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  1. brwnbass

    Jika? Rig

    Whats the scoop on this thing? I have already made some myself with split rings & drop shot weights & they look like they'll work, but i haven't tried one yet. Im interested to see if there is a specific application for it, or if it's an all around type bait. I have some ideas on where it might shine.....?
  2. If it works, that's all that matters.
  3. Doug, i used to use the promix too. I liked it alot. Esp for crankbaits. But when you change line alot like i do, because when i retie or change baits i cut at least a foot off to avoid nicks, so a reel full only lasts me 3 or 4 trips, the cost really starts to come into play. The p-line c21 is $5 a 300yd spool most places & it has preformed very well for me in the 5+ yrs ive been using it.
  4. This stuff has good feel. It doesn't have much stretch. I flip with it & sometimes throw a frog on it. Ive thrown the A-rig on it for about 6 yrs now & ive lost very few if any. 20lb will usually straiten out any swimbait jig hook. Ive broken arms off the A-rig itself trying to pull them loose.
  5. Tw has P-line c21 on sale for 7.99 to 8.99 for bulk spools, 900 to 1100 yd. Don't know if anybody else uses this stuff, but its great line. Esp the 15 to 20lb. It is a co-poly line & doesn't float real good so its not the best for topwater. But it is abrasion resistant & works great for flipping & wormin.Can't beat it for the price imo.
  6. Wow.......this place is jumpin'. Lol.

    1. trackertxw175


      First cold snap will drive them back in lol

    2. SteveHTN
  7. brwnbass

    Off shore

    Theres nothing to it. Just fish points near channel swings & breaks & you will do fine. When you mark fish, note whitch side has more, if they are on the deep side, they probably aren't active. The active fish will usually be on the break or on the shallower side. Unless you have alot of bait over the deeper water, then all bets are off.
  8. I got a halo starlite, med action med fast at walmart awhile back & it is nice. A bit stiff for cranking but works well with larger stuff. Works exceptionally well with a buzzbait. It was $100+ rod on clearance for $48. They still had 3 last time i was there ( 2 weeks ) . Walmart by Knoxville center ( formerly east town ) mall. Its ugly, red with yellow foam handles, but its light & sensitive.
  9. Any style blade will catch fish. The rounder the blade, the more vibration you get & the easier it is for the fish to find. I have caught fish on all of them. You can fish the hybrid design slower & deeper than a true colorado blade tho.
  10. I would just stay with a standard cable operated motor. If motor guide can't get it right, noone can.
  11. brwnbass

    Shad spawn

    Here's a couple more....
  12. I had a few hammered gold ones. Only got 1 left now. Can't find them anywhere. Emerald makes a good blade too. So does hoppys.
  13. I like a gold blade & esp like a hammered gold #6 or 7 pickens hammered gold. But they are very hard find anymore. I am experimenting with some Oklahoma blades now. I will report my results.
  14. I love a spinnerbait at night. I use either a 1/2 oz or 3/4 oz depending on depth & blade size. If its more than 15' i go with 3/4 or If i want a big thumping blade like a #6 or bigger colorado. Black & red is the go to color & i use a pork chunk, but it is getting hard to find pork. I have been using a rage craw alot & do ok with it. I started making my own spinnerbaits this winter & i am experimenting with some different blades like the Oklahoma blades. They should work well for the lift & drop method.
  15. Here is my version of mp. If i want more thump, i take the #4 & #6 Oklahoma blades off & go with a #7 gold Colorado. I put quick change clevises & snaps on my spinnerbaits to make blade changes easy. It also keeps blades from getting slung off from smallmouth jumping.
  16. brwnbass

    Shad spawn

    Ive been hijacked.....lol.
  17. Why all black? Ive caught more than a few bass on different colored spinnerbaits at nite. Really loud colors can be a trigger that makes them bite. Ive caught alot of smallmouth on a monkey puke blade.
  18. brwnbass

    Shad spawn

    ^^^^^^You can't be serious.....
  19. Those are some good ones as well. I already have quite a few, but i could use some different sizes.
  20. I recently found a guy on youtube that fishes east tn, mainly cherokee, loudon & melton hill. His name is alex rudd & he has a bunch of decent videos. One of his sponsers or whatever is Beast Coast fishing. They have some good deals on tungsten & you can order them however you want. If you only want 1 1/4 oz weight you can order it. They have jigs, flippin weights, regular texas rig weights, & punch skirts. As well as some other stuff. www.Beastcoastfishing.com
  21. brwnbass

    Shad spawn

    I have some torpedoes, i have several different kinds of prop baits. The bite on a prop bait just isn't that good most of the time. They do turn on to it late in the shad spawn, when its dying out. But they will kill that spook the whole time. I like a P70 pop R alot too, but i don't throw it much because they tend to swallow it & i have to do surgery to get it back.
  22. Go with a more aqua green/blue on the gill plate & some purple mid body & you will have a close match. That one looks like a good bait as is, i like the green & black.
  23. brwnbass

    Shad spawn

    This yr so far
  24. Bps has the Johnny morris signature series that is a wide spool reel. They are ok.
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