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    I can remedy that situation for you Steve.
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    I like 30# braid with a flouro leader with an 1/8 or 3/16 head.
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    How about "Molix Ike Sux Bait".....??
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    Things I've learned from our left-hand brothers & sisters in the wake of the Vegas shooting: 1) Guns are magical creatures capable of acting on their own to inflict harm on people. 2) 40+ guns are considered an arsenal. This includes handguns, long guns, shotguns and the dreaded "assault rifle" which, of all the gun types, is the most likely to act on its own accord. 3) The statistics that show the cities in our country with the strictest gun laws also have the highest gun violence rates, are made up by the NRA. 4) The tragedy in Vegas somehow is related to pending legislation on suppressors(NOT silencers....there is a difference, educate yourself before you speak as an "expert"). Although I've yet to see the connection. 5) Somehow, knowing everything about a shooter's past and guessing why they might have committed these horrible acts of cowardice is acceptable news feed. No longer do we just need to know the facts, every Tom, Dick & Jane's opinion on why is necessary as well.