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  1. Fall

    After the doldrums of summer. The main thing that I look forward to in fall is topwater. Spook, buzzbait, long a, pop r. Behind topwater is throwing a squarebill, swimbait, and a spinnerbait.
  2. Welcome Fishowl

  3. TNBF #9 Watauga Night

    $40 entry, 5 fish limit
  4. TNBF #9 Watauga Night

    You say right here that you're gonna be there and who you're fishing with (preferably another site member, but we do allow guests) and we will add you to the signup.
  5. Back to The Creek 9-22

    Amen, I need to get back down there.
  6. fluorescent fluorocarbon

    If he didn't, I have. I've got 10 on my deep cranking rod and 17 on 2 others. Works well. It's great for that deep crank.
  7. fluorescent fluorocarbon

    It shows up amazingly in black light. As good or better than any mono I've ever used. Exact opposite of what Ross was saying about the florocast. It's extremely small diameter and very manageable. I know Tim Maxfield has been throwing 12 or 14 lb on a spinning rod.
  8. fluorescent fluorocarbon

    I've got it on 4 rods and I really like it. I've got 10 on a spinning rod and my deep crank rod and I have 17 on 2 baitcasters. I never tried florocast, so I can't compare. It is the limpest floro I've ever used and handles amazingly on a spinning reel. Plus, it's priced very reasonably. I think $17 for 550 yards....
  9. fluorescent fluorocarbon

  10. Ned Rig

    Yes and no. It's more of a beeefed up tightline than it is a downsized shakey head. Some guys fish the heavier weight, but the most effective way to fish it (that I've found) is small weight (1/8 or 1/16) and fish it like a tightline.