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  1. Thanks for same day tx results ..tough fishing day ...but good to see you guys 👍
  2. Need to get some fishing jerseys orders for next year....who is in??
  3. I would be hacked if I catch 5 fish ..haven't been down there in a long time....lol I have been used to catching 4 -5 lb smallmouth in river..now going back to 1.5 lb largemouth.
  4. Alumacraft 09 An cheetah 166 will try to make a appearance at this one hopefully
  5. Nice!!! I have been looking at bps yaks are they OK?
  6. Going to try to make this one. ..will need help loading an unloading boat.. finding fish, an 5 lb lead an hour head start..lol
  7. Merry christmas to all of you , Hopefully be back on the TNBF fishing trail next year .

    1. trackertxw175


      Team Carphunter was missed. merry Christmas

    2. Mountainman
    3. BulletDeuce


      Glad to see you back Carp King.

  8. good luck to all of you fishing tx, be safe out there

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