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  1. /\ I've always heard the same. If the oil pump goes out, then you have a blown motor, the premix prevents that.
  2. I use both quite a bit, it all depends on how you're going to fish. If you're beating the banks primarily bass fishing stay with a cable steer, if you're going to use it to troll, use an electric. I had a 14 footer for a long time with a cable steer and it doesn't take up much space when it is deployed.
  3. I use the checker board looking cube storage units that walmart carries, they work great
  4. I have the Hook 7 witch is about the same unit, i really like mine for the price. It damiki fishes well and has fairly clear down imaging
  5. 12 lbs if they pull some water on Saturday, been out twice the past two days, it's tough already, but hopefully someone will get find a few decent fish.
  6. I have a punisher blacklight and a moonlight, I like both but the punisher is a little brighter.
  7. I've always used a simple split shot rig or a drop shot rig and had good luck
  8. Does anyone know of a good reel mechanic for shimano reels? Thanks
  9. I wonder if it includes downscan?
  10. Hello Im new to the site and curious what it has to offer. Im free to post on any reports i may have as well, thanks and see you on the water
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