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  1. agree 100% with what Wes said. The best way is to fish locally, then step up to the BFL’s to get a little more exposure. A couple years as a co angler there and if you’re comfortable move to boater. Then with some knowledge/experience step on up to the costas/bass opens.
  2. I know absolutely nothing about Nickajack, but right now the bass should be SHALLOW. Down there probably more post spawn. Focus around lay downs/docks with a wacky worm, usually a great technique to catch em immediate post spawn.
  3. 22 lb, 5.9 smallie big fish. Good luck guys!!!! Wish I was in town!!!
  4. Another website tourney, and another one that I’m gonna be out of town working a BFL. This time on buggs island. Good luck guys, hope y’all whack em. This should be a really good tourney.
  5. I know the feeling. I wear a 7 7/8 fitted too.
  6. Oh lord, another buckeye fan......
  7. Don’t know if you have a Facebook, but if you do look up Jay Adair on there and message him. Think he’s wanting 19k for it
  8. I don’t know if he still has it. But Adair (member on here) had a rt198 Ranger that he was looking to get rid of for a good deal.
  9. He’s in Watauga TN on cripple creek loop now. Just outside elizabethton. Greg has a Facebook page if you wanna look him up there.
  10. Yeah, by all means recruit away on you’re side of the state. We always welcome new people.
  11. Welcome to the site and the great state of TN.
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