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    Ok.....lots of info to pass along here. First, safe light will be at, or very close to 7:15. Plan to blast off at 7:15. Registration will close at 6:45, so plan accordingly. Blindhawg has graciously volunteered to be blast off boat, so at 7:15, we will mass at the mouth of Turkey Creek (almost directly across from the ramp) for blast off. Be sure that you see a silver & lime green Triton as blast off boat as well as my white & black Phoenix. If neither of these boats are present, you are not in the correct group. I will be taking up money, so look for my my Phoenix & gray tundra at the ramp. I plan to be there by 6. Be sure to bring a waiver form for both you & your partner. I will have a few on hand, but, as your ability to fish tomorrow depends on that waiver, please do not rely on me to have enough for everyone.... I only have approximately 50 on hand. Lastly, there is quite a bit of floating debris between 25e & poor valley, so drive carefully if you go that direction. Look forward to seeing everyone. Drive safely.
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    This just isn't factual, Doug. Biological fact is that they will find a nest & they will spawn there. Yes, it does cause them some extra stress and there may be some hatchling and/or egg mortality, but rest assured, those fish will still spawn.
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    Lol. Were you fishing for carp?
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    Ahhh, another river rat. A good thing. Welcome aboard. Chickamauga and Cherokee are my favs. There's a typo in Softy's post - he's been in Tennessee since 1867. Hims been around a lil bit.
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    All I can say is I hate black dually fords.
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    with the rate the water is rising, id bet we will all be lucky to catch 10 lbs
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    Team Mountain Zombie?!?! Lol
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    Team X-Files will be there if I can get back in town
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    The more organized I get, the more stuff I buy, the more I need to organize. I thought buying a bigger house would help, nope just put more stuff in it. However in my man cave closet I have punch board on all the walls. It's a large walk in closet. I have guns hanging on one side, bows hanging in the back with archery accessories. Then the other side I have fish lures. The more I can hang from the walls the less I have in the floor. But I still have stuff in the floor lol.
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    Mountain Man - if you keep using words like progeny in here you're gonna hafta set up a dictionary section, dood. Geez . . . Airborne doesn't do math or science in public.
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    I prefer those plastic racks you can get at Walmart. The heavier duty grey ones rated for like 300 pounds. Get component box tote bags from Bass Pro to store you're component boxes. I can't remember the brand of those racks I use, but they also have handy little hooks on the sides you can hang like life jackets from, and the shelves all have slots you can put to use as well. As for the girls though, always remember.......you will always run out of money when you're chasing women, but you will never run out of women when you're chasing money. Take care of numero uno dude.
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    My advice would be to get more fishing stuff and don't worry about the girls
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    Well, in 5 yrs studying wildlife/fisheries biology, I never saw or heard of a fish intentionally wasting their progeny. It's just not in their instinct. Their natural drive is to reproduce at all costs. Nor did I see any research in that time frame that was conclusive about negative effects of catching bedded bass. Don't mean to imply that you're intentionally repeating false info, just that maybe tge info you received maybe wasn't accurate.
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    Very nice, Airborne. You're a good dad. Keep them kids on the water.
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    I only got to watch your promo and the only thing I can add is wear your PFD . I have 2 small children and want them to see me put mine on when the big motor is on and be safe on the water . Dont get me wrong , when I was younger mine had mold growing on them and never seen the lite of day but if you can get one person to at least think about putting it on the next time they are on a boat you have done a great job .
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    Welcome to TNBF. In need of a boat, you say? I can hook you up, brother......
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    Lmao...... sometimes my cranial thesaurus loses connection to its GPS location.
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    oh yea, the green/cream curly worm needs to be on my hook. ill be in touch softy!
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    Hello rdlivin, Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. rdlivin joined on the 02/25/2017. View Member
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    Got a new to me Triton. I should be able to put another two hundred pounds of Softy's baits in this rig.