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  1. I see where a lot of people link their fish finders (gps). Are there advantages for doing this?
  2. LGM

    Hydraulic Steering

    This is not to hard for someone with some mechanical skills. It will take about a couple hours. First the old cables have to come off, I used bolt cutters, take em' loose on both ends then cut em' into and pull em out. Be sure and use anti sieze on every bolt because the stainless steel bolts will sieze up without it. The most important part is getting all of the air out. This take two people. If you don't get every bit of air out you will be going down the lake and the motor will turn on its own. When you get it done it will be well worth it.
  3. LGM

    Pop r P70

    Most p 70s came with a size 4 hook. I would go with a no. 4 ewg gama. on the front with a no4 gama. dressed treble on the back.
  4. What are the requirments as far as what type of 2 cycle oil to use in Merc opti, etec and Yammie hpdi? Does the price of oil offset the advantage in fuel mileage for these motors over carbed or efi?
  5. LGM

    Arky Jigs!!!!

    I like the flat line ties, I usually buy the Gary Klien jigheads and make my skirts. I bet smallmouth would like that pink, I have had good luck with smallies on pink roadrunners. I think I'll try some.
  6. LGM

    The Beef With Spots.

    Has anybody noticed the size of spots on cherokee getting bigger? The last two trips I have caught a 17 incher, my brother had a 17 1/2. One on a spinnerbait, the other two on a dinger. Have caught several 14 and 15 inchers this year. They do seem hard to find at times but since the water is starting to cool the bigger ones are getting more common.
  7. LGM

    Bass PRO

    Toms in Morristown has more tackle in boxes on the floor than bass pro. I stopped at the Tackle shack a couple weeks ago thats another nice local place ran by some nice people. Buy local.
  8. As far as which pop r floats the best I can't say. My brother fished a g-finish white pop-r until all the color came off, It was then bone color without eyes. He caught more fish on it without the eyes than before. He replaced the hooks several times, fished with that thing for about ten years and finally lost last year to a giant largemouth. It was the bigger size but not quite as big as the p-70. The original white g-finish is discontinued in that size. We have found a couple on e-bay but they go for more money than he wants to put in it. The last one I tried to get for him, I bid forty dollars and still didn't get it.
  9. I don't know what happened. A while back I tried to log in under my old name and password and could never get back on. Glad to be back.