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    EASY EASY! cool the jets. I have no problem with you liking the Ally better, that is fine, great boat. I was just making a comment about your statement "stole the show". That was not a correct comment. Everyone likes different rigs and for different reasons. If you would have just said I like the Ally better then fine but "stole the show was not a factual statement". .
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    The issue with Mr. Coontracker selling items on here has been addressed, Joe. Let it rest. All members are free to post in this forum regarding things they make and pics are always welcome. As far as anything that has taken place on the other site, TNBF would appreciate it if youd leave the drama over there.
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    "the idiot rig" as i call it, embodies much of whats wrong with our instant gratification society. take the easy way!!!! i want to catch fish now, not LEARN how to FISH, just CATCH them NOW!!!! like shannon said, when people who couldn't catch a 4lber with a dipnet, are bringing 20+lb. bags in, SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!! tx fising should be a test of skill, not a game of chance!!! when i started bass fishing i sucked, bad, real bad! but, i stuck with it, and LEARNED to get better. i'll never be a pro, never fish the bassmaster classic, but i'm a decent fisherman. how did i get that way?......thru EFFORT!!!!! i wanted to get better, i learned to get better, i'm still learning, and most of you guy's did it the same way as i did. thru your own EFFORT!!! now, with this frigging rig, somebody who just leaned how to cast last night can show up and beat us. it's turning tx fishing into bingo. and pro's throwing it.... REALLY, you call yourself a "professional angler" and your throw'n this thing where kids can see you do it??? what kind of message is that sending...."sell out for success, kids!!!" watching a "pro" throw the idiot rig, is like watching jesse james ride a big wheel! no wonder this country has went to heII in a handbasket........no integrity.
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    it's like the mexicans coming across the border, shoot the first two or three, and the rest will quit that chit on their own!
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    I personally don't like it. When you see people who have never weighed in a limit bring in 20lbs it seems to me it is more about the rig and less about the fisherman. I hate throwing it but if you don't you are at a great disadvantage against people who do use it. I am waiting on warmer temps where the rig is useless and you have to go back to fishing and not just chucking and winding a rig.
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    Make sure you wear your life jacket and hook up your kill switch............... :poke:
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    First, welcome to the site. That's a heckuva first post. Very controversial topic. I am in no way a huge fan of the A rig....mostly because I can't seem to do much good with it.......but how does an A rig, which is 100% artificial, compare to using a live deer or turkey decoy? I would think that correlation would be between live bait & live decoys...... As for it not being "sporting" to use them, I disagree there too. You still have to find the fish & get em to eat. Most.....and I stress MOST not ALL......of the folks that dislike the rig are guys like me that can't figure out how to properly use it.
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    I blame Obama, holebeaters and Alabama rigs!.........now there's an "axis of evil" for ya.
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    Its not possible... Math doesn't add up. LOL
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    +1 wish they would ban the stupid thing.
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    Congratulations to the winners!!!!!! I love fishing this trail, there is never a dull moment before, during or after a tourney. How may tournaments do you fish where during the course of a tournament you get texts and pictures from the other guys rubbing it in what they are catching? And if ya run into someone on the water while you're out there you talk and give each other crap while your fishing near each other. If any of you have thought about fishing with us, but haven't come on out, I promise you'll have a blast and meet some really good guys.
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    Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again....
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    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3xVX7yoBB14 Since tacsavage hasn't posted, I thought I would share the 2014 Jasoer River Run. By far the best video that Keegan has ever put together. Turn up your volume & enjoy.
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    I maybe wrong or just hardheaded...lol...but, I want the stretch of mono on shadrap. Alot of times, the hookups aren't great and mono stretch seems to help?
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    I'm unfamiliar with this. Can you explain 1) you're level of familiarity with it & 2) how you came to be knowledgeable on the subject? LMAO!
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    Luke I like how you group all people against it as the ones getting beat by it. I'm sure they may make up the most outspoken group but I can assure you that it doesn't make up the majority. I personally don't know of any tourney where it has beaten me. While I'm sure there is at least one, it doesn't form my opinion of it. I still believe like the rest of you that's it's not magic... But I also believe it's not good for the fishery and it leans on the side of being unethical like putting out corn for deer or ducks.
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    i see no difference in allowing the rig in a tx and allowing live bait
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    The moss growing on the carpet next to the wheels is a really nice touch. Gives it that......natural effect.
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    I really could have picked all three of the choices. I use a leader based on several different factors. water color, bait you are using, structure you are fishing, and speed you are fishing all have influence on whether I use a leader or not. You need an all the above selection.
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    Here is the schedule for our 2012 year. We did everything we could to work around the bigger trails. Event #3: May 25th - Event #3: Cherokee Lake 25E(Friday night 9pm-3am; 3fish) Event #4: June 23rd - Boone Lake TVA(night) Event #5: July 21st - South Holston Ob Knob(night) Event #6: August 18th - Douglas Lake Dandridge Bridge(night) Event #7: September 29th - Boone Lake TVA Event #8: October 20th - Cherokee Lake 25E Event #9: November 17th - South Holston Ob Knob Event #10: December 15th - Cherokee Lake 25E March 2nd 2013 - Classic
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    Here are some custom bluegills I did, all the pics are of the same two, a shallow and a medium diver, just included multiples to show detail.