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  1. GlitterRocket

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    Evergreen is made in Japan. It has to carry the z-man label in the USA for proprietary reasons...
  2. GlitterRocket

    Night time blades

    Word on the street is, a Shelly is a France...
  3. GlitterRocket

    Night time blades

    Diamond, Pickins, & France, in that order...
  4. GlitterRocket

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    Always more wind on the water! I went to Cherokee dam sat to see the spilling water. Stood on the dam and it was blowing a sustained 20-25, with gust around 40. Watched several boats coming down the lake having a rough time doing so. Nobody was headed up the lake in the 30 or so mins we were on the dam. Good thing too, I been there, speering waves in 40mph wind...NOT FUN! Its bad enough in daylight, you really wanna be in that at night? Unquestionably a good call on postponing it!
  5. GlitterRocket

    New to fishing in the area

    I'll take the dead of winter 1,000 to 1 over this summer time crap!
  6. GlitterRocket

    New Floater

    Congratulations on your new boat, hope she serves you well.
  7. GlitterRocket


    Its important to remember that deep cranking and shallow cranking are two very different things! Equipment, baits, boat position, and technique all change. One thing that imperative to both deep and shallow cranking is speed. When you find the right speed, things get a lot easier.
  8. GlitterRocket

    Best deep diveing cranking rod

    Denali lithium 7'11" med/hvy crankbait rod with a 5.6:1 BB1 with 10lb. Floro for 6xd size crankbait. Shimano crucial 7'11" med/hvy crankbait rod with a revo winch and 12lb. Floro for 8 and 10xds.
  9. GlitterRocket


    P-Line 100% floro is all i use, very few breakages.
  10. GlitterRocket

    Rain gear recommendation??

    My Sims contenders are dry and comfortable, block the wind great, and are warm enough for temps down to mid 30s. Any colder that that and I have to layer underneath. Heard a lot of good things bout the guide wear. 100mph and pro qualifier are both good too, but all 3 of those are too hot for high 30s or warmer, IMO.
  11. GlitterRocket

    TNBF #6 Cherokee Night

    GlitterRocket and BlindHawg
  12. GlitterRocket

    Triton vs. Nitro

    Doesn't the 189 come with a larger engine? Tonys trx18 came with a 200, and it's one awesome boat. Runs 70 with 2 people and water in the livewell, rockets outta the hole, has a wider front deck than my tr-21x (06') has, and drives like a go-cart. IMO, its gotta be the biggest bang for your buck out there. The only category that Nitro beats Triton is price....no brainer man...
  13. GlitterRocket


    Sorry, I read it backwards Dyslexia- 1 GlitterRocket-0
  14. GlitterRocket


    Why would not want to throw it in cold water temps?
  15. GlitterRocket


    Boat position! I see so many people waste 90% of their cast.