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  1. This place is a ghost town....

    1. trackertxw175


      No live chat to get in trouble anymore Jay 😂

    2. brwnbass


      I don't know what you are talking about.....lol.

    3. rusty50576


      We need you to fish the shad spawn again this year and post about it 

  2. Gonna go give it a try tonight for the 1st time in 3 months......

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    2. trackertxw175
    3. Buckeye83


      Good luck. Hope you catch a bunch!!!

    4. 31Airborne


      You geaux, dood.  Catch'em up good, partner.

      I got out this AM for a couple hours.  Shoulder is coming around - casting, hooksets, etc all working pain-free.  Looking forward to fall.

  3. And the hits just keep comin' MAGA2020!

    1. 31Airborne


      It'll be as entertaining watching/listening to the democrats pouring over the Mueller info in the coming weeks.  There'll be spin after spin and the same result will come forward - just isn't any there there.  Even Pelosi said it was time to move on, probably the smartest thing she's ever said.

      The economy is rocking (still), there's movement on border security, and some progress on things in Asia.  Not a bad platform to run on for re-election.  Only thing missing is healthcare - I, for one, believe we oughta have something in place but I'm not smart enuff to suggest what it might be.  If the administration can come up w/ something smart they're locked in.

  4. Gonna be some sore lip bass in steel creek lake tonight......

  5. Wow.......this place is jumpin'. Lol.

    1. trackertxw175


      First cold snap will drive them back in lol

    2. SteveHTN
  6. $1000 to win Saturday night. Norris lake, brogans free launch. 7Pm -3am. $85 a boat. 

    1. whj812


      You fishing it?  I wont have my boat finished by then :(

  7. Norris gettin HOT!

  8. Goin to the big D for some bank fishin tonite around the dam. Hopefully another Russian rocket doesn't fall out of the sky on me. Lol. 

  9. Good thing hateraide & crow go well together........

  10. Fixin to head towards dandridge!!!!!!!

  11. HOLLA AT ME SPOOKMAN..........

  12. Sucks to lose by less than an ounce...........

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