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  1. Thanks for the info I needed this as well.
  2. Not a problem brother. See you on SOHO
  3. Joshdave and diesel b12
  4. take a right when you come out of the ramp cut and you wont have to worry about the spill way. Plenty of great fishing that way.
  5. Good move. That lake will be wild this weekend !
  6. For sure someone will stumble on them and have a nice bag before 12
  7. Just got an update and Rat is under water but you can put in beside fishing dock.
  8. heck at that point the whole place is a ramp but I see what you are saying.
  9. Please add Blake as my partner Its high but rat branch is fine along with TVA. It could rain for the next month and both of those ramps would be fine. The only one that could possibly be in trouble would be LM. Good luck out there watch for floaters in the rivers.
  10. My luck I will catch 10lbs lol
  11. 25 + for sure with a LM over 7. I would say if you dont have 20lbs you wont place in the money. I saw multiple 20+ bags come out of that place Saturday.
  12. Joshdave solo at this point
  13. I think what has been said above is spot on. I think the trail depends on skill level so it may be a great format but not best for everyone. I have fished a few that were listed above and the site trail is really good. Hawkins county bass club also has a very solid trail and one of the best new member on boarding in the area. They also have a big fish pot format that is really cool.
  14. Thanks for the heads up man they have a flipping stick that is hard to beat and if you break it I think its like 20 bucks to replace it
  15. I will grind the bills off those things for you. I mostly prefer a mid or deep range plug but squar bills are ok as well. You can go to my recent posts and see some the size grils that will be volunteering to help me out with this.