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  1. Lake fork guy on youtube said he never heard of it until his co angler in tourney put 26lb to his 12 using it with swim bait and 2 small split shot seemed interesting lol
  2. Have y'all used anything other then a swim bait on the rig that's what he showed useing on his channel in watermelon red or pumpkin seed
  3. Saw it on lfg youtube channel looked enticing lol
  4. Has anybody tried this method in east tn? If so how did it work out
  5. That may be true but, I've never thrown one day or night idk size color blade style line type when were I'd have to jus go buy some and throw em till I found something lol
  6. Am I the only person that has never fished with a spinnerbait day or night? Wouldn't know were to start haha
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome I'm from southwest virginia I fish most of the east tn and east ky lakes and for anything that swims