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  1. bfish

    Where to buy?

    If you can't find a local dealer to demo, you might want to consider Appomattox. About 4 hours away and I can't think of a brand that they don't carry. They have huge demo days. Not only are they the largest dealer on the east coast but their staff are very well versed in kayak fishing. I have bought several kayaks, and lots of gear from them. Paddleva dot com
  2. bfish

    douglas smallmouth change

    I like yanking them off the beds...geez why June 15?
  3. bfish

    buffaloe river

    Conditions will depend on flow. USGS has gages. It is private, plan on camping out at the canoe companies. Most will run you upstream and let you float to their property and camp. A few will have places to overnight early and late in the season. Normal smallmouth techniques work well on the Buffalo. It is mostly clear water so long cast and clear/thin line help. Duck and Harpeth are other rivers consider.
  4. bfish

    Storing equipment during the winter

    Yup, put me in the fish year around catogory. Besides my boats stays in the garage (which doesn't dip below 50).
  5. bfish

    SPRO Deep Divers vs Strike King 6XD

    The DD little John are more for suspended fish rather than bottom bouncing like the SK6xd. If you want a Spro to bottom bounce look at the fat papa lineup.
  6. bfish

    Question about thermoclines

    Fish 9 ft down
  7. bfish

    Trolling in Bass Tournaments

    Trolling is allowed for walleye, crappie, and striped bass tournaments, so why not bass?
  8. bfish

    Jig skirts

    livingrubber is another good one.
  9. bfish

    Utilmate Bunk Boards Does anyone use them

    The two guys I know that have them, have been very well pleased. They have about 5 years on them.
  10. bfish

    Keeping Fishing Line in Frig

    Heat and ozone break down mono/flouro. A rubbermaid container works just fine for me.
  11. bfish

    Never, Ever, Ever....

    That is a good reason not to use a leader.
  12. bfish

    River fishing in a Kayak

    Hey smoke, next time I am up there I can bring my 119. It is forsale by the way. It would be okay for paddle-ups but I think you will like the speed of the MR14 better if your going all the way down.