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  1. Glad you're back up and running dude
  2. That sounds like an interesting experience
  3. ^^^^ sounds like some really cool stuff
  5. Thanks for the 411 Chris
  6. Congrats Wes and Steve on the win.
  7. Insane how good some of these demolition crews are. Both of em landed in the exact same spot.
  8. Pretty cool. Let us know how it does in water.
  9. Sufix Neon Fire braid lights up like the 4th under black light. Pretty tough stuff too. Haven't changed my line in over 2 years and still holding up well.
  10. I've really been itching to fish this lake. I'm guessing a kayak will cover a decent amount of it?
  11. Good luck tonight fellas
  12. That's awesome dude. You'll love it
  13. I used em on very dark nights. If there was a decent amount of light then I went uv only. That high setting sure lets the bank light up though. Sometimes that's a good thing.
  14. Wish I'd taken my boat to my own wedding so I could leave before the wedding......