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    Oh yeah I’m sad about ft pat not being on their but it is what it is I’m ready to fish with everyone to been a good winter tho started coonhunting again this winter having a blast but ready to hit the water gonna fish my first Morristown marine tournament coming up but I’ll be their to fish with you guys an pops will to
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    Awesome. Thanks for the info LOL. I don’t care. Perfect place to ask the question. I rarely use leaders, and never backfill, but either an Alberto, or double uni, work well for joining 2 lines.
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    Matt, I use a uni to uni knot to join lines together. A little tricky the first couple of times but after you get used to doing them there pretty easy to do. Steve sorry I missed the point of your first post in this thread. Like Rusty said stored mono as long as it was stored out of direct sun light should be good to go. When in doubt test a two foot length of it.
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    I’m ready to get on the water and fish with everyone!!! Tell everyone you know!! There are a great bunch of guys on this trail and we always could use a few more!!! Hopefully we will see everyone on Cherokee March 7th!!!!!

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