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  1. Instinct Lures....TN Rig=AWESOME

    Hmmmm and has the nerve to bash someone's ethics?
  2. Anybody see some of the linkers weighed in today at elite series weigh in? WOW!

  3. Instinct Lures....TN Rig=AWESOME

    Thx 95Nitro on the cooking tip...I will have to try that! Thanks Joe for the explanation.
  4. Instinct Lures....TN Rig=AWESOME

    Like I said...never had a day like that. Needed meat for the freezer. Any other day I would put the moms back but not that day. I don't think 5 will hurt population too bad.
  5. Instinct Lures....TN Rig=AWESOME

    Joe P....why? Cause they catch fish? Or you prefer one bait per line? Just curious? I don't tourney fish by the way.
  6. Instinct Lures....TN Rig=AWESOME

    I went fishing on the TN River yesterday and used my new TN RIG made by Instinct Lures and had the best day of my life! I has my limit an an hour. 24 lbs of fish with one double which were both keepers! I want to give JJ Coolins a big shout out for making and selling these rigs at half the price of everyone else! $10 each plus shipping. You can't beat that! Here are somne pics from yesterday! Thank you Jesus! Tom