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  1. Welcome Gentry

    and thank you for your service!!
  2. 2018 Tourney Committee Members

    I’d love to help. But with the commitment that I’ve got to FLW now, I don’t know what I’m going to be able to fish and what I’m not. But if you need me, just say the word.
  3. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Beautiful man. That’s one bada$$ ride
  4. New to me!!!

    Yeah, and in May or June they will swap it out for a 2018. It’s decked out too. HDS-12 in console and a 9 up front, twin power poles, etc. I have talked a lot of crap about rangers over the years. But that thing is 2nd to none. Now I’ve just got to learn how to drive the darn thing. I’m good to about 68, past that I don’t have the balls yet.
  5. New to me!!!

    Well, a lot of y’all know now. I took a part time job working as field staff for FLW. Depending on the year, I have to work between 12-16 tournaments as a boat official for blastoff/check in. One of the perks of the gig is a boat.
  6. Classic weight prediction

    Oh, I ain’t whining. I think Saturday is gonna be fun.
  7. Classic weight prediction

    He’s mistaken, thought it was on soho and that was supposed to be a smallmouth for bf.
  8. Classic weight prediction

    Wes with the homerun prediction.
  9. We haven’t had a good ole fun weight prediction thread in a while. So what’s everyone think it’s gonna take to win the classic? First major cold front of the fall/winter is rolling through now. Supposed to be in the 30’s and cloudy on Saturday. It could really fire them up, or it could give em complete lockjaw. Personally, I think even though the weather is gonna suck, the fishing will be pretty good. I’m gonna say 17.90 to win with a 6lb largemouth for big fish.
  10. more knowledge

    There’s a whole lot of knowledge on this page. Search back through reports, specifically for the time of year that you are fishing. Don’t be afraid to ask, sometimes guys will be more open with info than others depending on what they have going on and upcoming tourneys.
  11. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    Who’s your partner on this one? For the classic they have to be a member on the site and be classic eligible in order to fish.
  12. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    Hey guys, it would be nice to maximize this and get as many boats as possible. If you are qualified and you don’t have a dedicated partner post it here and if you need a ride let us know. It would be nice to get everyone qualified out there. I know Jay (Adair) has a birthday party for his daughter and can’t make it. So without him we have 20 people qualified which should give us 10 boats if everyone hooks up.
  13. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    I’m in. Partner TBD.
  14. Points Table

    Anybody else not get the email? Just trying to make sure everyone who is planning on fishing has the chance to vote.