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  1. Hoss

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    The Evergreens on Ebay for $10.99 are coming from Japan. Wonder if they are the real deal?
  2. Hoss

    Google earth

    I use Google earth to get the Long/Lat numbers and the manually enter them into a free program called EasyGPS. Once entered into that I can download them to an SD card and import them into my HDS Gen2 or 3. If its just one or two you can manually enter them into the HDS2 or 3. Hope this helps...
  3. Hoss

    Lowrance Hds Head unit

    Check BOE Marine also. They had some fantastic deals on a Gen 3 12"
  4. Hoss

    Triton vs. Nitro

    What I have found with the Nitros is that you have to look VERY carefully at what is included vs what you want....
  5. Hoss

    Mercury Motors

    Just got an email from Mercury and there will be an announcement on May 18th. No other info.
  6. Hoss

    Mercury Motors

    I had heard rumors that there will be an announcement/press release from Mercury later this month. Rumor is that the Verados will be replaced with a new V-8 4-stroke line that will handle the 250hp and above motors. Only time will tell but I do believe the 2-strokes are soon to be history (I heard that 2019 will be the last year). Aren't rumors fun? Keeps everyone guessing.
  7. Hoss

    Enigma rods

    I have about 8 of them and absolutely love them.
  8. Hoss


    I've been using AMSOIL products on my Diesel Pickups and Harley for MANY years and love it.... Have not used it on the boat because the motor is still under warranty. You can become a preferred customer on the AMSOIL website ($25/year) and you get 25% off the price of their products.
  9. I have fished in A LOT of heavy downpours and all day rains. The HDS Gen 1 units on my last boat and the HDS Gen 2 Touch units on my current boat have never had an issue with water. I did have an older Lowrance 420 that had a issue with the keypad getting water in it. As was said before, anyone can get a lemon but that is what a warranty is for and if this was a major problem then Lowrance would not be able to give them away.
  10. Hoss

    New Bird

    Looks very familiar.....You will love it...
  11. Hoss

    Tungsten Weights

    There are some very good places to buy Tungsten weights on the internet and Bass Pro in NOT one of them.... Pro Tungsten, Alleys, Dominator are just a couple. I find it really hard to use lead weights for t-rig anymore because the feel is so much better.
  12. I hit the "Stop Sonar" button before I pull the TM and move. I have fished in A LOT of heavy rain and have not had a problem with HDS units on my Triton or my Touch units on my Phoenix. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  13. Hoss

    Best casting reel under $200

    Abu STX ($199) and SX ($159) are my favorites by far. I do have one Lews and it is a good reel.
  14. I was running the cocktail in my last boat and it helped a lot...... I switched to Star-tron and saw NO DIFFERENCE between the two.....there was no carbon build-up on the prop and the motor ran just fine. Star-tron is is cheaper and works but the cocktail also works just fine too as did the previous cocktail that used to be recommended. Down in FL I idle A LOT thru canals and shallow grass fields and my prop looks like it just came out of the box minus some sand scratches.... LOL I will periodically add the oil to the fuel just to keep the direct injectors lubed. That had been recommended a few years ago by another mechanic.
  15. Hoss


    A 6.4 is a good all around choice. You can always crank slower if you want to slow down the retrieve but speeding up is a lot harder to do.....