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  1. brwnbass

    Rusty hooks

    You can get mustad kvd triple grip hooks fairly cheap on ebay. These aren't the ultra points, but they are pretty dang sharp. They have short & regular shank. I recommend the 2 x short 1 x strong ewg for cranks. Look up bellator tackle store on ebay. They have 20 to 25 packs for $5 to $8 depending on size. I just looked them up & they have 25 #6 for $3.90.
  2. brwnbass

    Crappie Fishing

    Light wire hook, med size split shot. 6lb line, minnows. Try to find brush in the 20 to 40' range. Crappie are up biters, so if you mark them at 25', drop your bait to 20 or so, because they usually won't go down to get it, but they will come up. Watch your line close, crappie will often bite & sit still & the only thing you will see is slight slack in the line. Don't waste too much time in one spot, if you don't get bit in 15 or 20 mins, move on.
  3. brwnbass


    I haven't had any problems with P-line. But i use the cheap stuff (C-21 $5- $6 a 300yd spool ). Its a copolymer line, is very strong, fairly abrasion resistant & clear. Doesn't have a bad memory ( works ok on spinning reels) that i have seen. I use a ton of line on my cranking rods, so it would be expensive for me to use $10 a spool line, not to mention $20 floro. I use 10lb for crankin, 15 for jigs/worms & 20 for flippin. Have had very little break offs that weren't my fault.
  4. brwnbass

    Jig pouring

    Not trying to take business away from anybody, but ebay is the place to get jig, spinnerbait & buzzbait stuff. If you aren't in a hurry, you can usually surf around on there thru the week & find smokin deals. But it takes time. Last month i found a place that had gamakatsu hooks, 5 packs of 5 for 5.99, free shipping. They also had a couple of different sizes of the bulk packs of 25. 2 packs for 11 bucks, free ship. Can't beat it.
  5. brwnbass


    I agree with everything you said, but i will add some to it. Chartreuse is a good color in any water color or clarity. Don't just use deep crankbaits for deep cranking. I will throw a 6XD in 5' or less. It makes them run very erratic & stir up a bunch of junk. They also deflect esp well in shallower water. Both of which can get a ton of bites.
  6. brwnbass

    Pencil popper

    That's waaayyyy more information than i needed. And now we all know where your nickname comes from. Sorry, but you walked right into that one, lol. I'd say you feel much better now tho, since you are officially "out of the closet". Lmao.
  7. brwnbass

    Pencil popper

    Has anybody got into these things yet? Its an old school striper/saltwater topwater lure that has been downsized a bit for bass. It has a different action to it than a spook or popper type bait. It pivots more on its tail & the cupped mouth spits a good amount of water. I bought several of them to try out over the winter. Im just now starting to use them & already catching fish. I like the ima little stik 135 & the evergreen shower blows 125 alot. The evergreen is tough to find in very many colors, but the emerald shiner isn't bad & thats what most people still have. Give them a try, they have a different look & seem to work well.
  8. brwnbass


  9. brwnbass


    I use the cheap pline copolymer. Its 5 bucks for a 300yd spool. Its strong & fairly abrasion resistant. But i go thru alot of line cranking. I retie every 10 or so casts whether it needs it, or knot, and definitely after every fish or hang up.
  10. brwnbass

    Bladed jigs

    I like the project z bait the best so far. Haven't tried the evergreen/zman sledge hammer yet tho, 15 bucks is a little high for me to pay for it. I like to throw it in late summer/fall all the way thru spring. It works good in fall in the dingy water, back in creeks. I use white/shad colors & bluegill colors.
  11. brwnbass

    Bladed jigs

    Its a bait thats made to fish slow, and in cooler water. Early spring when fish are staging up to spawn is when it shines.
  12. brwnbass


    Well you can use a broom stick & it will work. But a nice crankbait rod has many things going for it. Easier to cast & retrieve baits with, better to retrieve crankbaits because it "loads up" & allows the bait to deflect off cover much better, whitch is where 75% of your bites come from. Easier on your arm & shoulder by being light & flexible, & better to hook fish with & keep them hooked.
  13. brwnbass


    Sometimes they just won't bite a crankbait, because they aren't in a chasing mood. They will only bite something that stays in their area too long. Crankbaits tend to pass by quickly. This is why i have taught myself to "drag" a crankbait. Pull it so slow that it nearly floats up or quits wiggling. I pull it with the rod alot, a few inches at a time & have actually felt the bait hit fish, feel them move out of the way of the bait, & then come back & bite it.
  14. brwnbass

    Cold muddy water

    With rising, cold, dirty water, there are no answers. Best bet is to fish where the fish were holding before the rising water. They usually won't move up until the water level stabilizes. That usually means a jig or worm, deep & painfully slow. Or you can go extreme & throw the biggest loudest crankbait you have & try to get some shock bites. Sometimes it works. Something like a manns loudmouth or 3/4 oz rattletrap. Big colorado blade spinnerbait. Keep moving around. Find the warmest water you can.
  15. brwnbass

    Bobcat Bumpkin Lures

    James makes an excellent jig. I have used them alot. I highly recommend him. 👍😁