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    We already knew that lol. You don't fish Boone lol
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    Welcome to the site. Wait until you get one of our smallmouth on topwater.
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    y'all kill me. I think I had 21lbs in 1 fish Tuesday during practice..... WRONG FREAKING SPECIES!!! Couldn't get that thing turned so I dunno how big it was, although a 5-6lb carp fights pretty good and I did land that one lol
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    He thought it was on watauga, not Boone.
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    Wow. What a great fish. Congrats, dood.
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    Nice fish
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    Sneak peek for those of you who can't join us Saturday for the maiden voyage of our new scales......
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    Congrats. What lake?
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    Our first order for tnbassfishing merchandise was submitted to Dove Designs today. I spoke with Chris earlier, and it looks like everything is cool. Just a waiting game at this point. It's one of their busiest times, so it will take several weeks to get our stuff made up & shipped. Y'all are gonna be pleased with these jerseys especially.....what a bargain for a custom jersey. I have no doubt the tee shirts & sweatshirts are just as awesome.
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    Golf course ponds can be amazing. Most golf courses around here won’t allow Fishing. But I have snuck in a few after dark and caught some really nice fish and crazy numbers. One course down toward where you live is my favorite, but I haven’t fished it in close to 10 years. I caught my biggest laregemouth by far out of there (didn’t have scale). I marked off it’s length on my pants leg from the ground up and when i got home and measured it it was 29” long. I also caught 27 fish on 27 consecutive casts in there one night without taking a step. If you’re stuck bank fishing, check out Steele creek park in Bristol, it’s one of the best bank Fishing opportunity areas around here.
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    1st Walleye crappie 2nd there both good Eating lol
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    I've heard that from several people, and in all honest i can't say which i prefer because i've never been lucky enough to eat a walleye. But i know that it would be hard to beat a big plate of fried crappie, homemade hush puppies and grilled garlic taters........
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    +1 on the best eating fish in the water!
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    Welcome to TNBF. No better eating fish in the lake than crappie, in my opinion
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    Just read an interesting comment from a woman in Florida who asks why the 2nd Amendment hasn't been repealed in light of recent mass killings. Guns, in her mind, are causing all of these tragedies. Eliminate the guns and you eliminate the problem. She didn't mention anything about knives, explosive booby traps, landmines, or poisons . . . I wonder if she'll do the natural follow-up and demand cars be declared illegal. After all, drunk and inattentive drivers kill more people than shooters do. We should hold car manufacturers accountable for their blatant disregard for human life. And what about alcohol? It was outlawed once, you know. Why isn't alcohol being declared illegal again in light of so many people dying of addiction related conditions? Damn booze makers - we should jail them all. It's their fault. And then there are the drug makers. Drugs are already illegal (for the most part) yet we don't go after drug makers like the public is going after gun manufacturers right now. It is, after all, their fault people are becoming addicted. The doctors who prescribe them are complicit, too. So are the nurses, PAs, and rehab staff. Jail all of them while we're at it. Franklin Graham - Billy's son - had an interesting comment on this horrific event. His observation was nowhere in the discussion is the role of evil thought or impetus. While we charge off into the sunset looking to blame someone or something for all of this needless suffering we run right past the cause of it all - Satan. And while we scurry about dodging and attributing blame Satan just smiles.
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    Whatever helps promote the site I'm in regardless of color. Shoot, I'll wear it if it's pink just to promote this site. Just saying! Lol. I'm with Peck. Looking forward to getting some gear!! As of right now I have nothing and I'd like to get all kinds of stuff!!