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  1. Thanks Ross. I've thought about putting a 360 on the bow and well but that's another one in a little leary about
  2. Which unit would y'all prefer? Is any one better than the other? Please all units welcome. Just trying to figure out which one to save up for. I'm a Lowrance guy but currently running Garmin's. I have no problem with Garmin. Just looking for inputs. Thanks guys!
  3. On the 3 boats that I have owned, I've ran EverStart and Interstate. Both had over 800mca. Never had any issues with none of them. The cranking battery I have now will need to be replaced because it won't hold a charge although I'm not having any other issues as far as starting. To answer your question, you don't need to spend money on a high end battery. The EverStart's are under $100 and Interstate may be just over $100. Whatever your preference is. I fish out of Nobby's rig and his cranking battery holds up really well. For that price I'd definitely check that battery out! Hope more people chime in and that this helps!
  4. Welcome aboard! If you ain't Cav, you ain't $#!+! Hooah!
  5. Yeah you got a point there haha. Thanks!
  6. Quick question. Could I use Pennzoil premium plus in place of Quicksilver premium plus? My retarded hind end didn't pick any up Thursday when I had the chance. I'm looking to hit the pond tomorrow but have no oil and Quicksilver is hard to come by at the Wally world, well the premium plus is anyways.
  7. JDV and Stratos201 plan on being there. Lord willing the protesters will keep quiet this weekend so I don't get called lol.
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