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  1. put in at Carthage and went a few miles upstream, had some luck with the striper in the cuts and streams feeding into the river on rooster tails and spinner baits. water temp, 48 degrees air temp mid fifties.
  2. Thanks for the advice i decided to go with a 25 horse, the thing that really worrdied me was the gas. I like being able to fish all weekend on six gallons and i dont want to loose that.
  3. Its an older merc 35, The 18 does just fine on the boat in the smaller areas we go but actually trying to get anywhere takes FOREVER. I have four seats it the boat but right now i cant get on a plane with 4 people when we go out catfishing. Ive heard from my father in law that too much motor can cause the front end to "hop" from side to side.Has anyone heard about this?
  4. I got a 14' v hull jon boat that I have put front and rear casting decks in along with a livewell and some nice seats. Its great but the old johnson 18 horse i got strapped on the back is only pushing me to about 17 mph. Ive seen a 35 horse for sale in my price range but i dont know how much motor i could safely put on the back. Any advice?
  5. Thanks, good to be here. i Found this site while searching for other good fishing destinations around TN. I normally fish Percy Priest in the river section and the Caney fork river, i have tried center hill but without great results. This is the top site that comes up when i googled tn fishing destinations so hopefully i can find some new spots here.
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