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  1. Jamie De Vera

    TNBF #6 Cherokee Night

    The list will grow pretty good come Thursday and Friday
  2. Jamie De Vera

    Tokyo rig???

    Yeah Dad has a ton of them. I've personally never tried it but Dad throws it a lot. Still looking for his first fish on it lol
  3. Jamie De Vera


    Thanks for report buddy
  4. Jamie De Vera

    New TN boat laws

    Thanks bud!
  5. Jamie De Vera

    Rusty hooks

    Heck we just replace ours at any sign of rust
  6. Jamie De Vera

    Upgrade from an 18’ to 20’ boat Questions

    Still looking around 20k for an 06 Z20 w/ 225. You might be able to find a steal though
  7. Jamie De Vera

    Upgrade from an 18’ to 20’ boat Questions

  8. Jamie De Vera

    Upgrade from an 18’ to 20’ boat Questions

    Never fished out of a Triton or the 295/200 series. It's been a 20ft Bullet, Dad's 201, a Z18 Nitro, or different low names. I would say depending on the year you are looking at would dictate that. I've seen and heard of new 18 footers fishing as good or better than 20 footers when it comes to 2 people fishing up front. Your shouldn't have any problem with any of the models you're looking at.
  9. Anyone with a rig wanna fish tonight? If so PM me. Dad's rig is down right now, and I'm needing to get out lol

  10. Jamie De Vera

    TX#4 Douglas Results

    Congrats to winners
  11. Jamie De Vera

    Protect your fish in Hot Weather

    I Don't know how to fizz fish. Never caught anything deep enough to have to fizz. Now with that being said, Dad and I didn't think nothing about getting ice. Never crossed our minds. I hate losing a fish more than anyone and it absolutely disgusted me when ours died. I told him that from now on from May 1st to October 1st we would put our frozen 2 liters in the well as well as other things.
  12. Jamie De Vera

    TNBF tourney #4 Douglas

    Thought you weren't fishing?!?🤔
  13. Jamie De Vera

    TNBF tourney #4 Douglas

    Me and stratos201
  14. Got an open seat for Douglas tomorrow if anyone wants to go! Call 423-588-0249. Won't guarantee fish but we'll have fun trying!

    1. trackertxw175


      Do any good?

    2. Jamie De Vera

      Jamie De Vera

      Caught 2 missed another 1

  15. Jamie De Vera

    Pencil popper

    Lol. Chris, you did step right into that. With the sharp minds around here you gots to be careful, although it is very comical
  16. Jamie De Vera


  17. Alright guys, what's it going to take to win Saturday? Even with all the weather forecasts I still believe 18lbs with a 4.6SM as big fish will win!
  18. Jamie De Vera


    Good job bud! Keep at it and you'll have one tied on all yr!
  19. Jamie De Vera

    Weight Prediction

    I'd about agree with Chris. It's gonna be on Saturday!
  20. Jamie De Vera

    TNBF #3 South Holston

    Ah you'll get a new one soon so this one needs to have as little hrs on it as possible
  21. Jamie De Vera

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    Good deal bro!
  22. Jamie De Vera

    TNBF #3 South Holston

    Me and Astro180
  23. Jamie De Vera

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    That's about right. When Dad had his dragged out, both he and I would run the same rpms which was 5900 on my rig and I think I hit 5800 on his running 72 and I hit 79 in mine. Since he has blown it twice now it is closer to stock as it is going to get and we may end up having to re set it up
  24. Jamie De Vera

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    Lol. I hear that. I honestly think the 24 is too small for the 200s. Dad is having issues with his and we are thinking about trading the 24 for a 26. However, I think his is other things as well. I think if you get a 26 Raker you'll be fine but I'd still check the motor height before changing props.
  25. Jamie De Vera

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    What you need to do one day when you have nothing else to do is to head to the lake and just run and experiment. Run loaded and unloaded and you'll figure out where your jack plate needs to be set, what prop you need and everything else you need to know. 😎