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    +1 - they killed the design. I got the jersey hoodie and it rocks.
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    My issue with the vt2 is simple.....if you have iced water in wells & cooled it to, say, 10* below ambient temp......the venting action would also allow for thermal exchange & therefore allow your water to warm, correct? Think of putting a vent in the lid of your favorite cooler.....doesn't seem like a great idea. I think I'll stick to ice, peroxide & rejuvenade with clips & a needle. No holes in my livewell lids, please.
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    I'm a maybe for this. Wife had back surgery earlier in week . Just depends on how well she does.
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    I agree with everything you said, but i will add some to it. Chartreuse is a good color in any water color or clarity. Don't just use deep crankbaits for deep cranking. I will throw a 6XD in 5' or less. It makes them run very erratic & stir up a bunch of junk. They also deflect esp well in shallower water. Both of which can get a ton of bites.
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    them were the good old days........lol
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    I like shower blows too, but I’m married now and don’t get to give them very often..... lol seriously, I love the sb. The 125 and even the 150 size flat out catch em. Blue back herring and bone are my two favorite colors.
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    Alright guys, it seems almost every BFL, FLW, Elite Series tournament I’ve read about has had a bladed jigs in top 5, if not winning. In October of last year I made up my mind that no matter what it took, I was going to start catching fish on it, since then, I’ve had at least one rod with a rage blade or chatter bait tied on when im on the lake, I’ve thrown just about every time I’ve been out, it has countless uses and customizations that it seems like the perfect bass lure, yet here it is, almost May, and the only fish I’ve caught on it was a 1.5lbs small mouth, and that was in February. What am I doing wrong with this thing? I’ve used every skirt color, blade color, weight, trailers from swimbaits to creatures to white senkos, I can’t seem to make this happen. And I know if I can get the hang of it, it has the capability of being my favorite lure, heck I love throwing it, but sometimes it’d be nice to pull something in with it instead of the oft broken tree limb.
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    Welcome to TNBF. Where abouts in the midten you located?
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    Chris smoking that FLW tour grade stuff
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    If your partner is having to push the boat off the bank with the net then you are almost close enough .
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    I learned how to fish off shore back about 6 or 8 years into my bass fishing experience by an older gentleman that offered to take me fishing that lived just down the road from me. We took his old V-hull aluminum boat with a 20 horse tiller steer motor on. We were fishing Old Hickory lake and the boat had no graph what so every on it. He fished with all spinning gear and his baits of choice was t-rigged soft plastics, worms and lizards mostly but he also fished small finesse jigs with zoom small swiming chunks. First thing he would do is look at the main channel markers to see if there was any current. There was a small amount of current moving past the markers so he digs out a topo map and picks the spot he wants to start and pulls the rope and the motor fires right up and up river we go. When we get where he planned to fish he shows me how the river current will be pushing bait fish up against the outside curve and the ledges(Contours) we would be fishing. We where sitting in 30 foot of water throwing up in 5 foot of water and walking our baits down the ledges. No trolling motor but a really serious anchor to hold the boat in place. It took me about 2 hours to learn how he was doing it and he had already caught about 5 nice fish with one about 4 lbs. I finally caught one about 3 lbs on a jig with an Uncle josh eel trailer on it. As the current changed we would change locations according the how it changed. Only one time did his boat ever anchor closer than 30 yards off a bank and that was when the creek channel swung in close to the bank and we only caught 3 small fish there. All in all that day I think we caught about 30+ bass in assorted sizes but in the mix was several in the 5 to 7 lb range. During the day he kept 8 fish. 2 flat head cats, 3 Saugers and 3 Walleye. I asked him why he didn't keep any bass since I thought he was a meat angler and he said bass taste nasty and have a really fishy taste to them. As I began fishing out of my own boat which of course did have all of the lastest electronics on it I began focusing more and more on my off shore fishing. The more I fished off shore the better I became until I reached a point that the only time I fished shallow water was in the Spring of the year when I was forced to because the bass are all shallow. I taught my son in law (Tommy) how to fish off shore and he spends about half the time of shore fishing. Now that he has added that new Helix9 to the Skeeter and can now locate a lot more off shore structure I am guessing he will spend even more time fishing off shore. I think over the years as bass have become more pressured they have learned to spend more time off shore than they did probably 40+ years ago..........JMHO