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:What Heartland Anglers has to Offer:

All divisions will be 90% payback at the ramp. The other 10% goes to the directors of that division. Not to Heartland Anglers.100% of all entry fees for the National Classic will be paid back at the classic. At least 1/2 of all membership fees will also be paid back at the classic. The remaining

membership fees will be used for expenses incurred in running the trail i.e.Insurance, fliers, postage, etc. If all the additional monies are not used they will be paid back in prize money at the classic. The founders of Heartland Anglers are not trying to make any money off the everyday Angler. Heartland Anglers will publish at the end of every year a financial statement showing its members where their money went and how it was used to make their trail the best possible trail that it could be.

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