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    Wow. They do some nice work. If we could wicker a group buy from TNBF as a 'team buy' we could get some first rate jerseys for ~half of what the other doods charge.
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    It will only get better from here on out . I think the fish bite it better in water temps below 50 deg . Watauga is the only exception, they have been eating like sharks for the last month and a half.
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    It will be better now that we've had a real cold snap to kill a few shad. The other Damiki will take off now.
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    Well fellas, I’ve wanted one of these for awhile now, so I finally had the time to go get one from Frontier Outdoors in Kingston. Nucanoe Frontier 12.
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    Thanks fellas. Make no mistake, I’m gonna have a bass rig or at least a Jon boat in the next couple of months, and a full bass rig within a year or two if not this spring. But I wanted to get into the yak side of fishing. I’m home so rarely, and usually for such a short time, it’ll be nice to just stick it in the truck and head to the water for a couple of hours when I can, plus I’m planning on float trips and some yak tourneys.
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    ^^^^^ what he said. It’s best to charge em soon as you get back home from a trip. I used a simple daylight/dark timer for mine. After the batteries were fully charged, I’d switch the timer over to 2 hours a day, and that worked good for me. But I also had an older charger in my Astro. These new chargers should be fine just leaving em on