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  1. Ok, heres the deal! For every 100 soft baits ordered from me until August 31st or as long as the jigs last I will send you 5 free BT Finesse jigs with your order and include matching twin tail trailers. I fished with BT for about 10 years and he caught a boat load of fish on these jigs using my twin tail trailers. Remember offer ends when jigs run out or August 31st 2017. Which ever comes first!! If you order 200 of my baits you will receive 10 Jigs and so on.
  2. yea. I would enjoy catching a fish that size all day long..............
  3. Son In law came and picked up Skeeter after dark on Saturday and went to Percy Priest lake for a few hours just because he needed to calm down some after a rough week at work and fishing in one of the ways he calms down. Said he caught about 10 fish and nothing big but just fun fish. Found them in water about 12 feet around an island in the middle of no where we had never fished before. He started fishing the ledges and located them at the 12 foot depth. I am an off shore angler every chance I get. I have never liked banging the banks even though that is a must in the Spring. I look forward to after the spawn when the bigger fish move off shore.....................
  4. That is a scary thought knowing you!!!!!....................
  5. Over the years anglers have always wished they could order 25 baits and I have have a 50 bait limit on any one bait. I am now changing that and making it 25 bait quota per order. Anglers will no longer be required to order 50 but can order 25 baits in what ever baits they want. So now 25 baits will be $12.00 + Shipping priority mail. (example) 25 green pumpkin Pepper craws will cost $12.00 + shipping. I figure that way if an angler would like to have craws in more than 1 color they can order 25 Black blue flake and 25 Green pumpkin giving them more options on bait selections. They can also be able to order craws and worms or any other baits and not have to buy 50. Would like to hear back on what folks think about the change? Thanks Softy
  6. Thanks Wes, Normally I get to fish more than I have this year but meds and heat don't mix and it went from Rain everyday to 100+ everyday so I got out the first time about a week ago. A few of my locals have told me that the high water in the Spring and the 100+ degree days have kept them from fishing as much this year also. They are fishing more at night and are still usin soft baits at night and catching fish but just not going as often. I read a bunch of posts here in the Spring about all the high water and trash floating and I know that slows the fishing down, at least it does for me! Thanks for the reply Wes LOL, I have made a few of those over the past several years. Burned up 2 sets of molds in 3 years and working with a new set now. Needless to say yea folks do like it a lot. Like I told Wes I know the fishing conditions also have not been prestine either. Either high water or swelltering heat are not the best of fishing conditions. Just holler if you need anything Coty Thanks for the reply Softy Yea I know what you did...........LOL!!!!! How is the new house coming?
  7. +1 on the wires to small but would sure make it easier to bring your new heavier wires to the front from the back. Just tape your heavy wires together to the smaller wires and use them them pull the big wires your going to use. Much easier than the fish As far as the fuses 100% agree but I don't use fuses in my Skeeter. Right back in the TM battery area I put in auto reset circuit breakers and if you over load the TM by running on high to long of running in matted weeds and Breaker pops I just let it set about 30 seconds and it self loads without needed to go back and reset anything or replace a fuse to be back trolling again. They make them in 30amp 40 amp and 50 amp and I run the 50 amp and even have back ups of those in the boat because they will also blow as they age but normally good for 4-5 years anyway. You can find them at NAPA auto part stores.
  8. I'm guessing you bought a used boat so just a few questions? 1 being did the boat ever have a trolling motor? If so the wires may still be in place in the boat and you just need to find them. Most people don't take all the wiring out of a boat when they removed a unit. They just take the necessary wiring and leave the rest. That goes for electronics like fish finders and other electronics. I have owned several used boats over the years and never had to pull wire for Trolling motor and most times for electronics either! Just a thought but might want to check and see if the wiring may still be hid and still there..........JMHO I know you said you looked but many times it's there and just hid!!! If it is really gone any of the ideas above will work well for you.
  9. Well was just looking at my bait material inventory and I don't know why but it has been a few months since my last bait order from folks here on the site. Is the soft bait bite off that bad up east? I am still getting a few locals but none from up east in a couple months. Anyone up that way got any ideas what might be the problem I would sure be interested in hearng them. Thanks Softy
  10. That seems to be the trend on boat buying right now and have no clue when it will change. B'T's wife is paying insurance on the boat for it to set in the carport but she has to keep insurance on it incase someone comes and wants to test drive it. I told her before long she will begin losing money with paying the insurance on it and tried to convince her to sell it when she had to offer of $11,500.00 and she said she had to think about it and a week later she said ok but the guy had already bought another boat. I told her if she turns down anything above $10,500.00 now I'm done trying to help her sell it. She is paying $70.00 a month on insurance and complaining to me about the insurance and turning down offers. Since BT passed away she has paid $370.00 for it to just sit.
  11. It might be the waranty that people are chasing but also there are boats selling that are smaller or older if the seller is almost giving them away. Steve is a prime example of that. He priced his boat under what it was really worth and sold in what, 5 days? I have seen that happening a lot more recently..............JMHO
  12. For what he is asking for his boat he is not trying to sell it but he is trying to almost give it away..................... We have dropped BT's boat down also and not got any interests either. I have never seen the used boat business this soft........
  13. Back in the day Stan Sloans Zorro baits where top of the line and he did have a good black light and I still have them but quit using Sloan stuff when I switched to Hoppy's Lures and Black lights. Better quality and better black light design than Sloan had. I heard that Stan had passed away and family sold the company to some young guys and have not heard much out of them since. Just a piece of advice on getting your name on a boat in BASS or FLW. I have seen this happen to several bait companies and it can happen to you. The guy using your baits can have some kind of spectacular world finish in tournament and it be on TV and in all the magazines and all at once every bass angler in the country will want 10 or more of each bait you make and if your not ready ro be able to fill supply and demand you will lose all respect of the bass fishing world. It happened with the Chatter Bait Guy that was making them in his basment and it happened to Reaction Innovations and their Beaver baits when Ish Monroe won the classic in Texas using white Beavers. Reaction Innovation at the time did not pour their own baits but was dependent on an independent pouring company to pour them and when the demand came RI could not get the baits made to get them back in stores and it was almost 5 months before they could buy mold time to get them made and by then most folks had moved on to another new miracle bait. Not telling you not to do it, just telling you what can happen if you do and are not prepared for what can happen.......JMHO
  14. $11,500.00 takes the boat home with many extras not listed such as back up MinnKota TM, 2 back up stainless steel Props for big motor, several more assorted boat seats and other stuff. PM me if interested. Thanks BOAT IS SOLD!!!!
  15. Ok thanks, I was hoping they were 9's.