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    Geez. Didn't need you to agree. Normally when you do that's about what it takes lol
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    I think Jamie nailed with his guess. Wes and Steve won with 14 and change.
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    off work 22 works better for me
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    I live on Boone & have been having some work done that has relocated me to a cabin on the water at South Holston. Dropped by the house last night around 9 & it was blowing pretty good. Not unbearable, but pulled in Sugar Hollow ramp & there was a good chop on the water. Went to the cabin & fell asleep around 1130. Woke up at 1 with a boat that had broke loose up against the house. Walked the dock & found several with broken ropes. Main channel had 2 footers rolling up on to the tire line. We might have missed some good fishing, but we also missed a bad situation. If Boone looked anything like Holston did at 1am, I have no regrets about rescheduling.
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