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    Wish I'd taken my boat to my own wedding so I could leave before the wedding......
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    Sufix Neon Fire braid lights up like the 4th under black light. Pretty tough stuff too. Haven't changed my line in over 2 years and still holding up well.
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    Wow....I"m finally in! Thanks a HEAP to all that helped. I love bass fish'n and I know I'm gonna love this place. Randall
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    HEY He made it!!! Welcome to the site.
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    Lol. Were you fishing for carp?
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    Ahhh, another river rat. A good thing. Welcome aboard. Chickamauga and Cherokee are my favs. There's a typo in Softy's post - he's been in Tennessee since 1867. Hims been around a lil bit.
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    All I can say is I hate black dually fords.
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    with the rate the water is rising, id bet we will all be lucky to catch 10 lbs
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    Academy is a lot better place to shop anyhow
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    Get a trolling motor with spot lock lol. I couldn't give you any tips. Haven't figured out off shore myself. Good luck to you though!
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    Also, if you run a newer Merc, pro xs line anyway, be conscientious of how much cranking amps the motor requires. Its over 800 CCA just for the powerhead to crank. Add graphs, lights, pumps, etc & your amperage requirements are up above 1000 CCA. When I first got my boat, if I fished more than 6 hrs, I had to use booster cables to crank from my trolling batteries. Come to find out, my battery only had 700 CCA. I bought a Sears DieHard group 31 PM-1(1250 CCA) & have fished 12 hrs overnight & she cranked like a champ. My point is, be aware of your rig's requirements AND get the battery with the highest reserve capacity you can find. Reserve capacity is what is left "in storage" when your battery is at a discharged state. Basically, it is what gets you home when you've exhausted your battery's basic capacity.
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    I used to use one as a jigging rod. Ironically enough it was stolen two weeks ago. I left it tied down to my deck to be respooled when I got home. Someone must have taken it at one of the two places I stopped. It was a 7'6 heavy and did great flipping and pitching. It was a good rod for the $75 I spent on it. I would rather have the $150 Daiwa Tatula that was on it back though....
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    That's moving... faster than the lead sled I have.
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    Lmao!!!!!!! "Shoot,Move, and Communicate" without Comms it's just Shoot, move.........and Shoot more. Lol
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    For braid, I use the glow-viz. Tim Maxfield was in watsons the other day with a new line from a company called K-9. Its green fluorescent floro and that stuff glowed in the daylight in front of a black light. Can't wait to try it out. It's also extremely supple for floro, he's using 12 on a spinning rod and for anyone who's ever tried spoiling floro on a spinning rod, you know how that goes. I'm swinging by to load some on a reel off a filler spool they gave him to try and I'll report on it and let ya know how well it holds up.
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    Yep! Cracked me up to be honest lol
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    Welcome to TNBF. Nice looking floater dude, even if it's a Suckeye fan boat
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    It is OMC, it says that on the bottom of the head next to the serial number. I'm pretty excited, lol. Curious if the quietness will help me catch more fish, it's for sure the quietest one I've ever had. Now to get a depth finder for the bow....
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    There are a few things to think about when discussing the nite time spinnerbaits. First, its not a daytime spinnerbait. Not saying a NT blade won't catch em' in the day under certain conditions, like cold muddy water, but a true nite time blade is specialized for just that purpose. A lot goes into a good nite time spinnerbait. Just like any other bait, a good hook is a must, 5/0 gammy is a great choice IMO. Next is the wire, stainless wire last longer and doesn't rust, but steel wire catches more fish, piano wire works best IMO, also while we're on the subject of wire, the line tie is very important, a closed line tie is a MUST!!! A big SM will wreck a spinnerbait with a R-bend...whether you like a twisted eye or a safety pin eye is up to you but save yourself the trouble and aggravation, and ditch the R-bend. Skirts are more of a personal preference thing to me, lots of options, rubber, living rubber, silicon, even hair or feathers. I think most guys go with a silicon or rubber skirt. Now, to the heart of the matter, swivel and blade. Swivel, Sampo ball bearing, size is up to you most guys use a #1 or #2 but get a Sampo! Blades, again, ya got lots of options but the heart and soul of a night time spinnerbait is a thumping blade, so the willow leaf blade is out. Use Colorado or Indiana blades or a modified version of them. Most guys use France or Pickens blades around here, but is you can find the old diamond blades....buy them!!! A couple other things about nite time spinnerbaits, they are heavier than daytime blades (5/8 to 1,1/4 oz.)due to the way ya fish them....slow rolling on the bottom in most cases.in the daytime ya gonna throw a SB at a bush or tree, or something you either can see or know is there making relatively short cast. With a nite time blade ya gonna make long cast on flats, or points or parallel casts to stepper drop offs. Also, a lot of guys, myself included, have went to braid for Nite time blades, not because ya have a hard time feeling the bite, but because ya have much better feedback with braid. With mono I couldn't always feel what the bait was doing, if I was bumping the bottom or how fast the blade was turning. When I made the switch to braid I got bit a lot more cause I could feel exactly what my bait was doing. And i can tell ya I was going way too fast with mono. The braid made me slow down and that got me bit more, and the 6" hookset is nice too. Lastly, we live in the mecca of custom lure makers and there are guys around here that make awesome nite time spinnerbaits and even the best nite time blades at bass pro are horrible so buy from the guys that live here and make baits for here, it'll save you a lot of time, aggravation, and in most cases money too. Hope this helps
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    Dang I had some 30# sacks coming from the pond this week
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    Awesome numbers. Fish must have been hungry! Congrats to everyone bringing fish to the scales! Wow!
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    Congrats on the win fellas
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    Congrats to the winners!
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    Being that it's making a funny noise, I'd say you have air in your system....which means low fluid or a leak in the system. Test it on trailer by putting pressure against it with your foot & have someone run the trim.