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    If your partner is having to push the boat off the bank with the net then you are almost close enough .
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    I also crank with seagar red label. 6lb on 6’8” med light (dobyns) graphite spinning rod early in year for shad raps. 8lb on 7ft med (lews) graphite spinning rod for dt6 and bandits. 10-12 lb on 7’6” med (loomis) cranking rod for almost everything else. But I’m in the market for a bigger rod for 8-10xds but will prob not go bigger than 12lb line though unless I just find a school of 6-7lbers. I like fast reels for smaller baits and low slow gears for bigger baits the low gears seem to help me with fatigue. I slow crawl big baits but I really like to burn small crank baits. Been having decent success last month or so burning a dt6 only hitting bottom about half of my cast and have caught prob equal amount of fish deflecting off the bottom as bringing it through open water. If you have an idea of where the fish are setting up burn it through em they gotta hit it or get out of the way. Also a firm believer in upgrading hooks I fish with stock hooks when just fun fishing but every bait I plan on throwing in a tournament gets new hooks the night before the derby I like owner stingers in factory size on front and oversized gamagatsu short shank wide gaps in rear.
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    Sorry, I read it backwards Dyslexia- 1 GlitterRocket-0
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    Lol, I have learned to embrace my tackle habit. The wife is another story.
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    I personally drastically increased my percentages when I started casting parallel or angled to the bank, vs straight at the bank. I’m no expert, but I believe it keeps the bait in the depth range for a much greater amount of time.
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    Cold snap on Saturday as of right now. High 48 degrees with rain on Friday and Saturday. I’m thinking 14.5 lb with a big fish of 5.3.
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    My partner is Astro180
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    LOL. Who was it that was selling a still on here that one time? I laughed for days
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