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  1. I have a shimano crucial rod for sale. I bought it 2 years ago thinking i would use it but never have. It still has plastic on the handles. Its a 7'11" heavy / fast action. 2-5oz lure. Its a very nice rod, very light for its size. This rod was $260 retail. Asking $150.
  2. I find that i get my texas rigged stuff back alot more with tungsten now, versus lead. It seems to get unstuck alot easier.
  3. I only use tungsten weights now. Found several places online that have them for very reasonable prices. OMF fishing sinkers, joy fish & real deal tungsten. All are chinese made, but all of the rest probably are too.
  4. Ive been using P-line tactical this winter & it is working out well so far, about 5 trips with it throwing small baits. One tip that will help you, take your spinning rods, cut the bait off & let about half or so of your line out as you idle or troll along. The faster you go the more tension you put on the line & the better it packs on the spool & it also takes the twist out. Do this once a day, at the beginning or end & it will help alot.
  5. This place is a ghost town....

    1. trackertxw175


      No live chat to get in trouble anymore Jay 😂

    2. brwnbass


      I don't know what you are talking about.....lol.

    3. rusty50576


      We need you to fish the shad spawn again this year and post about it 

  6. I have 5 1984 Zell Rowland 3 hook zara spooks for sale as a lot. 3 flash bass 2 flash shad. 1 bass is still in package. $125 firm. Meet in or near Knoxville.
  7. Loudon/Tellico are good lakes. Both have potential for big fish. Loudon is a navigation channel for barges & whatnot. Water doesn't fluctuate much there. But it is a current dependent lake. There is alot of flow thru there, & the bite depends on it. Its a Tennessee river impoundment, so offshore channels, points & ledges are key in summer. It has a huge forage base, threadfin, gizzard shad, crappie, perch, bluegill ect. It has largemouth, smallmouth, spotted & striped bass in it. Twra stocked Fla strain Lm in it some years ago, not sure how they are doing.
  8. I flip with 65# braid mostly. Sometimes 20# floro. I throw topwater on 30 or 40# seaguar smackdown. Stuff is great for that. Super limp & castable.
  9. Lews is hard to beat. Very compact & fairly light. The $99 lfs model is a nice little reel for the price. So is the Bass pro shops pro qualifier 2.
  10. Yep, place is full of bass.
  11. Use braid or heavy floro for flipping. Mono/copoly for cranking & topwater. Copoly for worms/jigs. Straight floro for dropshot / finesse stuff. I do throw a spook & a frog on straight braid tho. Makes it easy to work them on long casts.
  12. The plopper bite is about to get going soon. When the winter draw down starts, they'll start biting it more & more. They are good because you cover alot of water when throwing one. I think i have about 20 of them in different sizes & models. I like the berkley choppo quite well.
  13. Ask Ott Defoe about the river fishing... He had a custom tunnel hull boat built just for it.
  14. brwnbass

    Phenix rods?

    Id hate to know what one of those cost. I know a swimbait or glidebait that size is usually well over $100, or mo100, Crazy. I have 1 megabass I-slide 135 that i got off ebay for about $20, lightly used, its a $50 bait & the most expensive lure i own.
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