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  1. I've fished out of a couple of Nitros. Not 18'ers but Nitros nonetheless. I was impressed w/ the layout of the storage compartments and deck. The ride wasn't quite as smooth as other boats (I drive a Triton) in ruff water. Which ever model you get, I strongly recommend you go with the max motor the transom is rated for. Overall performance and economy will be much improved.
  2. Hmmmm, VSOP.  Some one of us has a refined palate.  I'm a Remy dood myself.  I like a lil smokiness on the finish.  Cheers!

    1. SteveHTN


      Been awhile since I had Remy. Good stuff. 

  3. Pretty much the same sizes you would throw during the day, Jamie. Black skirts and copper blades!
  4. I have an old Army buddy who owns a 721. He's gotten the same level of service and responsiveness from the PHX folks. If you've not ridden in one it's worth the time. Sweet little ride and superb in heavy water. Very smart storage and cabin layouts.
  5. So, the GM web site says all stores closing now (a/o this afternoon around 1400). No merchandise at all available on line. You have to go to the stores.
  6. Fluorescent line - woulda never thought of that. Brilliant. Just brilliant. My greatest fear about night fishing is the dood who doesn't pay attention. He's out there tooling around in his 'toon or rec boat, thinking no one else is out there at nite. No light is bright enuff to wake this dood up. All the safety gear in the world won't spare you from this dood. To that end, I recommend doing a lil map study to avoid potential high traffic areas.
  7. I wanna get a job naming new baits and new bait colors. Geez . . .
  8. http://okitackle.com/product/60-380110-clear-monkey-puke-red/ The Japanese bait companies do it again. I thought 'monkey puke' was a slang term or joke. Boy, was I wrong . . .
  9. I'm kinda with brwnbass - I think a lighter or brighter color would be way more effective at nite, esp if there's a little moonlite. Gives some contrast. A black blade will be invisible toa fish. You're banking on the sound drawing the strike. I would want every possible attractant available to me as a nite bait.
  10. Class, ma man. Class. Was getting tired of all the orange around here. BTW, we swept Auburn this weekend. Geaux Tigers!!!
  11. Any color chatterbait so long as it's white. Paddle tail swimbait trailer. More thumpage is gooder.
  12. Ahhh, another river rat. A good thing. Welcome aboard. Chickamauga and Cherokee are my favs. There's a typo in Softy's post - he's been in Tennessee since 1867. Hims been around a lil bit.
  13. welcome aboard! you will love NE TN. First of all, it's great place to retire. I'm a military retiree and chose TN because of its low cost of living and retiree-friendly tax structure. Climate, reasonable cost of housing, and variety of outdoor and other activities are all super. As for Douglas and Cherokee, they are awesome lakes. Cherokee is my personal fav. Lotsa off shore stuff in both. You'll get to see a lot of it during the fall/winter drawdown. REC carefully studying maps/charts before you launch, esp if it's gonna be in the fall/winter. Stay in the main channels until you learn your way around. Good luck!
  14. Yay you! Congrats on a great ride.
  15. I got a text msg last nite telling me closing discounts would begin this coming MON (8 May). Folks from all over were included in that so it's not just a local rumor.