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  1. Gotcha, there's a lot of difference! I'd like to ask about dealers but I don't want to bash anyone publicly. Can you call me when ya get a minute. Rick 606-434-9146. I live in "metropolitan ' White Pine--maybe we could go fishing sometime
  2. Well I hope you enjoy your new boat for a long time. I also like Garmin and have 7 in screens. Tell me more about learning to drive it. I've had Ranger for the past 20 years. Slower hulls but no real learning curve involved. Not concerned about credit scores but am concerned about price. Will likely go the website and build one and shop around. I don't know but have been told that if you shop a couple dealers that trade-in values might differ. Thanks for replying
  3. I am thinking of getting a new or new to me boat for next year. I looking at Nitro as the pricing is attractive. i understand bait and switch sales approach common to Nitro/Tracker. You see attractive pricing with underpowered packages. Sometimes the electronics are less than desirable. But I'm looking for input on the boat and trailer. I know a couple guys that have them with no issues. Z8 and older. I read reviews and there is a lot out there that is very negative. I would expect that some of that is reflective to the sheer numbers sold. Not trying to start a boat war but could use some input from folks who have experience with Nitro Quality and warranty/service. Info on trailers too, please.
  4. Got friends that have wireless trollers.Claim it's great for pulling/pushing crappie baits. I would stay with Minn-Kota or Motor Guide, never know when ya need repairs and parts are available for those brands.
  5. I've owned two. Had 1994 ranger and sold it to my friend so I could buy a new 1999 518dvx, which I still have. I am thinking o re powering as the boat is great. I wouldn't go so far as to say ranger is better than other brands but I've been happy.
  6. Why would a guy part company with a manufacturer that sponsors his to tourney?
  7. Nice boat. Congrats
  8. If you know someone who sews or hems curtains or some sort of heavy cloth, ask if they will make you some rod socks. cut to length you want. Most material used will likely be scrap. Been using these for years. No snag low cost
  9. Thanks brwnbass I will check them out. Last time I looked they weren't as wide as the old U.S. Reel but I appreciate the info. The U.S. Reel wasn't very popular but the wide spool allowed me to cast small cranks a lot further. I will look at the JM series. Thanks again
  10. My 2cents. Sedona by Shimano is a pretty good reel. so are several others. I use spinning reels a lot and I like the Shimano brand. But I use to have, back in the day, a U.S. Reel that had a very wide spool. That wide spool allowed me to cast small baits into next area code! I can't find wide spool spinning reels but I'm still looking!
  11. Mission accomplished
  12. Looking for a good old truck. Something to take boat to lake and run errands. Need 4x4, 8 cylinders. Prefer 1500 size truck. Any color. Reg cab or extended cab. Be nice if it was a step side but this is not a have to have it thing. Been looking at some from 90 to 2005. Year does not make a difference. Must be a pretty good old truck with AC and auto tranny. Got one for sale? Know someone who has one for sale? Thanks Stafford @ bell south . net is best contact
  13. One bait--master bait--there's a joke in there somewhere LOL Gr pump baby brush hog
  14. Glad you're daughter had fun. An enjoyable day on the water with one of my daughters trumps sitting in front of TV anyday!!! I don't see my children as often as I would like, they are grown and neither live close to me. But I remember days like you describe. Priceless
  15. Trying new stuff can be fun and learning something new certainly won't hurt this old dog LOL But I think I fish plastics more than anything over the course of a year. At times, now actually, I use moving baits. Small cranks and spinnerbaits with a mix of rattle baits. I intend to use umbrella rigs too, new for me. So these are my old standbys but I like to take a little time and pull out other "tools". If I can learn a few new techniques along the way I find it to be cooler than the other side of the pillow. If I'm fishing a tournament I usually have an idea of baits I'm going to use and I prefer baits I have confidence in. But learning how to use something different and incorporating that into my old standby's is my goal. Fishing for me is fun, all aspects. Don't want it to become overcomplicated nor do I want to be to stubborn to learn new stuff. The passion for fishing folks on this site have is why I keep coming here. I just like fishing. Oh, the BS we have here too is great too!! Steve, post a pic of the dynamite trip LOL