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    Wish I'd taken my boat to my own wedding so I could leave before the wedding......
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    Here's my opinion of what's wrong with the used boat market... My current boat is worth $25 - $28,000... and has no warranty on the motor. If I sold it for $25,000 and the new owner bought it and blew it up they are screwed. A new motor is going to run you around $17,000. Now they are into it $42,000. You can get a heck of a nice boat for $42,000 with warranty. I think about how bad it's going to suck all the time when my motor blows. Trading boats before the warranty goes may be the cheapest insurance policy you can have. There's no reason a boat motor should cost as much as a small car. We are being ripped off and the sad part is we are happy about it and smiling all the way to the lake.
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    Ok.....lots of info to pass along here. First, safe light will be at, or very close to 7:15. Plan to blast off at 7:15. Registration will close at 6:45, so plan accordingly. Blindhawg has graciously volunteered to be blast off boat, so at 7:15, we will mass at the mouth of Turkey Creek (almost directly across from the ramp) for blast off. Be sure that you see a silver & lime green Triton as blast off boat as well as my white & black Phoenix. If neither of these boats are present, you are not in the correct group. I will be taking up money, so look for my my Phoenix & gray tundra at the ramp. I plan to be there by 6. Be sure to bring a waiver form for both you & your partner. I will have a few on hand, but, as your ability to fish tomorrow depends on that waiver, please do not rely on me to have enough for everyone.... I only have approximately 50 on hand. Lastly, there is quite a bit of floating debris between 25e & poor valley, so drive carefully if you go that direction. Look forward to seeing everyone. Drive safely.
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    This just isn't factual, Doug. Biological fact is that they will find a nest & they will spawn there. Yes, it does cause them some extra stress and there may be some hatchling and/or egg mortality, but rest assured, those fish will still spawn.
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    I can remedy that situation for you Steve.
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    LOL on the bright side just think it saves everybody 8 hrs misery on the dead sea. And i do mean dead sea.
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    Hello Wesley, Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Wesley joined on the 07/11/2017. View Member
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    You just had to go there. I add one to my shopping cart every week...... then log off before I spend 2700.
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    Softy and Brwnbass both offer some sound, sage advice. Like any other style, it takes time to learn how to sync up map, what you're seeing on sonar, bait, and presentation. Practice, practice, practice. I use buoys religiously if I'm fishing offshore structure. My failures usually come at the end of those outings - you gotta remember to pick the dang things up! Just sayin' . . . If this becomes something you end up doing a lot, the investment in the spot-lock technology is a must. It eliminates all of the guesswork and margins for error and optimizes your time on the target area. This gizmo is a game-changer for offshore fishermen.
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    Sufix Neon Fire braid lights up like the 4th under black light. Pretty tough stuff too. Haven't changed my line in over 2 years and still holding up well.
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    Wow....I"m finally in! Thanks a HEAP to all that helped. I love bass fish'n and I know I'm gonna love this place. Randall
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    HEY He made it!!! Welcome to the site.
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    Lol. Were you fishing for carp?
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    Ahhh, another river rat. A good thing. Welcome aboard. Chickamauga and Cherokee are my favs. There's a typo in Softy's post - he's been in Tennessee since 1867. Hims been around a lil bit.
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    Back to live trout again.......
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    All I can say is I hate black dually fords.
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    with the rate the water is rising, id bet we will all be lucky to catch 10 lbs
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    Team Mountain Zombie?!?! Lol
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    Team X-Files will be there if I can get back in town
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    The more organized I get, the more stuff I buy, the more I need to organize. I thought buying a bigger house would help, nope just put more stuff in it. However in my man cave closet I have punch board on all the walls. It's a large walk in closet. I have guns hanging on one side, bows hanging in the back with archery accessories. Then the other side I have fish lures. The more I can hang from the walls the less I have in the floor. But I still have stuff in the floor lol.
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    Mountain Man - if you keep using words like progeny in here you're gonna hafta set up a dictionary section, dood. Geez . . . Airborne doesn't do math or science in public.
