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  1. JoeP

    Minn Kota Charger

    The NOCO Genius 4 bank that came on our boat died after a month. The MK I had on our last boat went 18 months and still going when we traded in the boat. The MK wasn't mounted, I cut the cables and installed plugs so the charger wasn't living in the bilge, which is a trick I learned from a couple pro's. I think it makes a difference.
  2. This was good info. Yesterday I made it a point to stop sonar each time I pulled the TM up and it resumed perfectly each time I dropped it at the next stop. Thanks for the advice.
  3. JoeP and bassfisher15. And if I get cold I'm texting you Chris...
  4. Mine will stop when I lift the trolling motor and not come back on until I either wait it out (usually 10 minutes or so) or turn it off and back on. I contacted lowrance and they said to shut down each time I move, which is a ridiculous response.
  5. JoeP

    New Baits

    That looks like a shopping trip on the way to Guntersville.... And I love Guntersville!
  6. JoeP

    Which graph?

    We just went from a boat with 898/859 birds to HDS9T and my only advice would be to decide which you prefer, 2D and mapping or DI/SI. The 2D and mapping are better on Lowrance but the SI and DI are better on the 'birds, based on my experience.
  7. Does anyone have a 24 Fury, 26 Tempest or 26 Bravo 1 xs they might let me borrow for a few hours one Saturday morning? The 25 Fury isn't getting it so I need to figure out what prop to hang on the new boat and I would rather try before I buy. Thanks.
  8. JoeP

    2015 TNBF Prop Day

    There are no plugs in it now.
  9. JoeP

    2015 TNBF Prop Day

    Any idea when this prop day is going to be? Our new Z8 probably needs a different prop and I'd like to try before I buy. Running a 25 Fury and it seems to be the wrong prop for us. Huge rooster tail and blows out on corners which tells me to lower the motor, but the hole shot is horrible and the steering is hard, which tells me to raise it. We can only get 66 to 68 with 400 lbs of people and light load with 1/2 tank so I know it has more in the boat. Most guys are 72+ with two people and 74 to 75 solo so there's some hitch in the he gitty up..
  10. JoeP

    skeet rods

    I've got 7 of them and abuse the heck out of them with no problems. In fact, my two rods that take the most abuse are my frog rod and my weightless swim bait rod and they're both SR Heavy Cover models with 65lb braid. I've bruised ribs with hooksets but haven't had a rod failure yet.
  11. JoeP

    Cranking reels

    Lew's BB2HZ on 7'11" Skeet Reese magnum crankbait rod. That combo will launch a 6XD half way across the lake.
  12. JoeP

    Wear your PFD and kill switch

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what brand this boat is? I've seen the video a hundred times and have yet to figure out the name on the side.
  13. JoeP

    Moonlight problems

    Hijack! Where's the cheapest place to buy these? Shellie and I decided last night that we're going to try our hand at fishin' in the dark this year.
  14. JoeP

    Garmin 73SV HD-93SV HD

    I had this on my front bird. Have you tried a choke? I put one on and it worked like a charm.