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  1. Beer, brats, cigars, and's that time of the year boys

  2. Welcome to TNBF
  3. Welcome to TNBF
  4. They sell Transducersheild mounts at Bass Pro, but it's basically just a mount, that protects the transducer, with slots, and 2 giant radiator hose clamps, that clamp around the motor head. That would be my preferred way, so you don't damage the transducer. That said- Idk about Lowrance transducers, but shouldn't be hard to buy a couple of big hose clamps and engineer something, if you wanna save money
  5. Thanks for the report Andy. It's been awhile since anyone has posted about the break ins on here. I've been wondering that myself.
  6. Thanks for the 411 dude
  7. Thanks for the report
  8. That's a nice fish Wes
  9. I may be redesigning it buddy.....
  10. Welcome to TNBF, and back to 'Murica.
  11. Well in my case, it's because I sold my boat, and have worked every single day since I sold it. FML. As for anyone else, my guess Doug is you had a lot bulk orders in spring, so maybe no one needs anything right now.
  12. Harbor Freight. Fish tape works as well as any of em, for less money.
  13. Welcome to TNBF dude. Tons of great info here
  14. @SilverFox +10000
  15. Thanks for the report