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    I prefer those plastic racks you can get at Walmart. The heavier duty grey ones rated for like 300 pounds. Get component box tote bags from Bass Pro to store you're component boxes. I can't remember the brand of those racks I use, but they also have handy little hooks on the sides you can hang like life jackets from, and the shelves all have slots you can put to use as well. As for the girls though, always remember.......you will always run out of money when you're chasing women, but you will never run out of women when you're chasing money. Take care of numero uno dude.
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    My advice would be to get more fishing stuff and don't worry about the girls
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    Well, in 5 yrs studying wildlife/fisheries biology, I never saw or heard of a fish intentionally wasting their progeny. It's just not in their instinct. Their natural drive is to reproduce at all costs. Nor did I see any research in that time frame that was conclusive about negative effects of catching bedded bass. Don't mean to imply that you're intentionally repeating false info, just that maybe tge info you received maybe wasn't accurate.
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    Very nice, Airborne. You're a good dad. Keep them kids on the water.
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    I only got to watch your promo and the only thing I can add is wear your PFD . I have 2 small children and want them to see me put mine on when the big motor is on and be safe on the water . Dont get me wrong , when I was younger mine had mold growing on them and never seen the lite of day but if you can get one person to at least think about putting it on the next time they are on a boat you have done a great job .
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    After the wash down on Cherokee on Saturday I've realized I need some gloves. I have a set of neoprene gloves, no idea on the brand, but I can't cast wearing them to save my life. So I wore 1 glove all day. After 3 hours or so in the rain my hands were shot, even the one with the glove. It kept my hand dry for a while, but eventually soaked through. They would have also froze me to death had it been cold. My Pro Qualifier bibs did amazing, and the Frog Togg jacket was decent with layers underneath. I plan to buy the BPS jacket, either the Pro Qualifier or 100mph jacket this winter since my Frog Togg Jacket is more suited for summer time use. I'm curious what gloves you guys recommend. Mainly looking for a good fall/winter glove that will keep me dry and warm, without making casting an issue. I'm not as worried about summer rain, but more the colder weather. Recommendations?
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    Well I’m talking hypothetically. God knows with my typical 1.34 pound bag, 9 gallons is more than enough.
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    So it's essentially a shaky head not was well endowed....
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    Take in mind that I have never been in a kayak before so I have not built up enough confidence to attempt standing up. I have seen others do it in youtube videos and read about others doing it on line.
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    I learned how to fish off shore back about 6 or 8 years into my bass fishing experience by an older gentleman that offered to take me fishing that lived just down the road from me. We took his old V-hull aluminum boat with a 20 horse tiller steer motor on. We were fishing Old Hickory lake and the boat had no graph what so every on it. He fished with all spinning gear and his baits of choice was t-rigged soft plastics, worms and lizards mostly but he also fished small finesse jigs with zoom small swiming chunks. First thing he would do is look at the main channel markers to see if there was any current. There was a small amount of current moving past the markers so he digs out a topo map and picks the spot he wants to start and pulls the rope and the motor fires right up and up river we go. When we get where he planned to fish he shows me how the river current will be pushing bait fish up against the outside curve and the ledges(Contours) we would be fishing. We where sitting in 30 foot of water throwing up in 5 foot of water and walking our baits down the ledges. No trolling motor but a really serious anchor to hold the boat in place. It took me about 2 hours to learn how he was doing it and he had already caught about 5 nice fish with one about 4 lbs. I finally caught one about 3 lbs on a jig with an Uncle josh eel trailer on it. As the current changed we would change locations according the how it changed. Only one time did his boat ever anchor closer than 30 yards off a bank and that was when the creek channel swung in close to the bank and we only caught 3 small fish there. All in all that day I think we caught about 30+ bass in assorted sizes but in the mix was several in the 5 to 7 lb range. During the day he kept 8 fish. 2 flat head cats, 3 Saugers and 3 Walleye. I asked him why he didn't keep any bass since I thought he was a meat angler and he said bass taste nasty and have a really fishy taste to them. As I began fishing out of my own boat which of course did have all of the lastest electronics on it I began focusing more and more on my off shore fishing. The more I fished off shore the better I became until I reached a point that the only time I fished shallow water was in the Spring of the year when I was forced to because the bass are all shallow. I taught my son in law (Tommy) how to fish off shore and he spends about half the time of shore fishing. Now that he has added that new Helix9 to the Skeeter and can now locate a lot more off shore structure I am guessing he will spend even more time fishing off shore. I think over the years as bass have become more pressured they have learned to spend more time off shore than they did probably 40+ years ago..........JMHO
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    That's moving... faster than the lead sled I have.
