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  1. BassMagnet

    Humminbird 1158c DI

    Perfect working condition and is used regularly without fail. Upgrade is only reason for selling. includes power cable and trolling motor mount transducer. Transducer has scrapes from rocks but is in good working condition Does NOT include gps mapping cards. Pm me and I can send pics or other info
  2. BassMagnet

    12V Parallel

    Anybody done this yet? I'm getting another battery and I was goin to parallel it to my cranking/everything besides trolling battery for night fishing like was stated before Trying to decide if I should parallel it or keep it separate for accessories. Only problem I have with that is a don't have another charger bank for another battery but also don't know the one bank would charge both batteries if they were parallel
  3. BassMagnet

    If you could pick one bait

    Various rigged senko's
  4. BassMagnet

    Boat batteries and onboard charger!!

    I have a minn Kota precision charger. Had to replace it twice under warranty. I think it comes with a 3 year warranty abs it's a good charger when it's working but can't say I'd recommend it
  5. BassMagnet

    Swimbait set up

    7'11" heavy swimbait rod 1/2-3/4 jighead depending on depth 3/4 if I want to get deep fast and slow roll. 50# straight braid for solid hook sets and the end of long cast which is when I get bite usually You'll hear a lot of guys say can't catch em on braid in clear water but I've caught a bunch on Norris and Holston
  6. BassMagnet

    leaders on braid

    After some research found this video from knot wars Looks like I'll be switching knots although for me double uni is easier to tie
  7. BassMagnet

    leaders on braid

    I use a double uni knot for all my line to line connections.
  8. BassMagnet

    Translucent hardbaits

    Well the problem that I'm having is that I've been fishing lake around where I love that's pretty clear and the smallmouth and spots will run up to it and stop and look at it so I thought maybe they were figuring out it wasn't real and maybe a translucent bait would look more natural
  9. BassMagnet

    Translucent hardbaits

    Been getting ready to restock on winter baits and was wanting to try the spro mcstick jerk bait. I've always been a white or chrome rogue kind of guy and never really liked the looks of translucent baits but thinking about getting one or 2 to try. Any thoughts?
  10. BassMagnet

    2 stroke oil

    I've used evinrude xd50 in my Mercury for 15 years without a problem but have used quick silver in a pinch.
  11. BassMagnet

    Helix 9 vs Helix 10

    Yea I probably would if I had the cash. You'll always be saying man I wish I went ahead and got the HD. But is it really worth it depends on a lot of things. I use DI on the front occasionally to double check brush piles and what not. But 98% of the time it's on graph/map split. SI on the front for me is worthless.
  12. BassMagnet

    Helix 9 vs Helix 10

    I'm with you tho 1" isn't worth 500 bucks. Maybe if you just have a ton of money lying around
  13. BassMagnet

    Helix 9 vs Helix 10

    Don't know, one way to look at it is bigger is always better but then again I don't think a 1" bigger screen will put more fish in the boat. But, that kind of hypocritical of me because I have two "televisions" as my dad would say on mine with 10" screens one of them being a onix that i recently purchased and I love them. I can't really say that they're worth the money cause they are not. I guess its the same reason guys but 70 grands boats with 250's and twin power poles to fish lakes that can be 30-80 ft deep 10 ft away from the bank. IT JUST DOWN RIGHT LOOKS COOL
  14. BassMagnet

    jerkbait line

    I use seaguar exclusively red label and invisX. usually 10lb for jerk baiting. Hard to beat the classic stren but can't go back to mono nowadays
  15. BassMagnet

    Tungsten Weights

    Might have to give them a try. I always thought it was just something the pros push for sales. It would have to be a big difference to justify the price!