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  1. congrats to the winners! hate i missed it! i would like to personally say thank you to ALL committee members for a well ran trail! love fishing it!! i hope to fish some when i get back next season.
  2. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! that's some funny chit right there🤣
  3. I know what you mean. It's horrible over here at our plant
  4. I've used suspend dots and suspend strips. Never caught anything using them so my confidence level in them is slim to none
  5. That's a wicked looking bait right there! I want to try the MB but can't seem to pull the trigger due to price tag. I HAD a Lucky Craft but someone (Astro180) lost it LMAO. No big bro!! Figured I'd bust your cahonies LMAO. I'm on a Livingston kick right now but can't find one that floats the way I like. I'm not a big fan of slowly sinking jerkbaits. At least not yet anyways. That's one technique I'm still trying to figure out.
  6. Congrats Matt on the W! Good luck to those fishing the classic!
  7. 22.15lbs w/ a 5.22 spot😁. 12.21lb cat for trash pot😄. Serious prediction- 14.27 with 4.2 SM and 4.7lb trash fish
  8. I know what you mean. I can leave the house in a good mood, jammin out to some music and no sooner than I hit the parking lot it's OVER!!
  9. Interesting on the color selection. I've not done well with bluegill colors so I usually steer clear of them
  10. I have. So far I've done better with Z-MAN
  11. Get you a couple shad patterns and tie one on and parallel a bank that has a few stick ups. Just chuck and wind and experiment. It's been a while since I've caught fish with them but it's almost time to throw them regularly
  12. Try a different lure. If your crank has rattles, try a silent version. If that doesn't work, try a swimbait. