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  1. GlitterRocket

    TNBF #6 Cherokee Night

    GlitterRocket and BlindHawg
  2. GlitterRocket

    Triton vs. Nitro

    Doesn't the 189 come with a larger engine? Tonys trx18 came with a 200, and it's one awesome boat. Runs 70 with 2 people and water in the livewell, rockets outta the hole, has a wider front deck than my tr-21x (06') has, and drives like a go-cart. IMO, its gotta be the biggest bang for your buck out there. The only category that Nitro beats Triton is price....no brainer man...
  3. GlitterRocket


    Sorry, I read it backwards Dyslexia- 1 GlitterRocket-0
  4. GlitterRocket


    Why would not want to throw it in cold water temps?
  5. GlitterRocket


    Boat position! I see so many people waste 90% of their cast.
  6. GlitterRocket

    New boat

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0000AXNNA/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520990615&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=on+and+off+cleaner&dpPl=1&dpID=41w81NZVbNL&ref=plSrch best stuff I've found.
  7. GlitterRocket

    New boat

    Congratulations on your new boat. Was it stored in the water for an extended period of time? Lower unit looks pretty dirty...
  8. GlitterRocket

    Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Whats this "tourney season" you speak of?
  9. GlitterRocket

    TNBF #10 Cherokee

    Me and tony are in, also wanted to let everyone know that the thin red line club is going to extend their hrs to match ours, that way folks can fish both turnnys if they so choose. Just a reminder tho, if you plan on fishing both, you WILL need to blast off with whichever group goes LATER!!!
  10. GlitterRocket

    Black light help needed

    Prolly has an inline fusebox on the wires going to your jacks, id check and see if it has a fuse in it...
  11. GlitterRocket

    Black lights

    Save yourself wasted time and money, and get the Moonlights. Andy, is there a way we could consolidate all the recent "backlights" threads....
  12. GlitterRocket

    Fluorescent Line/Braid

    Why use a leader at all if your nite fishing? I use a braid/floro set up for a few different things, but they are all day time applications. Just wondering why ya would need it at nite?
  13. GlitterRocket

    Ready to go again

  14. GlitterRocket

    TNBF Event #6 Douglas Night

  15. GlitterRocket

    Black lights

    Moonlights, not the cheapest, but the best I've found. Best and cheap is a very rare combination...
  16. GlitterRocket

    Night time spinnerbaits

    And that's why you stay outta bass pro and buy local... Guys around here that make nite time spinnerbaits have put the thought and time on the water in for ya, they want you to catch fish. And if you catch fish you'll be back to buy more. their not just trying to make a sale with a flashy package.
  17. GlitterRocket

    Night time spinnerbaits

    Pickens is a elongated Colorado blade the France is a Indiana style blade with a ridge down the center. Both have somewhat of a cult following. You can get both along with the sampo swivels at toms. I think bucks -n- bass has pickens, and Watson's and just fishing both have the France blade.
  18. GlitterRocket

    Night time spinnerbaits

    There are a few things to think about when discussing the nite time spinnerbaits. First, its not a daytime spinnerbait. Not saying a NT blade won't catch em' in the day under certain conditions, like cold muddy water, but a true nite time blade is specialized for just that purpose. A lot goes into a good nite time spinnerbait. Just like any other bait, a good hook is a must, 5/0 gammy is a great choice IMO. Next is the wire, stainless wire last longer and doesn't rust, but steel wire catches more fish, piano wire works best IMO, also while we're on the subject of wire, the line tie is very important, a closed line tie is a MUST!!! A big SM will wreck a spinnerbait with a R-bend...whether you like a twisted eye or a safety pin eye is up to you but save yourself the trouble and aggravation, and ditch the R-bend. Skirts are more of a personal preference thing to me, lots of options, rubber, living rubber, silicon, even hair or feathers. I think most guys go with a silicon or rubber skirt. Now, to the heart of the matter, swivel and blade. Swivel, Sampo ball bearing, size is up to you most guys use a #1 or #2 but get a Sampo! Blades, again, ya got lots of options but the heart and soul of a night time spinnerbait is a thumping blade, so the willow leaf blade is out. Use Colorado or Indiana blades or a modified version of them. Most guys use France or Pickens blades around here, but is you can find the old diamond blades....buy them!!! A couple other things about nite time spinnerbaits, they are heavier than daytime blades (5/8 to 1,1/4 oz.)due to the way ya fish them....slow rolling on the bottom in most cases.in the daytime ya gonna throw a SB at a bush or tree, or something you either can see or know is there making relatively short cast. With a nite time blade ya gonna make long cast on flats, or points or parallel casts to stepper drop offs. Also, a lot of guys, myself included, have went to braid for Nite time blades, not because ya have a hard time feeling the bite, but because ya have much better feedback with braid. With mono I couldn't always feel what the bait was doing, if I was bumping the bottom or how fast the blade was turning. When I made the switch to braid I got bit a lot more cause I could feel exactly what my bait was doing. And i can tell ya I was going way too fast with mono. The braid made me slow down and that got me bit more, and the 6" hookset is nice too. Lastly, we live in the mecca of custom lure makers and there are guys around here that make awesome nite time spinnerbaits and even the best nite time blades at bass pro are horrible so buy from the guys that live here and make baits for here, it'll save you a lot of time, aggravation, and in most cases money too. Hope this helps
  19. Pearls and swine bereft of me
    Long and weary my road has been
    I was lost in the cities
    Alone in the hills
    No sorrow or pity for leaving I feel

    1. trackertxw175


      Last year I was bereft of the frog bite, this year I am the highway

  20. GlitterRocket

    Best Trolling Motor $600.00 or less

    If you can find a good used one you'll save a ton of money. Call around to the Marinas in the area.....lots of folks are upgradeing TMs right now and they gotta sell the old ones to somebody.... I once got $1,100 TM that was 3 years old for $200 from Watson's.....always some for sell on FB too
  21. Life it seems, will fade away
    Drifting further every day
    Getting lost within myself
    Nothing matters no one else

  22. In the deep dark hills of eastern Kentucky
    That's the place where I trace my bloodline
    And it's there I read on a hillside gravestone
    You will never leave Harlan alive

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    2. rusty50576


      My girlfriend has all 6 season of justified on DVD. If any of y'all are having withdrawals let me know 

    3. BulletDeuce


      Rusty-Netflix also has all of them as well.

    4. Stratos260


      The beginning of that song is the music that the Harlan County High School football team comes on the field to. It's a pretty cool intro. Right when he says alive they fire the cannon and the team comes out of the tunnel. The cannon was something they kept from the school I graduated from, Cumberland High School, when they combined all of the county schools.

  23. GlitterRocket

    BPS buying em all out it seems

    BPS is the Wal-Mart of the fishing world. I Don't go in there unless there's no other option and yes I wish they had not bought triton & stratos.
  24. I keep swinging my hand through a swarm of bees ‘cause I ...
    I want honey on my table

    1. Mountainman


      Did you know that song was written in protest to the "narcissistic" U.S. foreign relations policy? I was digging the tune when it came out & did a lil research on it. Apparently the lead singer of Thrice is a big time liberal. Lol. Still a killer song, tho.