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  1. Hows the bite on the indian mid march ?

    If the weather holds out they will probably be really close to going on the beds. Focus around laydowns. Should be a good cranking bite for prespawn or possibly even post spawn fish too.
  2. Welcome BrianD

    NO Vols!!
  3. Football jigs

    100% honest. Never caught one on black and blue jig, never caught one on the little green tightline fly either.
  4. New boat

    Heck of a nice tinny there.
  5. Football jigs

    I’m probably the only angler in ne TN who has never caught a fish on a black and blue jig.
  6. Welcome Etowns54

    that time of year will depend a lot on weather. There will probably still be bedding fish, but there will definetly be some post spawn too.
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  13. TNBF #1 Boone

    For everyone Fishing. Don’t forget. Licenses expired yesterday. Keep the game wardens happy, cause I’m sure they’ll be looking to bust people this weekend.
  14. Tourney#1 Weight Prediction

    Can’t weigh in carp in a tuxedo.
  15. Tourney#1 Weight Prediction

    He thought it was on watauga, not Boone.
  16. Tourney#1 Weight Prediction

    I don’t know what this cold front coming through will do to them. It could fire them up, or it could knock them on the head and shut em down. Hopefully they’ll bite for y’all. I’m gonna say 16 1/2 and a 5.5 green fish for biggun.
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  20. This is me in a nutshell

    There are some giants in that pond behind McDonald’s. I don’t know much about the Nolichuckey, so I’ll leave that to someone else. But if you drive up to kingsport and fish the Holston along Netherland inn there’s some great smallmouth and largemouth Fishing.
  21. Bobcat Bumpkin Lures

  22. This is me in a nutshell

    Golf course ponds can be amazing. Most golf courses around here won’t allow Fishing. But I have snuck in a few after dark and caught some really nice fish and crazy numbers. One course down toward where you live is my favorite, but I haven’t fished it in close to 10 years. I caught my biggest laregemouth by far out of there (didn’t have scale). I marked off it’s length on my pants leg from the ground up and when i got home and measured it it was 29” long. I also caught 27 fish on 27 consecutive casts in there one night without taking a step. If you’re stuck bank fishing, check out Steele creek park in Bristol, it’s one of the best bank Fishing opportunity areas around here.
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  25. Terry

    Wish we could keep the smaller 12-16” Wally’s down here. I’ve always heard that they are the best. Darn 18” size limit......