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  1. Where is wes at? I went fishing with him a couple of years ago and he had taken his boat out a couple of days before and it was in the winter so his bunks were iced over and he unhooked his boat and we went to unload it and it slid off. It didn't hurt anything but i felt terrible because this may have been the day i met him in person.
  2. congratulations man! it is nice to have a boat and even better to have a boat that is paid for!
  3. one reason why the slip bobbers won't work is if it is at all windy your line will have a hard time going through the float because the flies are so light. If your fly doesn't go all of the way down then you won't really know how deep you are fishing. Just my guess on that.
  4. thanks softy for the rim and the baits! I can't wait to use the baits and i hope i never have to use the spare tire
  5. @softy its a 14 inch tire @smokepurple I pass a couple of tire shops on the way home i'll try there. If they don't have anything then i'll try hall's service center. I don't live too far from there.
  6. I need the rim and tire. Are these a standard thing for are they all different? I have a single axle custom line trailer.
  7. Change of plans for me, i am going to be able to fish the one this weekend now. Would be great if it was watts bar.
  8. watts bar is one i wanted to fish but somethings came up so i am out on this one too. maybe i'll get to fish the norris one
  9. i like the super spook jr. i throw that most but i like the super spook from time to time. I also think the spooks are easier to work. I just can't get it figured out with the sammy
  10. its funny how many rumors about that place start. We had heard that they were supposed to build in clinton near the interstate behind fox toyota but they never did.
  11. I hate to hear that man. but i do have a 140 i'd sell you
  12. i am going to see Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers tonight at the TN theatre

    1. Mountainman


      ol Steve can sure pick & sing. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I heard his music.

    2. goinsfishin


      he and the steep canyon rangers all use our picks that we make. we are hoping to get to meet steve tonight.

  13. how did you get the fish of the week???? I want to know who caught it... Is that one you caught earlyer in the week. I am jelouse.

  14. its a manual jack plate. I put the 22 pitch raker on it and tried it out today. I couldn't even go all the way to Wide open throttle. I went about 39 top speed but that was at 3/4 throttle with the motor trimmed up a little. I was running about 42 before and that was the wide open with a little bit of trim.
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