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  1. The vmc's are ok. Way better than eagle claw. Myself, i would be ok with no hooks on a crankbait si i can put some mustad triple grips on it. Id say most people would be ok with no hooks, just split rings.
  2. It was an accidental find. Lol. I was looking for a falcon bucoo that they used to carry. Guy that was with me picked up the halo & said " whats this ugly s.o.b? " i said prob some cheapo junk. He said its a halo rod. I said gimme that thing!
  3. So i stopped at walmart yesterday to get some oil for the shop truck & went & looked at some rods while i was there. I came across 3 or 4 halo star lite rods on one rack. They didn't have a price so i took it to the register & asked for a price check. $48 on clearance. So now i have a new crankbait rod. Lol. If anybody wants one, they still have 2 or 3. 1 medium 7' & 1 med/hvy 7' & 1 other. Walmart at east town mall. $54 tax included.
  4. I thought if you copied & changed something that someone else had patented by 3%, the patent no longer covered it? Like the beavers you were going to make not having ribs on one side?
  5. I would say they would work well, softy. I know norris has sculpins, suckers & a little fish called a log perch. It looks just like a river perch, just smaller & skinny. Old timers call them jack minnows. I have been looking for something to imitate them, but their color is hard or should i say impossible to find. They are kind of a light orange with black stripes & white belly.
  6. Does anybody have 1 of these rods? Iwas at academy today looking at rods on my lunch, looking for med crankbait rod. I picked up one of these rods & it felt decent. I was shocked when i saw the $38 price. Wondering if these are a decent crankbait rod for that price?
  7. Most of the ones i got from ebay are the old clear ones with the reflective/chrome strip inside. I have 1 gold 1. I haven't seen any old bone colored ones on ebay. I will get a couple that are beat up & strip them. Thanks for the info andy.
  8. Thanks for the info. I like to tinker with lures & try to make them work better.
  9. Good info, thanks guys. What line do yiu throw it on? I tried it on smackdown 20lb braid & it just didn't work right. I had to reel it way too slow to keep it on top & it just barely wiggled at all.
  10. I tend to find that green pumpkin is a hard to beat color on clear water lakes. Watermelon/red flake runs a close 2nd with plum or plum apple. Those 3 colors are all you need. Throw in a black & blue jig for night or dirty water & you are set.
  11. There is a trick to it, but it will catch some fish........
  12. So i recently got on an ebay kick & bought about 6 or 7 of these things. A couple of new ones, & 4 of the old ones in the orange boxes. 2 have spinners on the back ( i got lucky on those, somebody listed them for $10, buy it now & i snagged 'em. I had bid on some others & they sold for $25 to $40 EACH ) I have heard alot about these things & i know some people swear by them. So, when, where & how do you fish them?
  13. If you think a sugar shad makes noise, get you some manns loudmouth crankbaits from flea bay. They made 3 or 4 different sizes. Get the big, shallow runners.
  14. Not a big fan of GM myself. I may stop in there once a yr since they downsized the fishing dpt. Walmart has almost as big of a selection now. They used to carry alot of different stuff, but not anymore.
  15. I have one crankbait that i love for clear water & its translucent. It has a glitter green back & silver on the sides. Inside it has a pixel strip. In the water it looks like it is a light/clear pearl white with a green sparkle back. I have caught a ton of fish on this bait. Its real hard to find tho, i had a tackle shop order me the last ones i bought, & i still have all 6.
  16. brwnbass

    10' Rod

    Blah with all this damiki junk. You haven't lived until you've caught a big smallmouth on a 9' or longer rod with a bobber & 4lb line. When they are biting it, its alot of fun.
  17. brwnbass

    Skipping Jigs

    I can put a fluke in any hole on any dock you want with a spinning rod & 20lb. seagur smackdown braid. Under over hanging trees, between limbs or any kind of cover. Just can't do it with anything else. Lol.
  18. Football head jigs work good on rocky bottoms. They are almost hang free if you do one simple thing. When you feel the head hit a rock, give it some slack & then give it a quick little pop. It will usually jump over on the first try, but sometimes it may take a few. And be ready for the bite when you pop it off the rock, about half my bites come that way.
  19. brwnbass

    sufix 832

    The retrievier with the chains works great on crankbaits & A rigs.
  20. I almost always change hooks on crankbaits. I usually go up 1 size & use a ewg short shank mustad or gammys. It increased my hook up ratio by prob 50%. Ive also learned to "lean" into the bite more instead of jerking helps alot too.
  21. Ebay is where i have been getting all my stuff latey. You have to put in some time, but the deals are there. I recently started making my own buzzbaits, with parts from ebay & they work great & i have about $3 each in them. Ive found custom painted baits on there for $5. You can save some money, or spend way more than you planned. I have done both.
  22. Those are good lookin baits. Looks similar to a bullshad or a duckett swimbait. Has the same type of tail. Id say they will sell good come spring.
  23. I don't see how they would be faster at culling than a set of cull tags & a beam. And at the end of the day you have to take 5 fish out of bags to put them in your weigh bag.
  24. brwnbass

    V&M J-Bug

    V&M has some good baits out now. I like the big worm & the swamp hog alot. So do Douglas Lm.
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