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  1. Swimbaits

    Reaction Innovations skinny dipper for me. Caught a ton of big smallmouth on a 5" white trash. Big bite baits makes a knock off of the dipper & i have caught a bunch of fish on it too. They also make a hollow style that works good. It is almost identical to the zoom. One thing that sticks out to me is the lack of largemouth i catch on swimbaits. Ive thrown them alot too. All different kinds & sizes. Barely caught any Lm. Except for one technique that i use at night that sometimes loads the boat on Lm or sm. But the rest of the time i get nothing as far as Lm go.
  2. Damiki Technique

    I have found i get more bites on a smoke (natural shad) colored yamamoto shad shape worm than i do a damiki. You can also take the jighead out of the equation & do a drop shot. Some days it works better.
  3. New to me!!!

    That's awesome. Congrats. 68 in a ranger? Thats like sitting on the couch watching tv. Lol. Try 75 in a 17' bullet. I heard it was a bowling ball....
  4. Jon boats

    Ive been thinking of doing the jon boat thing for awhile. Been looking for a 1672 to convert. I was thinking a 90 qt cooler would work well with a good air pump.
  5. Shaky head

    8 or 10lb line, 3/16 or 1/4 oz head. I used to throw it ALOT & have caught a metric ton of bass on it. There are times when its hard to beat. I have all but quit using it lately tho, seems like i can't get many bites on it anymore. Berkley quit making my favorite worm to throw on it, the 7" power shakey worm. Green pumpkin or blue fleck.
  6. Ned Rig

    Yea thats it. I would cut it down to about 2" & put it on a spot remover head. It was one of those last resort type things to try & get a bite. It is a pain in the azz to get it screwed on that keeper, but it won't come off for nothing when you do. Only time i have EVER caught fish on that junk too, and i had a bunch of it. Worms, senkos, grubs & flukes. Can't remember ever catching anything on it, except the " ned rigged " stuff.
  7. Ned Rig

    Well they stole my idea. I have been throwing the tail of a senko on a spot remover head for 8 yrs or longer. It is good on cold water smallmouth & spots. Strike king used to make a bait like a senko, but it was made of elaztech, real stretchy & buoyant like the z man junk. You could fish 1 worm all day.
  8. Gloves

    I have the Bps 100mph jacket & love it. Ive had mine for about 5 yrs now & the only complaint i have is the damn hood won't stay zipped onto the jacket. Other than that, its awesome. They tend to run on the large side, whitch is good for layering. It is still pretty waterproof & is absolutely windproof, even at 70 mph in winter running down the lake for 30 mins. I have never been able to do gloves, but after last winter i'm gonna have to find something.
  9. Fall

    Buzzbait ((( or some form of topwater))), crankbait, 10" worm, biffle head.
  10. Stan Sloan's Bait Co.

    The old stan sloan baits were good quality. And the old black lights were good too. Don't know about any of the new stuff, almost all the local bait stores that carried it have closed, so i haven't bought anything in years.
  11. Tshirts for Sale

    Linky no worky.......
  12. Jika? Rig

    There are some videos on youtube about it with some good under water views. It has a more lively action to it than a biffle head or jig. That drop weight makes it fall more vertical than the other 2. I rigged mine with a split ring for the weight & a snap for the line tie.
  13. Jika? Rig

    Most likely you cast it & reel it in. ??
  14. Jika? Rig

    Yea it does kinda resemble a biffle head, & that has become one of my favorite rigs to throw. Im gonna give it a go.
  15. Gonna be some sore lip bass in steel creek lake tonight......