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  1. What is weird with this year has been the Offshore bite. Ive been on and off on it IDK if its been a timing thing or what. Smallmouth have been hammering the last couple weeks though.... Check this out. I cant count the number of smallmouth over the last month that I have caught. This is one of the better ones though! This is one caught on a Custom Jig Tipped with one of your Ragin Craws.
  2. The bite has been slow for me on worms this year. IDK why..... seems like its been 15x slower than a normal time.
  3. I sold my little boat in less than 2 weeks..... a little over what it booked for due to upgrades.
  4. No kidding.....
  5. I think people are thinking about the same thing I was thinking about when I bought my boat. If I am spending 30K on a boat I want a full warranty. THAT is what is hurting the used boat sales IMO.
  6. LOL.... I think that is a whole other issue.
  7. Lake Havasu probably. +1 I love the way my buddies 20XD rides. Its quick, nimble and rides as good as some of the other boats Ive been in. Been in 2 Birds... both were awesome as well! Id own either one if it were ever in my budget. For now Its a Nitro for me, not a horrible ride either.
  8. Is it bad that its only Monday and Im already looking forward to Friday so I can go fishing Friday night? 

    1. trackertxw175


      Is it bad it's Monday and I'm at work dreading work Tuesday? 

    2. 31Airborne


      It's ALWAYS OK to look forward to Friday.  It's even better to call in sick on WED and make it a 4-day weekend.

  9. Im gonna order some then. I had been buying Pline Tactical Floro.... Honestly Im not sold on the whole fluorocarbon thing, I seem to do just as well and have less issues with a good ole co-poly.
  10. I came from ole Sloan blacklights and when the last one finally died I went and got a Moonlite Full Moon. That thing is amazing for night fishing.
  11. He is an apprentice in the Zombie Response Team!
  12. Welcome to the site Wes!! Glad you finally decided to Join us! Guys dont give this guy too much of a hard time because he is one of my acquaintances!
  13. I use them ALL the time! Fishing a deep clear lake you have to be able to locate both fish and structure using electronics or else you could be just fishing dead water. Ive always used Humminbird units until the new boat where I chose to use Garmin units after seeing them used online, and getting my hands on them at the store. Electronics can be the difference between catching fish and not in my opinion and just as important as the Rods and Tackle you use.
  14. I had one of those teamed with a Lews SpeedSpool 5.2:1 SS1S reel. BUT I had an incident on Cherokee several years ago where I made a cast in fall creek right behind the dock. Rod slipped out of hand hit the deck and bounced out of the boat. I reached down to grab before it sank and I tumbled overboard, no lifejacket, with bibs on, sweatshirt and layers on because it was cold and water was 46. I hit water and luckly grabbed the boat and moved to back of the boat to climb back in. It was tough.... FROM THAT DAY FORTH WHENEVER I HAVE BIBS ON OR LAYERS OF CLOTHING I HAVE MY LIFE JACKET ON!!!!! I cant even explain how heavy I was with all that gear on, and a gun in my pocket. I had to strip off to shorts because I was freezing with those soaking wet clothes on. Ran back to 25E cold as crap, ran to my truck and warmed up. On my way to truck this old guy said " You fell in didnt you" yep i did now Im freezing Sorry I got off track. Its a great little rod for the money and loads up real nice throwing those deep cranks!! Make sure you put a good reel on top of it and you can launch those cranks out there!!