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  1. brwnbass

    Mega bass vs lucky craft jerk baits

    They can make a big difference. Esp in real cold water. I've got on a crankbait bite by stalling it out after hitting rock or wood. Having the bait hover or slowly rise after deflecting off cover was the difference. I was using a squarebill crankbait & had gotten a couple bites on the pause, so i put a larger hook on the front & 3 dots. Ended up catching 5 after modifying it, & they were eating it whole, not nipping like before. I like both megabass & Lc jerks. Another i like is the Duo realis, its a nice looking bait & catches fish. On a side note, there is a seller on ebay selling megabass 110s for $14. The catch is, $6.80 shipping. He is still cheaper than everybody else tho, esp if you buy more than 1.
  2. brwnbass

    TNBF #10 Cherokee Results

    Good job Ross! There's a statement involving a canines back half & the angle of the sun, but i can't remember how it goes.....Lol.😜
  3. brwnbass

    Top Water, then what?...

    The falling water & temps should get them feeding up soon.
  4. brwnbass

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    Its the original, made by evergreen. Zman sells the jack hammer under their brand, but it's coming from Japan no matter where you get it. I don't usually throw the chatterbait until late fall, when the water gets in the 50's. I like to throw it back in the creeks & on flats. I use bluegill colors, a small swimbait trailer, & throw it in stained water whenever possible. Ive caught 5lb + fish from norris, cherokee, douglas & loudon on it, it works everywhere.
  5. brwnbass

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    Anybody use an evergreen jack hammer chatterbait? I found them on ebay for 10.99 & ordered a couple. I know they've been out awhile, but i wasn't feeling the $15+ price tag. Search evergreen jack hammer on ebay, hit the filter tab on the top left, check lowest price + shipping & it should pop up.
  6. brwnbass

    Top Water, then what?...

    Go find your nearest creek arm, or go upstream towards the river that feeds the lake. The topwater bite usually starts there. Try a buzzbait or whopper plopper. They will let you know pretty quick which one they prefer. If they are really shallow, you may have to go to a frog & throw it on the bank, then ease it in the water to avoid spooking them. The frog is a very subtle topwater bait & works good in shallow water. Like B said, if they won't bite topwater or the bite fades, the fluke is a good way to catch some more. I like to use bright colors ( chart, pink,white) so that i can see my bait on a long cast. I throw the fluke on 20lb braid with no leader, so i can get it waayy out there. I throw the frog on 30lb braid, unless its around grass. 14lb mono or 30 lb braid for the rest.
  7. brwnbass

    Siebert Outdoors Jigs

    Nice jigs. I like the option for a wire tied skirt.
  8. brwnbass

    Whopper Plopper 75

    Yes. I have modified my buzzbaits for years to make them squeak more/louder. I started building my own buzzbaits about 2 years ago & using some brass blades & they squeak real good once they get broke in.
  9. brwnbass

    Whopper Plopper 75

    Got 2 of these from tackle warehouse, & i think they have a winner. It works much better than the 90. Its shorter than the 90 but much fatter. I put bigger hooks on mine & it still floats & comes thru the water good. Had several blow ups & caught a 3lber on the first trip with it. Hook up ratio wasn't good, it seemed like the couldn't suck it down from behind. I will have to experiment with it some more, but it gets the bites fo sho!
  10. brwnbass

    Rain gear recommendation??

    The bps 100mph is awesome for cold weather. It will keep you dry in warm weather too, but you'll be sweating on the inside. I have a walls 10x light jacket that was great about 10 yrs ago, but after being worn & washed for that long, its not waterproof anymore. But i would recommend it if you can find it. Not sure they still make it. Got mine at hammers for $20.
  11. brwnbass

    Strike king bull worm

    I throw a 10 power worm & zoom ol monster alot. This thing is quite a bit larger than that. A power worm is flat on 2 sides, its wide but not thick. I use a 5/0 for the power worm with no problem. I ordered some 7/0 gamakatsu hybrid g finesse worm hooks, we'll see how it goes.
  12. brwnbass

    Strike king bull worm

    I found a good deal on ebay for the plum 10" bull worm. $7.30 for 2 packs. Country Sportsman has them. That being said, i ordered some last week & got them yesterday. Damn these things are HUGE. I throw a big worm alot, but these things are waaay bigger than anything else i use. Gonna have to get some hooks to go with them. What size is recommend for these beasts? Im thinking a 7/0 ewg (which i hate) or more.
  13. brwnbass

    Tokyo rig???

    You can drag it, swim it or stroke it. I use a 3/8 oz drop shot weight in spring during the shad spawn. Sometimes stroking a swimbait ( big bite 4" cane thumper)on this rig at night is lights out.
  14. brwnbass

    Co-poylomer line?

    I use p-line C21 clear copolymer for almost everything. Its cheap, very strong & fairly abraision resistant. Tackle warehouse has bulk spools of 750 to 900yds for 7.99 to 8.99. Can't beat it. A 300yd spool is $4.99 most places. Only thing i don't use it for is topwater & heavy duty flipping. I do use the 20lb for flipping in clear water tho. Been using it for 5+ yrs with no complaints.
  15. brwnbass

    River fishing

    Dude, fish the eddys with a med size swimbait ( keitech 3.3 or 3.8) on a 1/4 or 3/8 oz head. Get downstream of the eddy, & cast across it. Let your bait sweep downstream, & keep it off the bottom. The fish will lay in the seam between the fast water & the slack water. They will dart out & grab stuff being swept by. Keep your line tight, but don't reel it too much, just let it ride. I've caught some nice fish below douglas like this.