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  1. Sounds like a good day. Im gonna have to try some shellcrackers, i here they are really good to eat. And they get big on norris too, like 3lbs+.
  2. Or all that bullsheet.......😂
  3. And the hits just keep comin' MAGA2020!

    1. 31Airborne


      It'll be as entertaining watching/listening to the democrats pouring over the Mueller info in the coming weeks.  There'll be spin after spin and the same result will come forward - just isn't any there there.  Even Pelosi said it was time to move on, probably the smartest thing she's ever said.

      The economy is rocking (still), there's movement on border security, and some progress on things in Asia.  Not a bad platform to run on for re-election.  Only thing missing is healthcare - I, for one, believe we oughta have something in place but I'm not smart enuff to suggest what it might be.  If the administration can come up w/ something smart they're locked in.

  4. It is "illegal" to build any kind of structure on tva lakes without their permission. But i've built multiple rock piles on norris & we used to hang large cedar trees off the corners of our housboat. We would put 25' tall trees on ropes & weight the tops so they hung upside down, over about 55' of water. They were crappie magnets. Twra collects Xmas trees every year & builds brush piles on norris. They mark them with big buoys sometimes. There are alot of them, along with the igloos & spawning 'benches' for smallmouth.
  5. That probably would have killed a lesser man....😛
  6. I have both colors. Flash bass & flash shad.
  7. You nailed it. Lol. Want a Zell Rowland 3 hook zara spook? I have probably 10. They haven't been made since the mid 90's i think.
  8. Well i hate to be the type person who gets people hooked on stuff, but, Ebay has more good deals on fishing gear than you have ever seen your damn life. And there are lures that you've never seen or heard of. A couple weeks ago i found a japanese tackle supplier selling megabass vision 110s for $14 each, plus $6.80 shipping. Thats a couple bucks cheaper than most that are in the $22-25 range with free shipping. But when you buy 2 or 3 & they only charge $.50 for the additional shipping, then its a smokin deal. I got 3, with shipping for less than $50. So i basically got 1 free. I get 20 packs of mustad ewg trebles for $5 to $7 a pack. Lots more good deals on there once you learn how to look for stuff.
  9. Most are tackle hoarders. That's why the business is so good. That's what gives them the dollars to develop new stuff. The trend I've noticed in the last 10 yrs or so, is the down sizing of striper/musky baits for bass. The A-rig, whopper plopper & pencil popper are a few.
  10. Wasn't it Paul elias that introduced us to the Alabama rig? Lol.😅
  11. That's very true Doug, but some baits work very well under certain conditions & at certain times of the year. Nothing works everytime, all the time. If you don't try new stuff, you might be missing out big time.
  12. I just bought one of these last week. New design on the old chatterbait type lure. Haven't tried it yet, but it is definitely different from the metal bladed jig. It has a cupped plastic lip & split ring attachment, so you could change weights & colors by changing the jig with just 1 lip. I will try to get out & use it this weekend & see how it works. Anybody else tried it yet?
  13. I had heard they bought tails, but didnt pay much. I have some beagle hair flies around somewhere that i tied years ago for fnf, lol. I bought some small tightline hair jigs last year that are made with "false chupacabra" hair.
  14. Yea, ratings have changed a bit, shimano has been doing it for awhile now.
  15. They can make a big difference. Esp in real cold water. I've got on a crankbait bite by stalling it out after hitting rock or wood. Having the bait hover or slowly rise after deflecting off cover was the difference. I was using a squarebill crankbait & had gotten a couple bites on the pause, so i put a larger hook on the front & 3 dots. Ended up catching 5 after modifying it, & they were eating it whole, not nipping like before. I like both megabass & Lc jerks. Another i like is the Duo realis, its a nice looking bait & catches fish. On a side note, there is a seller on ebay selling megabass 110s for $14. The catch is, $6.80 shipping. He is still cheaper than everybody else tho, esp if you buy more than 1.
  16. Good job Ross! There's a statement involving a canines back half & the angle of the sun, but i can't remember how it goes.....Lol.😜
  17. The falling water & temps should get them feeding up soon.
  18. Its the original, made by evergreen. Zman sells the jack hammer under their brand, but it's coming from Japan no matter where you get it. I don't usually throw the chatterbait until late fall, when the water gets in the 50's. I like to throw it back in the creeks & on flats. I use bluegill colors, a small swimbait trailer, & throw it in stained water whenever possible. Ive caught 5lb + fish from norris, cherokee, douglas & loudon on it, it works everywhere.
  19. Anybody use an evergreen jack hammer chatterbait? I found them on ebay for 10.99 & ordered a couple. I know they've been out awhile, but i wasn't feeling the $15+ price tag. Search evergreen jack hammer on ebay, hit the filter tab on the top left, check lowest price + shipping & it should pop up.
  20. Go find your nearest creek arm, or go upstream towards the river that feeds the lake. The topwater bite usually starts there. Try a buzzbait or whopper plopper. They will let you know pretty quick which one they prefer. If they are really shallow, you may have to go to a frog & throw it on the bank, then ease it in the water to avoid spooking them. The frog is a very subtle topwater bait & works good in shallow water. Like B said, if they won't bite topwater or the bite fades, the fluke is a good way to catch some more. I like to use bright colors ( chart, pink,white) so that i can see my bait on a long cast. I throw the fluke on 20lb braid with no leader, so i can get it waayy out there. I throw the frog on 30lb braid, unless its around grass. 14lb mono or 30 lb braid for the rest.
  21. Nice jigs. I like the option for a wire tied skirt.
  22. Yes. I have modified my buzzbaits for years to make them squeak more/louder. I started building my own buzzbaits about 2 years ago & using some brass blades & they squeak real good once they get broke in.
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