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    If its possible, id go with the jacks & put 4 of them in. Makes life much easier, esp in the dark.
  2. It basically boils down to some people not being able to catch fish on a certain technique, while others are doing very good with it. So they MUST be cheating somehow, when the actual truth is, the other guy has put in considerably more time with said bait, found schools of larger fish & know how to get them to bite. That's almost always the case. People get mad because joe fishes 3 days a week & has an advantage.
  3. I think some people need to concentrate more on what they are doing than worrying about what everybody else is doing. If you are worried that somebody else is gonna beat you by cheating, chances you have already beat yourself before you even get to the water.
  4. No, it's. Not trolling. I always reel my bait up before moving anyway, as do most id bet. Now say you go up wind of a spot, like a point, & drop your bait, & then drift with the wind. Is that not the same thing as trolling? And while we are on the subject, why is trolling so damn illegal anyway?
  5. The reviews on tackle warehouse. Basically called it a pos that catches fish, until it falls apart, which may not be long. Not my words.
  6. 1 knocker spook, or original spook, depending on conditions. Original p70 pop r or old heddon chugger spook for shallow water around cover. I like the old chugger spook better, but they are hard to find. I use a Spook jr alot too, but it would be awesome if they'd make a silent version.
  7. I was gonna buy a bullshad but they had alot of bad reviews, & look poorly constructed for a $50 bait. Bps has the BD shad, & they look ok.
  8. I've been using the cheap p line for about 4 years now & it some of the best line ive ever used, and it is just $5 for a 300 yd spool. Its super strong & has decent abrasion resistance. I crank with it, flip, worm & jig & every thing else you can think of. Love it.
  9. I have a bunch of DT16s that i've had for about 5 yrs now. Never broke one, but ive wore a couple out.
  10. Well Thanks anyway DT, I replaced that reel with a lews a couple years ago, just trying to see if i could find parts for it & keep it as a spare as it was a good little reel.
  11. The frog is the only thing i use braid for, unless im flipping heavy heavy cover. That float is a joke. What is this "a-rig" you speak of???????
  12. Yes that would be correct. Only #s i can find are patriarch 71LP & 18 02 19/51 AK. It is about a 5 yr old reel. Its kind of a smoked silver in color. Thanks for checking on it.
  13. Well that just stinks. I didnt get to use that reel but about a year before the side plate got lost. Hey steve, next time bps has a reel sale, check out the Johnny Morris sig series reels. I have 2, 1 is over 10 yrs old & been beat to death, but still going strong. The other is about 4 yr old now & still smooth as glass. They have came down in price in recent yrs from $199 down to $139. Well worth it imo.
  14. brwnbass


    Bass pro shops carbon lite series is a great rod for the money. They have every power & action you need too. Also, the action is what they say it is, ive noticed some rods aren't real true in the labeling. Joes custom rods & dixie are nice too.
  15. I have a pflueger patriarch. Its a small frame reel. Other than that i love mine. Or at least i did til the damn side cover came off & went in the lake. Anybody able to get parts for pflueger reels?
  16. $1000 to win Saturday night. Norris lake, brogans free launch. 7Pm -3am. $85 a boat. 

    1. whj812


      You fishing it?  I wont have my boat finished by then :(

  17. I thought y'all had Guido take care of anybody that threatened a lawsuit? ??
  18. You can buy 2 of the new lews for about $220. I have 1 & love it. Got 3 bb1s & they are good ones too. Been beat on for 4 yrs & not a problem yet.
  19. Norris gettin HOT!

  20. Goin to the big D for some bank fishin tonite around the dam. Hopefully another Russian rocket doesn't fall out of the sky on me. Lol. 

  21. Berkeley make a cherryseed that is a nice red. Almost a strawberry color. Another color id like to find is electric grape/firetail. Hard to come by anymore. Culprit used to make it.
  22. Well that figures id be looking for something i already have at least 20 packs of. I actually caught a 5lber on a zoom 12.5 ol monster the same night my friend said they did good on the red.
  23. What about the infamous electric red?
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