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  7. +1. Transducersaver shield & big ol hose clamp
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  10. Perfect morning for fishin!!!!!

    1. trackertxw175


      Wouldn't know about that. I'm like Wayne Newton, I'm playing here all weekend lol

    2. SteveHTN


      LOL at Ross. I was about to say that same, what's that? I ain't had a day off in 30 years it seems

    3. 31Airborne


      Just looked at the long-range wx outlook.  Looks like a cold front will shove its way down this way early next week.  Lows in the mid-50s, highs in the mid-70s.  Dew points are projected to be in the 50s.  Be still my beating heart but is fall coming a lil early this year?

  11. Even though I knew it'd be a muddy mess, me & the Eskimo decided to hit the creek of beeches this morning. You couldn't have asked for better conditions.....cloudy, foggy, overcast skies. Slight breeze and some current. Only issue was a little more color than I'd like to see. Threw everything in the boat at em & caught 8-10 dinks. Couple of just keepers in there. Never got a sniff on topwater.....frog, pop r, buzzbaits, spook, whopper plopper......nothing. about 9, we started punching the grass with a beaver & a craw. Again, no bites. The only place we could find a consistent bite was along the edge of the mats on a worm or bluff ends on a jig. Great morning to be out, but the fish did not cooperate. Nice to see several boats out there. I've not heard of any break-ins at the ramp this year.....reckon the law got all that solved?
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  13. Good deal. He does excellent work. Glad to hear he's still in business.
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  15. Any news on this? Find any good local glass guys?