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  1. fisherman1488

    One of the Classic Prizes

    Thanks for posting Ross!! Hope ya'll like it.
  2. fisherman1488

    2014 TNBF Classic Weight

    Frostbite, dead batteries. 12.56 with 4 lb SM biggun!!
  3. fisherman1488

    2014 TNBF Classic Weight

  4. fisherman1488

    Event #7 Boone Lake Sign Up Page

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!! Good luck to all and be safe!! Tight lines guys let's fill some livewells:-)
  5. fisherman1488

    Are these good kayaks?

    When searching for kayaks I ran into this Feel Free Kayak dealer in Bluff City area. Great guy. Below cost and he may have a slightly used one for sale. He saved me $200 on mine. His name is John Scott, he owns White Fork Ranch, and his number is 423-416-2072. Take your time, borrow one and use it a few times fishing.
  6. 14.5 With 5.5 LM lunker!!!!
  7. fisherman1488

    Site TX #4 Sign-up

    Fishin with Ross.
  8. fisherman1488

    1st TX 3-22-14 Pics

    Awesome event guys. The blastoff looked like rush hour into DC!!!!!! Thanks to those who worked the event and to all who placed. Special thanks to all the new members that showed up. Tight lines to all.
  9. fisherman1488

    TNBF TX#1 Weight Predictions

    17.5 Lbs with 5.85 lm. The bass should be worried with all the excellent fisherfolk that are gonna be present!!! Lol.
  10. fisherman1488

    hello everyone