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    Welcome BLeck618

    The more the merrier. Welcome to all you westies
  2. bronzebackhuntr

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    Treat it just like a spinnerbait, fish along docks, laydowns, along grass lines, etc.
  3. bronzebackhuntr

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    Best dang chatterbait style bait out. It’s like the difference in a rouge and a vision 110.
  4. Our next tournament is on Watauga blasting from Fish Springs Marina ramp this Sat 10-13. Make sure to pay attention, this tourney blasts at 6:00 pm and weigh in at 2am. This will be our last night tourney of the year. We will stop sign up at 5:45 in order to get everyone in the water from the tournament committee. We hope you guys can make it out to join us. It should be a good tourney with the weather starting to cool. 1) Bronzebackhuntr & 97Astro 2) Astro180 & JDV 3) Rodknocker & Triton 173 4) Brnbasstn & guest 5) 200superprocraft & 08Z520RANGER 6) Jigheadworm & KTimbs 7) Basskicker & Jigflipper 8 ) Bulletdeuce & PromaX 9) Mtcarmeltriton & mountainman 10) trackertxw175 & eugenehart 11) tobybol & donnieshvac
  5. bronzebackhuntr

    Weight prediction for watauga?

    I concur with this one.
  6. bronzebackhuntr

    Welcome BassNCats

  7. bronzebackhuntr

    TNBF tourney #8 Watauga night Signup

    Not on it this year and I don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes by answering that not the way they would wanna answer.
  8. bronzebackhuntr

    TNBF tourney #8 Watauga night Signup

    Hopefully one of the guys on the tourney committee will be along soon to answer this.
  9. bronzebackhuntr

    Need advice

    Get you a pool cue of a fishing rod. String it up with 65 lb braid. Tie on a 1 1/2 oz weight with a TD rigged beaver and punch grass.
  10. bronzebackhuntr

    Welcome AnglinOutLate

    Where were you at on the coast?
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    New to the Forum

  12. bronzebackhuntr


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    Rescheduled TNBF #7 Boone Night

    Unfortunately, I’m out of town for a BFL again this weekend. I’ll be at old hickory.
  14. bronzebackhuntr

    Google earth

    There’s a mapping card (I wanna say platinum) that you can overlay google satellite view onto your graph.
  15. bronzebackhuntr

    New to fishing in the area

    I assume you’re fishing Watauga??? Focus on points, offshore humps, and laydowns right now. Little jig and a Ned rig will be good for smallmouth. Worm, lizard, or creature bait to rigged for largemouth. Either should work for spots. Also, crank a big plug like a 6xd or a dd22
  16. bronzebackhuntr

    Welcome HeyVern

  17. bronzebackhuntr


    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, don’t crank much my a$$
  18. bronzebackhuntr

    Strike king bull worm

    I’ve always used a 5/0 on 10” power worms with very few missed fish. I think I’m gonna try out the 7/0 to see how it does.
  19. bronzebackhuntr

    Ned rig

    Ok, no doubt this technique catches tons of fish. But I have a simple question that I have yet to find a simple answer to. How the 🤬 do you rig the darn thing straight consistently? I bet I have to thread that 🤬 worm on the he hook 10 times to get it even remotely straight.
  20. bronzebackhuntr


    My buddy Charlie Parker is getting ready to trade a 90 in at Watson’s on a 150. It’s a 4 stroke merc probably 2012 or so. Don’t know what they’re gonna want for it, but it should be over there in the next couple weeks.
  21. bronzebackhuntr

    Ned rig

    Yes, with the weights you mentioned you fish it like a shakey Head. With the lighter weights 1/10, 1/20 you fish it like a tightline.
  22. bronzebackhuntr


    I use 1-1 1/2 oz depending on the thickness of where I’m punching. I’ve got a halo xxxh rod that’s a Randall Tharpe design that I use for it.