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  1. introduction

  2. Terry

    Wish we could keep the smaller 12-16” Wally’s down here. I’ve always heard that they are the best. Darn 18” size limit......
  3. Terry

    I’ll take a walleye over a crappie any day.
  4. Old fisherman

    good luck with the Fishing and hope your health stays good.
  5. Cold muddy water

    Its so weird this time of year with rising dirty water. Sometimes they pull up with it. Other times, they hang back where the edge was. It can vary lake to lake or even portions of the lake they will pull up and others they won’t. This dirty water is going to warm up fast with the temps in the 70’s most of the week. So by next weekend I’d be looking for a lot of fish to be laying with their backs out of the water.
  6. Terry

    I’ve never fished any of the Knoxville area lakes. Coming to Norris next weekend for the first time. I’d like to visit Melton and try to catch a musky.
  7. light shield

    I want one of those ones with the little red deck light built into the back of it.......
  8. Pegged weights?

    This right here is the only way to do it. They make a couple different sizes. The large ones work best when you’re using a heavy weight (1oz+) or you can double up two of the smaller ones.
  9. New to the Area

    There’s a wealth of knowledge on here. Norris fishes a lot like soho and watauga from what I can tell, so check out those two forums also. There’s no lack of rock here in East TN, and the fish are almost always relating to it in one way or another. Bank transitions, points, lay downs are three spots to always key in on. Remember that deep is a relative term. Most of us don’t consider fishing deep until you get past 20’ and during the summer and winter you can regularly catch fish in 30-50 fow. Don’t let the clearer water intimidate you.
  10. Pegged weights?

    Same here. I only peg when punching grass.
  11. Stator replacement??

    $400 to replace a stator is a steal if indeed that’s what they’re gonna do for that price.
  12. Fishing

  13. Wanted/lowrance

    If no one on here has any. Check out Brig Lowrance Hennessey on Facebook. He normally has some good deals.
  14. Damiki Technique

    Those look killer.
  15. Winter fishing

    20 is nice weather at times. Coldest i have ever dropped in was 9. Steering was frozen and we had to fish in the sun for about an hour before it thawed out enough to drive the boat.