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    I refuse to fish with something called a turd. Lol.
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    Yeah Dad has a ton of them. I've personally never tried it but Dad throws it a lot. Still looking for his first fish on it lol
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    2 Split rings & a tungsten drop shot weight is what ive used. Put both rings on the hook, put the weight on one & tie your line to the other. Gives it more movement with 2 rings. Works good with a swimbait or a fluke. Its called a jika rig.
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    Looks like a version of the Jika rig
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    I don't think it's anything that new. Ike went over to Japan a few years back and there was a write up done on Bassmasters that went into detail on how to make it. https://m.bassmaster.com/mike-iaconelli/interesting-ideas-japan
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    "wolf vomit" - that image is now etched permanently in my mind. wow. if you're catfishing and are having trouble getting bites the Gulp! stuff will fix that. they love it.
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    9 days later........... Hehehe😬
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    3.8-1? What year was that thing last made, 1973? Lol. No wonder your shoulder hurts from cranking, old man. Talking about the all time repetitive use injury trying to crank with that slow dang thing. I could pull the line in faster by hand.
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    This time of year, you could crank a 9:1 as fast as you can crank and not get it away from a Bass.
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    I have garmins and really like them they have the striker series at bass pro for around 7 for a 9 inch and around 5 for a seven inch I have the echo map series there a lil bit more expensive
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    +1 on HB products - not only superior in terms of capability but also much easier to use/learn. The 9" screen is plenty big enuff to give you the resolution and visibility you need to manage a day on the water. Think you'll be impressed w/ the detail of the images.
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    If you want to stay in the lowrance family, you can find the Elite9 with totalscan for under a grand and the Hook9 for about $700. Humminbird wise(which, in my opinion, is far more advanced in technology from what I've seen......and I'm a lifelong lowrance guy) you can find the Helix9 chirp for under $800. Not up to speed on Garmin or raymarine units, but I hear they're really nice units.
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    +1000000 Steve!! Nailed it. Older engines (pre DFI all brands) can have VRO style oil tanks disconnected & run premixed fuel. Actually, this is a more reliable set up. However, there is a HUGE difference between a VRO oil tank & a remote oil tank on a DI model motor.
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    Gotta be carful what motor you choose to do that to. Idk about the Venom, but like newer direct injected engines it would do more harm than good. Reason being is the fuel is not cycled through the entire crankcase, like it is on older traditional 2 strokes. No fuel through the crankcase= no oil through the crankcase. Oil is instead injected separately into the crankcase. Some of the older EFI motors were setup in a similar way. Fuel is injected with air into the intake port, so most the oil will get combusted instead of first making its way through the crank. Just a thought.