am sure there were a few good ones in 1st generation and they always improve with second try.
  8. Back in the early 90's I had a 12 volt Minnkota that was not wireless but all of the foot control was electronic and the main issue I had was turning because when I needed to turn a little fast it would only turn at the speed of the electric motor that turned the lower portion would turn. It is not something I would invest in again. Does not respond quick enough and I am going to assume the wireless also depends on electric motors to turn the motor in the direction you want to go. Cable driven units respond much faster and are more dependable for me.......JMHO
  9. I have put a lot of fish in the boat using one over the years. Just about anyhting you C-Rig or T-Rig will work on them. I rig mine a little like a C-Rig. Only different is I use a Black Brass Mojo sinker and a black glass bead above the Swivel and my leader is seldom longer than 18 inches. The only place I have been able to find the Mojo sinkers in the Black Brass is Academy Sports but I am sure there are other places that sell them. I use to fish a lot of Lizards on them in basic colors and then I began using my stick baits on them because they float so well and that was the ticket for me for many years. Good luck with it if you deside to use it.................
  10. It can be used about anyplace you use a Carolina Rig and works well in shallow water of 10 feet or less. Actually I think the only difference between the two rigs is the sinker design..........jmho
  11. You might ask Andy if he can do anything to help you. He has been a big help to me in things like that.................
  12. Gosh yall use big baits!!!!!! I normally use a 3/8th oz bait with a Tab Tail Grub on it and fish it on long tapering points with descent luck if a big Flat Head Catfish does not hit it and destroy it. That has been my biggest delima with blade baits at night is Catfish..................
  13. You need to work on changing your signature buddy. There is no Astro and Mariner in your family any more..........LMAO.............Just picking on you..........
  14. Ranger does have a great hull design for sure and a great ride. I will take my hat off to the for one particular instance in particular. Back in 1989 a friend of mine tha loved to bass fish was wanting a new Bass boat and only had one not so small problem. He was fishing out of a Boston Whaler Center console because it was the only boat he could find that would float him and support his weight. At the time Travis was wanting a new boat he weighed 640 lbs. He called the Vision Boat Company and told them what he was looking for and they told him they could build it. That was till he walked through door of the plant to confirm his order. The boat deck designer for Vision had to refigure all of the support for the front deck. They told him they would build him a boat with a promise added to it that he would love it. Well Vision knew they did not make a hull design that would be stable with him moving around on it so they reached out to Ranger for help. Ranger sent to designers down to the Vision Plant and got all the specs of the completed deck. 2 Weeks later the hull was delivered to Vision for installation. It was a 19 foot boat with 175 Evinrude Fast Strike motor on it and was Maroon deck and a military grey hull and it rode like a Ranger on the water and was about as slow as one but it supported him and he and I fished out of it as partners off an on for about 7 years until he could find a dedicated partner that fished with him every time the boat went in the water. Even with all the extra work that was required to build the boat and Ranger going out of their way to help the boat didn't cost him a dime more than a standard Vision would have cost. One thing we did notice soon after getting it and that was when he trimmed up the nose of the boat never lifted and it was a barge but we won and regular his partner won a lot of Tx's out of it till his health failed him in 2004 and he could no longer fish.
  15. I think your right on with the pricing but don't know if the quality that they once had is still there or are people just paying for the name but not getting the same quality of boat they once did.........jmho