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  1. Welcome aboard! If you ain't Cav, you ain't $#!+! Hooah!
  2. Yeah you got a point there haha. Thanks!
  3. Quick question. Could I use Pennzoil premium plus in place of Quicksilver premium plus? My retarded hind end didn't pick any up Thursday when I had the chance. I'm looking to hit the pond tomorrow but have no oil and Quicksilver is hard to come by at the Wally world, well the premium plus is anyways.
  4. JDV and Stratos201 plan on being there. Lord willing the protesters will keep quiet this weekend so I don't get called lol.
  5. I was checking over my compartment lids about a week or so ago and all but one lid are cracked like no other. They are fiberglass and at some point they are just going to give in. I wasn't too worried about them but I sat on one and felt it cave and am a bit worried about now. Dad and I got to talking about the lids and getting new latches for them and the idea of putting metal lids in came up. Do any of you (or anyone you know) do metal work and come up with same size lids? I have one that isn't attached right now if you or someone you know needs to see/have an example. Thanks!
  6. Congrats on the W guys! See y'all on Cherokee!
  7. Me and NobbyNobbs. Drill got pushed to online training again so we're good! Hopefully nothing else changes 😎!
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