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  1. Bomber Fat Free Shad

    I do better with strike King than bomber.
  2. Fishing Jersey

    I'll second that
  3. Fishing Jersey

    Whatever helps promote the site I'm in regardless of color. Shoot, I'll wear it if it's pink just to promote this site. Just saying! Lol. I'm with Peck. Looking forward to getting some gear!! As of right now I have nothing and I'd like to get all kinds of stuff!!
  4. Fishing Jersey

    Ol lady said to make some women stuff. I'd be down for another jersey if we can agree on color. The vol orange goes with the website name. Although I'm not a Vol fan either, I would wear it to support the site!!
  5. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Hey I'll break the motor in for you lol. Nice ride and congrats!!
  6. New to me!!!

    What Chris!! Congrats bro!
  7. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    Roger that!
  8. Classic weight prediction

    Aren't we all lol. Trying to stay away from the weather reports lol
  9. Classic weight prediction

    I was gonna say something along those lines but looking at the field I had to say what I did
  10. Classic weight prediction

    I'm gonna say 14.21 with a 4.4 big fish
  11. Points Table

  12. Black Friday results

    Congrats on the winners and looking forward to the classic!
  13. Falcon/Lew's Combo

    This item is no longer for sale
  14. Falcon/Lew's Combo

    I have a Jason Christie signature series Falcon pitchin stick 7'3 paired with a left handed Lew's Carbon Fire 7.1:1 reel. I use it for flippin and pitchin and for the majority of my smaller A-Rigs. $125 is what I'm asking. Text or call (423) 588-0249
  15. Falcon/Lew's Combo

    No takers?!?
  16. TNBF #9 Watauga Night Results

    Congrats on the W Wes!
  17. Back to The Creek 9-22

    Thanks for the report
  18. TNBF #8 South Holston Night

    SteveHTN is my partner
  19. TNBF #8 South Holston Night

    Dad is out so I've got an open seat.
  20. TNBF #8 South Holston Night

    Me and stratos201
  21. Riding mower for sale

  22. Riding mower for sale

    I've got a John Deere D130 for sale. 42"in deck, 22hp, 15.3hrs. Everything works and can send pics via text. $1800 OBO. 423-588-0249
  23. Riding mower for sale

  24. Riding mower for sale

    $1500 OBO
  25. Riding mower for sale