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    I use both quite a bit, it all depends on how you're going to fish. If you're beating the banks primarily bass fishing stay with a cable steer, if you're going to use it to troll, use an electric. I had a 14 footer for a long time with a cable steer and it doesn't take up much space when it is deployed.
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    What's up guys! Sorry I've been MIA. I have been working on a little project, and with your help it could grow bigger. I started into YouTube, and I need some suggestions. What kind of videos do you guys find interesting? (That is, if you watch YouTube) Tips? Review's? Straight up fishing and catching? How to's, ect. Here is the link to my channel. Go check it out if you want!
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    A friend of mine recently(2 months ago) bought the BPS $100 version. IMO, his was not put together very well. The CO2 cartridge has become disconnected twice and the buckle doesn't always snap shut. I personally don't care for inflatables, but have the old skool Mustang vests. Mustang makes a great product....you'll pay for it, but in my experience, you generally get what you pay for.
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    Good grief. Congrats on that win fellas. That's well earned. At least I was close on my weight prediction.....
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    Depends on several things honestly. Usually one battery is a tad weaker than the other, even when they're ran in parallel, and the weaker battery will always suck up the juice till they even out.
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    I've found the long leaders to be a mix of attributes from both lines. Casting distance, lack of stretch from the braid and forgiveness and sink rate from the fluoro. Another benefit is, I can retie a bunch and I don't have to splice on a new leader as often.
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    Can't offer much advice in this area cause havenever lived in a 1 bedroom appartment but anyone that has been to my 2 bedroom cottage knows I still don't have a woman magnet cause I still have fishing tackle all over the living room and 1 of the bedrooms and not a cleannik at all. I use to be a nice neat tidy kind of guy until I realized I only had one other critter sharing the house with me and that is Kasey and she hates it when I make up her bed which by the way is a single bed mmemory foam matress in the living room corner covered with a large quilt and first thing she does is wreck it so I quit doing that. Now it is all one big man cave............
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    Ah.... apartment life. Brings back (not so) fond memories. +1 on everything above.....basically, dedicate some wall space in the bedroom to shelving & invest in a decent wall mounted rod rack. This accomplishes 2 things: keeps your stuff organized & easy to sort thru AND gives chicks the impression that you're neat & orderly, even if you're not OCD like me. Also plus 1 on the relationship advice.....my old man, rest his soul, once said "son, the sooner you figure out you can live without **that** the better off you'll be. More money, more hunting & more fishing...." Really wish I'd listened closer. Love my wife to death, but they are a drain on the fishing funds. Another random piece of advice for apartment life: noise cancelling headphones. I'm pretty sure my upstairs neighbors were part rabbit, part hyena & part human.
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    +1 trying to do both is chasing a unicorn. Mine has put up with me for 35 years and i have zero clue as to why, so if you can find what you need when it's time to fish, you're good.
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    This is great information for sure. Normally when a front is coming in bass are feeding up and when front is in bass go to closest cover and stick their noses up against it making it hard but not impossible to catch them. You will almost have to put it in their mouth but they will still take an easy slow bait very close by...............Good luck
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    I wanna see a Cherokee video Eric. Preferably with shots of your gps.....
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    I have 2. One is a 7' Lews MH I use for open water and slow rolling. But I also have a 6' BPS Bionic I use for fishing in willows and brush. Great control and can roll those spinnerbaits right up under the willows when needed. Tightlines.