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  1. I only use tungsten weights now. Found several places online that have them for very reasonable prices. OMF fishing sinkers, joy fish & real deal tungsten. All are chinese made, but all of the rest probably are too. 

  2. Ive been using P-line tactical this winter & it is working out well so far, about 5 trips with it throwing small baits. One tip that will help you, take your spinning rods, cut the bait off & let about half or so of your line out as you idle or troll along. The faster you go the more tension you put on the line & the better it packs on the spool & it also takes the twist out. Do this once a day, at the beginning or end & it will help alot.

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  3. Loudon/Tellico are good lakes. Both have potential for big fish. Loudon is a navigation channel for barges & whatnot. Water doesn't fluctuate much there. But it is a current dependent lake. There is alot of flow thru there, & the bite depends on it. Its a Tennessee river impoundment, so offshore channels, points & ledges are key in summer. It has a huge forage base, threadfin, gizzard shad, crappie, perch, bluegill ect. It has largemouth, smallmouth, spotted & striped bass in it. Twra stocked Fla strain Lm in it some years ago, not sure how they are doing. 

  4. The plopper bite is about to get going soon. When the winter draw down starts, they'll start biting it more & more. They are good because you cover alot of water when throwing one. I think i have about 20 of them in different sizes & models. I like the berkley choppo quite well. 

  5. On 1/24/2020 at 3:03 PM, bronzebackhuntr said:

    A lot of the big swimbait guys swear by them as they’re one of the few companies that make a rod that can truly throw a 10oz bait. 

    Id hate to know what one of those cost. I know a swimbait or glidebait that size is usually well over $100, or mo100, Crazy. I have 1 megabass I-slide 135 that i got off ebay for about $20, lightly used, its a $50 bait & the most expensive lure i own.

  6. Those look great. Glad to hear somebody got their stuff done right & for a reasonable price & timeframe. Ive had 2 friends that got screwed bad. 1 waited a yr to get his boat back, after taking it for carpet & seat redo. Another has been to 2 different places with his deck boat, spent a yr in one shop for seats. Got it back & the next yr took it to a different guy for carpet, outdrive seal & some other seats recovered. He went & picked it up after over 2 yrs, in a millon pieces, outdrive laying on the deck. Seats stripped bare, carpet laying rolled up in the floor. Guy that started it got put in jail. Boat is still sitting in pieces. 

  7. On 10/22/2019 at 2:58 PM, SteveHTN said:

    You fishing, or training for World’s Strongest Man? LOL. That’s gonna get you a heckuva workout

    Nah. I've got a 7-11" shimano crucial flippin stick that makes 4oz swimbaits feel like a shad rap. Lol.

  8. Ive.heard of people putting weird stuff on a c-rig before, like crank baits & jerkbaits. Ive came up with a new twist. Im gonna try an a-rig with 5 lizards, or worms ect. I plan on varying the length of the leaders & putting different colors on each one to see what the fish like best. I could even go with 5 different baits, 1 worm, 1 lizard, 1 fluke, 1 beaver & 1 swimbait. That would have to increase my odds of getting bit. 😂

  9. 8 hours ago, 31Airborne said:

    painful as this has been there's a bit of good news - a plug backing out is way easier to manage than a casting problem.  human error, not mechanical.  gotta love those warranties.  glad you're back in business.

    The casting defect was on the top end of the engine, caused a pretty bad oil leak. I was just commenting on their poor quality control. Mercury actually wanted the dealers to silicon the hole up & send them back out as repaired.

  10. That sucks. Hope you get it fixed quick. I saw a youtube video about a quality control issue with mercs on tracker boats not too long ago. They had a casting defect that caused a major oil leak. They wouldn't allow the dealers to pull parts from other engines to fix it either, had a 4 month wait on new parts, because they were behind on production. Factory customer service sucks from them. Several people commented that they had the same problem. 

  11. On 4/4/2019 at 12:51 PM, rusty50576 said:

    The melon head struggle is real fellers. I have to button one size fits all hats on the very last button and some I can’t button . I tell people my head has to be huge to contain all that knowledge ..........

    Or all that bullsheet.......😂

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