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  1. Lews makes good reels! No one will argue with that. I have 5 or 6 and I'm very happy with all of them. I dont think you would go wrong with buying a lews reel, I'm not a fan of their rods tho. With that said, I really believe the Shimano SLX is the biggest bang for your buck at the $100 price point on the market today. The important Features (frame material, gear material, drag strength, ratio options, ect...)of both the LFS and SLX are about the same. Both produce excellent casting distance, are smooth and price on both is $100. The SLX has a centrifugal braking system rather than the magnetic one of the LFS. The advantage of a centrifugal brake over a magnetic one, is the centrifugal just flat out works better. That is, it helps prevent backlash better than magnetic. Some people find magnetic braking to be easier to adjust and have a hard time adjusting centrifugal brakes. Learning how to properly adjust your reel is a small price to pay for the exponentially better performance of centrifugal brakes over magnetic. Obviously, I'm a centrifugal braking guy, but if I was looking for a mag only reel, the LFS would be one of the top reels on my list.
  2. Ross, I own 6 spinning rods now! One of which is a shaky head set up. Anyone who knows me may have trouble believing what I just typed, but it's TRUE. Now, your probably never gonna hear me say I can't wait to throw a shaky head, drop shot, or drag a little keitech around, but they do have their place and time.
  3. Yes, you can catch fish shallow pretty much all year round, and no you dont have to fish in 800' with nanobaits to have success. Success is a relative term tho. To some that might mean 5 or 6 bites a day, to others that would mean having a competitive tournament bag. If your just looking to get bit and you want to only power fish shallow, I think you can do that on most days. But learning about finesse fishing in deeper water will help you be a better fisherman and more competitive in tournaments. If your just "fun fishing" go do what's fun for you.
  4. I dont know of anything on the market at this price point that will have such a instant positive impact to your fishing experience. IMO an ultrex is the biggest bang for your buck you can put on your boat.
  5. FOR SALE Pflueger Trion (round) casting reel 5.3:1 gear ratio-$30 in good used condition, some boat rash but all work as they should. NO trades, local pickup ONLY, PRICE is NOT NEGOTIABLE!
  6. The question would easier to understand in English,.... a 19' bass boat with a 200hp or 20'/225hp should run close too or above 70mph. A 20' or 21' w/250hp should run 75mph+ on the right water. Very few bass boats will break 80.The aforementioned conditions really dictate how fast you can/should go. A z20 hitting 73 is not bad at all. Hope this helps
  7. GlitterRocket


    Best fishing lights I've used.
  8. Yep, pretty common problem with older birds. Mine did the same thing. Bend the prongs on the power cord SLIGHTLY! To insure they are making contact at all times.
  9. Congratulations ya ole holebeater! This should be a very popular win.
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