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  1. I would like to try them, but i have thrown a ton of swimbaits in east tn, & had very little success. This super clear water really lets them get a good look at a bait. I have caught a ton of smallmouth on smaller swimbaits tho.
  2. brwnbass

    Producto worms

    Ebay has them, & Manns jelly worms too.
  3. Gonna go give it a try tonight for the 1st time in 3 months......

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    2. trackertxw175
    3. Buckeye83


      Good luck. Hope you catch a bunch!!!

    4. 31Airborne


      You geaux, dood.  Catch'em up good, partner.

      I got out this AM for a couple hours.  Shoulder is coming around - casting, hooksets, etc all working pain-free.  Looking forward to fall.

  4. The casting defect was on the top end of the engine, caused a pretty bad oil leak. I was just commenting on their poor quality control. Mercury actually wanted the dealers to silicon the hole up & send them back out as repaired.
  5. That sucks. Hope you get it fixed quick. I saw a youtube video about a quality control issue with mercs on tracker boats not too long ago. They had a casting defect that caused a major oil leak. They wouldn't allow the dealers to pull parts from other engines to fix it either, had a 4 month wait on new parts, because they were behind on production. Factory customer service sucks from them. Several people commented that they had the same problem.
  6. Sounds like a good day. Im gonna have to try some shellcrackers, i here they are really good to eat. And they get big on norris too, like 3lbs+.
  7. Or all that bullsheet.......😂
  8. Wow. Just can't fix stupid.....
  9. And the hits just keep comin' MAGA2020!

    1. 31Airborne


      It'll be as entertaining watching/listening to the democrats pouring over the Mueller info in the coming weeks.  There'll be spin after spin and the same result will come forward - just isn't any there there.  Even Pelosi said it was time to move on, probably the smartest thing she's ever said.

      The economy is rocking (still), there's movement on border security, and some progress on things in Asia.  Not a bad platform to run on for re-election.  Only thing missing is healthcare - I, for one, believe we oughta have something in place but I'm not smart enuff to suggest what it might be.  If the administration can come up w/ something smart they're locked in.

  10. It is "illegal" to build any kind of structure on tva lakes without their permission. But i've built multiple rock piles on norris & we used to hang large cedar trees off the corners of our housboat. We would put 25' tall trees on ropes & weight the tops so they hung upside down, over about 55' of water. They were crappie magnets. Twra collects Xmas trees every year & builds brush piles on norris. They mark them with big buoys sometimes. There are alot of them, along with the igloos & spawning 'benches' for smallmouth.
  11. That probably would have killed a lesser man....😛
  12. I have both colors. Flash bass & flash shad.
  13. You nailed it. Lol. Want a Zell Rowland 3 hook zara spook? I have probably 10. They haven't been made since the mid 90's i think.
  14. Well i hate to be the type person who gets people hooked on stuff, but, Ebay has more good deals on fishing gear than you have ever seen your damn life. And there are lures that you've never seen or heard of. A couple weeks ago i found a japanese tackle supplier selling megabass vision 110s for $14 each, plus $6.80 shipping. Thats a couple bucks cheaper than most that are in the $22-25 range with free shipping. But when you buy 2 or 3 & they only charge $.50 for the additional shipping, then its a smokin deal. I got 3, with shipping for less than $50. So i basically got 1 free. I get 20 packs of mustad ewg trebles for $5 to $7 a pack. Lots more good deals on there once you learn how to look for stuff.
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