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  1. They work in all sizes. My preference is the 130. You’d be surprised what will hit the giant one.
  2. Congrats on the sale. Sorry to hear about slow sales and tough time pouring. Stay in touch and don’t disappear on us.
  3. @Marine, one word of advise I will give you. Is don’t overwhelm yourself. You can try and take on too much when fishing. Sometimes the K.I.S.S method is the best approach when starting out.
  4. There is braid and floro both that are specifically designed to glow.
  5. The beauty of this area is versatility. You can find what you’re looking for on most of our area lakes. If you want to go super shallow and flip or frog you can do that and if you want to go deep and crank or finesse fish you can do that too. Keep asking questions, keeping a log is a great idea as airborne posted above. Some days you just have to chalk up as a learning experience and if you keep good enough notes you’ll learn just as much, if not more on the fishless days as you will the slug fest.
  6. That blows my mind. That g2 is a bad machine too.
  7. 3 words since I know you’re around Bristol. STEELE CREEK PARK!!
  8. Guys, please try and get to Dandridge as early as possible in the morning. I know of 3 other tourneys and have heard of possibly 5. As we all know, this is par for the course at Douglas in the spring. I just don’t want anyone to get stuck out on the bridge and not be able to get over and registered in time.
  9. Make sure you sign up on the tournament thread if you’re planning on attending tomorrow!! And
  10. We’ve already had 3. See the 2020 tournament trail forum for all information.
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