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    EASY EASY! cool the jets. I have no problem with you liking the Ally better, that is fine, great boat. I was just making a comment about your statement "stole the show". That was not a correct comment. Everyone likes different rigs and for different reasons. If you would have just said I like the Ally better then fine but "stole the show was not a factual statement". .
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    People study history. Bass don't. Rather than focusing on where you got bit I recommend spending some over your electronix trying to understand why you got bit. Understanding 'why' will go a long way in helping you decide how to go about catching. Fish essentially do three things - they eat, they reproduce, and they rest (from the first two items). Bass tend to hang out where the food is. You've prob heard folks say "find the bait, find bass" - this is about as gospel as it gets in bass fishing. After you've found the food start looking at the structure and cover in the area. Use your electronix to see how the bass are relating to both. If they're tight to the bottom in 20' of water you're gonna be hard pressed to get them on a crankbait. Yeah, some baits go that deep but they don't stay in the strike zone (where the bass are) very long. A slower, bottom-oriented presentation might be a better choice (jig, c-rig, t-rig, shakyhead). If fish are holding on top of brush or rock piles in 8-10' then you're prob gonna snag a few on moving baits (cranks, spinners, swimbaits). Fish suspending over cover or structure will be a bit more challenging to catch. Suspending jerkbaits and weightless stick baits can be effective. The next time you go out I encourage you to spend some time over your electronix before deciding on what to throw. As you make your decisions spend some time looking at those spots where you get bit so you can understand how the bass are relating to structure, cover, and food. This is the pattern.
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    The issue with Mr. Coontracker selling items on here has been addressed, Joe. Let it rest. All members are free to post in this forum regarding things they make and pics are always welcome. As far as anything that has taken place on the other site, TNBF would appreciate it if youd leave the drama over there.
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    "the idiot rig" as i call it, embodies much of whats wrong with our instant gratification society. take the easy way!!!! i want to catch fish now, not LEARN how to FISH, just CATCH them NOW!!!! like shannon said, when people who couldn't catch a 4lber with a dipnet, are bringing 20+lb. bags in, SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!! tx fising should be a test of skill, not a game of chance!!! when i started bass fishing i sucked, bad, real bad! but, i stuck with it, and LEARNED to get better. i'll never be a pro, never fish the bassmaster classic, but i'm a decent fisherman. how did i get that way?......thru EFFORT!!!!! i wanted to get better, i learned to get better, i'm still learning, and most of you guy's did it the same way as i did. thru your own EFFORT!!! now, with this frigging rig, somebody who just leaned how to cast last night can show up and beat us. it's turning tx fishing into bingo. and pro's throwing it.... REALLY, you call yourself a "professional angler" and your throw'n this thing where kids can see you do it??? what kind of message is that sending...."sell out for success, kids!!!" watching a "pro" throw the idiot rig, is like watching jesse james ride a big wheel! no wonder this country has went to heII in a handbasket........no integrity.
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    it's like the mexicans coming across the border, shoot the first two or three, and the rest will quit that chit on their own!
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    I personally don't like it. When you see people who have never weighed in a limit bring in 20lbs it seems to me it is more about the rig and less about the fisherman. I hate throwing it but if you don't you are at a great disadvantage against people who do use it. I am waiting on warmer temps where the rig is useless and you have to go back to fishing and not just chucking and winding a rig.
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    Make sure you wear your life jacket and hook up your kill switch............... :poke:
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    I'll pass along one that a member here once shared with me.....go to Lowes & buy a roll of static cling window tinting. Cut a piece to fit your electronics screen, stick it on after dark. Not only does it dim the light, but it also cuts the glare down
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    First, welcome to the site. That's a heckuva first post. Very controversial topic. I am in no way a huge fan of the A rig....mostly because I can't seem to do much good with it.......but how does an A rig, which is 100% artificial, compare to using a live deer or turkey decoy? I would think that correlation would be between live bait & live decoys...... As for it not being "sporting" to use them, I disagree there too. You still have to find the fish & get em to eat. Most.....and I stress MOST not ALL......of the folks that dislike the rig are guys like me that can't figure out how to properly use it.
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    I blame Obama, holebeaters and Alabama rigs!.........now there's an "axis of evil" for ya.
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    Its not possible... Math doesn't add up. LOL
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    +1 wish they would ban the stupid thing.
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    Congratulations to the winners!!!!!! I love fishing this trail, there is never a dull moment before, during or after a tourney. How may tournaments do you fish where during the course of a tournament you get texts and pictures from the other guys rubbing it in what they are catching? And if ya run into someone on the water while you're out there you talk and give each other crap while your fishing near each other. If any of you have thought about fishing with us, but haven't come on out, I promise you'll have a blast and meet some really good guys.
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    crankbait fishing is an art that, once correctly learned, can produce all year long. For years, I thought cranking was just chunk & wind....until a good friend showed me how to fish them. It was advice that I appreciate every time I catch one cranking.
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    hopefully canceled due to the next winter storm
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    I did'nt know Jeff was sponsored ?
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    It's not that difficult either!!!! If it was you wouldn't see so many large bags of fish weighed in. Tournaments used to be won by those who put in the time to figure out how to make a fish bite. The learning curve was a long process for each lake but now in the spring you can go to any lake with a rig and catch fish. It makes the puzzle of figuring fish out null and void. I throw one from time to time but would rather not if I can help it. I don't know of any other lure you can throw that will turn a mediocre fisherman into KVD instantly. It definitely has changed the sport but I for one don't think it is for the better. You may not catch as many without it but at least you will know you figured the fish out and not just chucked a lure at them. :2cents:
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    it will catch fish ,no doubt. I believe it should be banned because it is going to do a lot a harm to the populations of bass we have. if ya cant catch a few fish without it then just go back to school and learn instead of wrecking the bass population with this no brainer rig...
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    I think what your referring to is "Blinging it Out". I know Mountainman has done a few mods to his Phoenix & a few others have added some Bling to their boats. I recently mounted an HDS7 in the front & an Elite 7 at the helm Now I currently have the carpet stripped off of my step pads & going back with Diamond Plate. Gotta love the Rustom Line Trailers that came with these Bullets. These are when I first bought the boat, I will try to get a few more current shots in the coming weeks.
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    91 alumacraft 48 hp evinrude (with 200 shot of nitro) long shaft 17 1/2 inch prop 19 inch prop tore all to crap on rock
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    I want to say thanks for all of the congratulations that we received after winning the tourament . That doesnt happen very often in other clubs or rodeos . I had a great day fishing with my dad . Tnbassfishing has a special club . Thanks again and looking forward to the next one .
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    The little spots around here are very aggressive little fish and if you get in to a bunch of them they make it hard to keep your lure in the water long enough to catch bigger fish. When I watch fishing shows of people spot fishing in Alabama and Georgia catch 3 and 4 pounders I'm jealous. If they grew to that size here I would love fishing for them as much as I like LM and SM fishing but they just don't grow big enough here.