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  1. I had one of those teamed with a Lews SpeedSpool 5.2:1 SS1S reel. BUT I had an incident on Cherokee several years ago where I made a cast in fall creek right behind the dock. Rod slipped out of hand hit the deck and bounced out of the boat. I reached down to grab before it sank and I tumbled overboard, no lifejacket, with bibs on, sweatshirt and layers on because it was cold and water was 46. I hit water and luckly grabbed the boat and moved to back of the boat to climb back in. It was tough.... FROM THAT DAY FORTH WHENEVER I HAVE BIBS ON OR LAYERS OF CLOTHING I HAVE MY LIFE JACKET ON!!!!! I cant even explain how heavy I was with all that gear on, and a gun in my pocket. I had to strip off to shorts because I was freezing with those soaking wet clothes on. Ran back to 25E cold as crap, ran to my truck and warmed up. On my way to truck this old guy said " You fell in didnt you" yep i did now Im freezing Sorry I got off track. Its a great little rod for the money and loads up real nice throwing those deep cranks!! Make sure you put a good reel on top of it and you can launch those cranks out there!!
  2. Noone is ready for that..... especially if we go combat fishing. We need C4 and Det cord.... take my lean seat off the Nitro and throw a M2 on there let him run it. Ill get comms....
  3. I was pissed when they made us put the PCs down and put the dang black berets on.....
  4. LOLOL!!! Airborne thats why Jk!
  5. +100!!! Great people! Great work too!
  6. Get her back together?
  7. I wished we had time to tow yall in... but time was ticking away quick.
  8. Ive had 2 close calls at night one was this year on Norris with LB, and these idiots took off in a Pontoon out of Lakeview rolling wide open right at us. The other time happened several years ago when me and my wife were fishing down in Davis creek on the powell side, These idiots in a wakeboard boat almost ran over top of us anchored up crappie fishing under lights. We were lit up under water above water and all around I ended up Luckly getting their attention with a Qbeam to the face of the driver.
  9. OMG those idiots were getting ready to eat my football jig.... We went up in Muddy creek and I marked some fish out deep and started slinging at them after dropping my buoy marker to mark the high spot.. 3 jetskis and a dang wakeboard boat split me and the marker, I stood there with my hands up in the air like WTF??? I know Im 300yards from shore but dang dude you just ran over a 10 ft deep point and dang near took out my marker. We picked up from there and ran for shore and beat the banks in the pockets the rest of the evening. Had literally a 3 ft wake crash on us from that boat...... luckily it didnt come over too much just filled the back splash area up pretty good.
  10. I know thats why Im normally 30 and under at night. THAT was the ONLY time Ive ever done anything like that and was on edge beyond imaginable. Light shining every 2 seconds just to make sure. Luckily it was only for 2 - 3 minutes....... any longer than that I would have had to change my shorts...
  11. hey I was careful..... I dont like it but when they called me to come help I had no time. Had to go.....
  12. yea but at least it was a Evinrude/Johnson motor right???? Those things can take it "most" of the time.
  13. let us know how it runs out. hopefully that will fix it right up. Dude I ran down the lake from dang near Indian Creek the other night wide open with 15 min to go to get you guys! LOLOLOL puckering moment for sure cause I never go over 30 at night and when I went under the bridge i looked down and was hitting 61 not good......I dont like it.
  14. Taking my kid fishing Friday!  She is wanting to learn to go try and get another big fish on! :)  Should be fun, we will see how she does after dark. (if it dont rain)

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      She did last time but it got off.  Wacky rig is easy for her to use....  

    3. whj812


      well.... might be cancelling due to tropical moisture. Dagnabit

    4. SteveHTN


      Ah come on man, it's just a little hurricane. Nothing major

  15. Congrats on the win! Good seeing all of the people that fished with us!(including Bob!!)