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    Here's my opinion of what's wrong with the used boat market... My current boat is worth $25 - $28,000... and has no warranty on the motor. If I sold it for $25,000 and the new owner bought it and blew it up they are screwed. A new motor is going to run you around $17,000. Now they are into it $42,000. You can get a heck of a nice boat for $42,000 with warranty. I think about how bad it's going to suck all the time when my motor blows. Trading boats before the warranty goes may be the cheapest insurance policy you can have. There's no reason a boat motor should cost as much as a small car. We are being ripped off and the sad part is we are happy about it and smiling all the way to the lake.
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    I can remedy that situation for you Steve.
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    So it's essentially a shaky head not was well endowed....
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    LOL on the bright side just think it saves everybody 8 hrs misery on the dead sea. And i do mean dead sea.
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    He’s mistaken, thought it was on soho and that was supposed to be a smallmouth for bf.
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    Doug makes some awesome plastics
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    So, got the latest shipment from Doug. Craws were perfect (as always) and the flukes look fabulous. That smoke-grey fluke is gonna be killa, Doug. Thanks for turning these so quickly!
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    I'm working on it. 12+ hour night shift makes it tough to get anything done in a timely manner. Give me an hour or so. I've not had a chance to look at the voting today
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    Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving Doug!
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    How about "Molix Ike Sux Bait".....??
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    Basically a fancy one but about the same thing. A small football head jig will stand up about as good probably with a good soft floating bait...............JMHO
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    Hello Ladybassing, Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Ladybassing joined on the 08/23/2017. View Member
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    There are a couple great night time bank fishing options for walleye on watauga lake.
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    Am ready for fall fishing are you all
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    The bite has been slow for me on worms this year. IDK why..... seems like its been 15x slower than a normal time.
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    I still have a lot from my last order. Most of the soft baits I use are for trailers, I caught one Sunday afternoon on a chatterbait using one of the craws I ordered from you as a trailer. That fish killed the craw, obliterated it. They are excellent craws, I am surprised you are not on back order for those.
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    Welcome to the site. Lots of good info here. Feel free to ask anything that's on your mind.
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    I sold my little boat in less than 2 weeks..... a little over what it booked for due to upgrades.
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    Depends on what you hope to accomplish with it. I have one. I use it regularly. But not for it's intended purpose. I've noticed that shad & bait don't get spooked as easily with it on. Does it stimulate fish feeding activity? I dunno bout all that, but to me, it covers some of the trolling motor noise, and that's what I'm after. If you're hoping to gain a magical edge that will call fish up & have em jumping in the boat, I think you'll be disappointed.
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    Setting here in the hospital with my wife and my frist child he is a 10lbs 11oz chunky boy going to be my fishing buddy in a few years