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  1. bluejig

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    I have a hydrosport 17.5 foot with 86 johnson vro 70 hp that runs 50 by myself and 46 with loaded down I say the prop needs more pitch to it is my guess if the boat hole shot is super fast you have low pitch prop good for hole shot sucks on top end speed loose a little hole shot with higher pitch but u gain it on the top end may need twick with jackplate some too hope this helps you out a little and you should stay below 5000 rpm if you can just a good rule of thumb
  2. bluejig

    New boat

    Good looking boat
  3. bluejig

    Football jigs

    They Look great I've just started making my own bass jigs too it's alot fun to do them keep up the good work
  4. Looking for some info on this has anyone used the Raymarine Dragon fly units are they any good
  5. bluejig

    Switching Brands of Oil

    Quicksilver is the best I use it in everything 2 stroke never. Had any problems
  6. bluejig

    Lets talk fishing!

    Prayers sent for a quick recovery Welcome to TNBF good group of guy's here !!!
  7. bluejig


    1st Walleye crappie 2nd there both good Eating lol
  8. bluejig

    Old fisherman

    Welcome to TNBF
  9. bluejig

    1998 Johnson Venom

    + 1 on softy if that don't work u my need to set your low idle up a little when u put a motor trimmed down in the water it will idle lower then on muffs I had the same problem with mine doing that low idle was my problem hope u get it fix it could be the fuel pump diaphragm to seen it a lot times to lets air seep in low idle runs good middle and wide open when u let off it dies ever time. Startron fuel stabilizer I use it ever fill up and 100% gas haven't had one problem out my motors have a 86 Johnson 93 model 😀 good luck
  10. bluejig

    Pegged weights?

    I Only peg when punching hydrilla mats
  11. bluejig


    My stepdad had one 14×48 flat bottom jon boat for 10 years and he traded it in for a aluminum craft 16×48 and he wish he kept the polarkraft it was built better it was thicker gauge alum the polarkraft. are good boats rogersville marina use sell them when he bought he's new off chuck never had any problems with it dry ride and no leaks had aluminum craft started leak after a year both were pop rivet boats not all weld if I was going by a new aluminum boat it would be all welded hull hope this help you out I have a monark jon boat very good alum boat brand too If I was going drop money on a new aluminum bass boat it would be a ranger are express boats are Tracker boats would be the ones I've been looking into some boats myself in few years am going all new if I can afford it lol it's going be at least 18 footer the best warranty what am after and resale value
  12. Guys keep up the reports and anything else to read gives me something to do while am laid up with the knee healing now and physical therapy starts soon thanks for the prayer guys

    1. trackertxw175


      How's the knee rehab doing?


    2. bluejig


      It's going good going be awhile before for I get to fish any doc said about the middle of march I should be doing good were I can put full body Weight on it thanks Ross for asking glade  your son doing good too 

  13. bluejig

    Bomber Fat Free Shad

    The old bomber baits are the best if. U can fine any this day in time lol the new one just don't have the action to me and shad rap sure are good in colder water I use strike king kvd 1.5 most of the time and series 5 and 6 in summertime and hot lips are a mainstay in east tn in summertime
  14. Am ready  for fall fishing are you all   

    1. Mountainman


      Absolutely. Fall fishing, hunting season, football season.......but mostly cooler weather!

    2. trackertxw175


      The cooler weather Saturday night was awesome. Even heard a flock of geese flying over.

    3. whj812
  15. Setting here in the hospital with my wife and my frist child he is a 10lbs 11oz chunky boy going to be my fishing buddy in a few years

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    2. whj812


      Congrats!!! I guess that one is a keeper 10lber!! Dang

    3. SteveHTN


      Congrats Jeff! That's a happy day right there bud 

    4. 31Airborne


      Congrats, dood!  That was one big baby.  Wish y'all many memories full of health and happiness.