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  1. What color are the spooks?
  2. Both are great jerkbaits, but I prefer the megabass over the lucky craft. The 110 fx is a great shallow suspending jerkbait while the 110+1 is an excellent deeper suspending jerkbait. The other 110 models will either float up slowly or sink slowly.
  3. I bought this net at academy and love it. Its not too expensive. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/h2o-xpress™-20-x-mesh-guard-landing-net#repChildCatid=3814578
  4. An article from zona about zebra mussels and gobies for smallmouth https://www.bassmaster.com/mark-zona/zebras-gobies-and-science-fiction-smallmouth
  5. I use 10lb power pro yellow on majority of my spinning reels. I used for shakyheads, dropshots, grubs, damiki, and swimbaits. Shakyhead and swimbaits ill use 8-10 lb flouro leaders with 6lb on everything else.
  6. I have used it to throw dropshots, t rigs, swimbaits, senkos, and shakey heads up 1/2 oz. Ive thought about using it for cranking but haven't tried it yet.
  7. I started using braid with fluorocarbon leaders a little over a year ago and have only used the alberto knot. I used 10-15 lb braid with 6-10 lb fluorocarbon leaders ranging from 6-15 ft leaders. IMO the braid to flouro leader saves money and will cast farther. I only had to respool my reels twice last year, where I would normally respool every month with straight fluorocarbon or mono.
  8. Mine would have to be the ole reliable roboworm.
  9. Have you tried seaguar red label? Ive used their flourocarbon from 6-15lb and havent had any issues with it. Ive used it for the past year and a half. Its 10.99 a spool of 200-250 yds depending lb of test you get.
  10. +1 pop r. You can do everything with it.
  11. I bought a 7' medium veritas winch series rod to throw sqaurebills on a year ago and I love it. I can bang the 1.5 and 2.5 off the trees and rocks and have no problem with hook ups or getting fish out of trees.
  12. The spots in georgia and alabama are mainly coosa spotted bass while the spots here are kentucky spotted bass. The coosa's grow larger than our kentucky spots.
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