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  1. She's a Glock girl lol. That was until she held my SIG and then held the 365. She has seen the performance I talk about when I shoot both my issued SIG and the one I carry. We have no complaints about the Glocks we've had though.
  2. She's wanting to get a Sig 365 SAS and I'm looking to get a Sig M17
  3. I've got 2 USSSA slow pitch bats for sale. Both are Mikens. One is a Freak 12 and the other is a Platinum 23. Both are 26oz. Call or text for pics and price. 423-588-0249
  4. The wife and I are selling our pistols. She has a Glock 48, single stack 9mm and I've got a Sig Sauer P320 .40cal double stack. We are wanting to get different weapons only reason for selling. Call or text me for price and pics. 423-588-0249.
  5. Thanks for report! Glad y'all got out and caught a few!!
  6. Does anyone have a 26p 3 blade that I could try out on my 175 Merc?? I'm running a 26 Trophy Plus 4 blade but I'd like to see what a 3 blade will do😎😁. Thanks!
  7. End of the month inventory for us so unfortunately I'm gonna have to miss this one. Of course things COULD change. 😁😎
  8. I had a holeshot plate and ran a 4 blade on my Bullet. Thing jumped out the hole! Dad has an Allison foil (sporty version of the whale tail lol) on his 'Rude. That and a 4 blade and his jumps out pretty good too.
  9. Good seeing everyone! I'm hoping to make Ft Pat but we'll see. New job promotion may take up the weekends the guard doesn't hahahaha. If you haven't fished with us, you're missing out. Great group of guys and very well ran tournament trail!! Hope to see this trail grow!
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