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  1. Bomber Fat Free Shad

    The old bomber baits are the best if. U can fine any this day in time lol the new one just don't have the action to me and shad rap sure are good in colder water I use strike king kvd 1.5 most of the time and series 5 and 6 in summertime and hot lips are a mainstay in east tn in summertime
  2. Am ready  for fall fishing are you all   

    1. Mountainman


      Absolutely. Fall fishing, hunting season, football season.......but mostly cooler weather!

    2. trackertxw175


      The cooler weather Saturday night was awesome. Even heard a flock of geese flying over.

    3. whj812
  3. Setting here in the hospital with my wife and my frist child he is a 10lbs 11oz chunky boy going to be my fishing buddy in a few years

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    2. whj812


      Congrats!!! I guess that one is a keeper 10lber!! Dang

    3. SteveHTN


      Congrats Jeff! That's a happy day right there bud 

    4. 31Airborne


      Congrats, dood!  That was one big baby.  Wish y'all many memories full of health and happiness.

  4. Black lights

    Everthing else is junk get moonlights I've used them all moonlights last if u do have a problem with them they will make it right u get what u pay for
  5. A little more Navigation Help Please

    Don't go past A if there not generating water you can go to b if they are generating alot water from Patrick Henry when u get past a the next bend there alot shoals before u get to b is Miller island good smallmouth fishing all they up to surgonville boat ramp best if u could use a jon boat with a jet motor i go with my cousin in he's it's the best to check generating schedule before going be careful on any river in real swift water wear a life jacket good luck hope this helps you ps never let your boat get sideways in river current because if u do get hung up it will flip the boat am real big on safety fishing rivers it different then lake fishing
  6. Fluorescent Line/Braid

    Stren what i use are p line both are mono 12 to 14 for worm and jig fishing at nite
  7. Prep for nite fishing

    What do you fellers do to get prepare for nite fishing? Any special projects going on with anybody's boats? This upcoming summer nite fishing.any good tips to share with everyone and good lures
  8. Prep for nite fishing

    Thanks u all for input just trying get ready for nite bite i been one time this spring ?
  9. Weight predictions

    19.70 BF smallmouth 5.04
  10. My first Bass boat

    Good looking boat hope u enjoy?
  11. The trim has up and down relay could be going bad or it could be a loose wire from the tilt trim switch or the fluid could be low in the pumps mine was a loose wire coming from shifter tilt trim switch hope this helps u
  12. Hello

    Welcome to TNBF site
  13. Hello all!!

    Welcome TNBF family
  14. Douglas weight predictions

    I thank it will take 16 lbs to win Big fish LM 5.25 lbs
  15. Best spinning reel

    +1 on lews reels
  16. Bait Order Sale

    Ill be call u soon softy
  17. Mercury Outboards - thoughts opinions etc

    Mercury go fast and spend cash
  18. Swimbait set up

    What setup do u all use for 3 to 5 inch soft swimbaits
  19. Softy baits

    Hey I just wanted to say if y'all haven't orderd from softbait maker u should . I got my order today best softbaits I've seen and felt in a long time and softy is a great person .he cares about his products and it shows thanks softy
  20. New guy

    Welcome to TNBF
  21. Onboard Charger

    I have a old style Minn kota got it used for 50 bucks off buddy of mine it 3 bank but just use 2 of them been real good to me hope this helps
  22. First timer

    Welcome TNBF family Lots of good info on here have fun
  23. New purchasing format!

    I'll wait till the new baits come out. Thanks
  24. New purchasing format!

    Good deal am getting ready to order some Doug
  25. Spinnerbait rod

    7ft med heavy falcon with 14 test mono is what I use