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  1. early johnson & evinrudes are notoriously cold natured engines too, mine is,esp on old plugs.I started taking my plugs out & cleaning them before the next trip,& it helps a cold motor to start & run.also if your motor is still breaking in & you are running it oil rich,it can cause that prob, fouling plugs.
  2. Where do you get those? i havnt seen them yet,maybe i just missed em somehow. I like that color on that one alot!!
  3. For your price range,its hard to beat the abu garcia 5500 c3 reels,they are pretty much bullet proof,i have used just about everything & i like the bass pro stuff too, got a bps johhny morris elite series baitcaster & its awesome,but its $240 if you dont catch them on sale.for spinning reels, i have 3 quantum energy pti reels & they are awesome too,not to mention they look better than anything else.they run about $140.
  4. I would take the fitting out of the live well & match it up with what you need,it should be standard pvc pipe.lowes & home depot carry some good clear rubber hose that i used on my boat & it works great.make sure to use pipe glue on all your joints & put 2 hose clamps on all hose connections & you wont have any more problems. hope this helps.
  5. brwnbass

    Favorite Crank

    Wide wobble in cold water,tight wobble in warm water.I like a fat free shad myself,i sling 'em til the hooks fall off,then put on another & go some more.
  6. Love them 4 wing buzzbaits,i still have some of the older strikeking 3 wings.I like 'em to make noise for night fishin!!!
  7. I went with a jig because id say thats what the bigguns will bite,if you can find them now with this cold front.Id say junk fishing will rule tho,throw everything in the boat!!!!!!
  8. I'll go with a jig.esp if it stays cold.
  9. What are they made of ? I was wondering if anybody made a rod out of carbonfiber or kevlar yet? seems like the next logical step too me.
  10. Trust 'em about as much as letting a wolf guard the hen house.They use a bunch of big words to cover up whats really going on,& by the time you figure out what they're saying it's too late.
  11. You mean a drop shot worm,dont you?!!!
  12. I think its more like a finesse worm in real life, only in your mind is it an 8" lizard . I just hope you arent measuring your fish with the same device you measure lizards with!!! They may come up short!!!
  13. I think it's ALL a bunch of B.S. Acting like school kids over what somebody said,you cant be doing that crap when it affects millions of other people. I dont trust any of them any further than i can throw them,because if they arent crooked now,they will be soon.as long as they get what they want,whitch in the end is always money.99% of them have never seen a smallmouth,or a bass of any kind for that matter.If they somehow end up getting theyre hands on the sportsmans,twra/twrc's money,you can bet it'll be gone for good.I hope it dosent happen,because our lakes & wildlife will go downhill fast if it dose.JUST MY .
  14. brwnbass

    boat car

    Thats awesome!!! what i would have given to had that back in the party days at cherokee dam!!! You could load the boat with 'catfish' in a hurry!!!!
  15. +10 on pulling it behind the boat.I do this whenever possible,after you let all or most of your line out,speed up a bit & get good tension on the line,then reel it back in,it only takes a minute & will fix your line problems.I have beeen using excel line for 20 yrs & have had very little problems with it.
  16. I have done good on them fishing in shallow flats in spring,when other crankbaits dig in the mud.also love to throw them in shllow brush & run them right thru it,bouncing off everything.
  17. It really depends on the conditions,but a blade would be my first choice for sure.Terminator 1/4 oz willow leaf.OOPS,did i say that out loud?
  18. Twitch twitch,paaauuuse,twitch twitch twitch,pause,twitch BANG!!!!!
  19. brwnbass


    Anybody caught any 30" gizzard shad lately??? lol!!
  20. I have an excaliber wake bait too,it really duz some dancin,i'll tell you that.I use a med heavy jig rod for it,its a big ol heavy s.o.b. I use a big rapala husky jerk,modified of course,on a spiining rod med heavy 7'.Has anybody tried the ripplin red fin? i've thrown one at night for walleye & caught a few on it,bass too.They really blast that thing at night.Some thing else to try,use a suspendind jerkbait & slow roll it the same way,it works goooood!!!
  21. Boat looks great aaron,i like it.the grey carpet always looks good with red.I like the ext too,need one in my boat.That boat would fly with a 150 on it,& prob get good mileage too,you could run 50mph at half throttle.
  22. I just got a bps carbon lite spinning rod a couple weeks ago & i like it alot,it 'feels' alot better than a $100 rod should.I use a bps elite reel & sig series rod for my flipping & pitching when i do it, & that reel is great for it,i can underhand pitch a jig 40 yds with it.you should check out the sig series rod,if you can catch them on sale.
  23. A litttle trick i learned from in fisherman is to use an o-ring when you wacky rig.It will save you alot of baits.There is a tool made for it,but i just roll 'em on,put the hook between the ring & the bait.i also like to throw them on a light jig head,1/16 or 1/32,sometimes wacky rigged too.
  24. Whats up everybody,first time on this site.Long time norris smallmouth fisherman,also walleye,crappie.Always lookin to go fishin somewhere,mostly bank fishing for now,boat is down & out rite now.I'll usually fish anywhere,anytime,for anything.But smallmouths are my favorite.
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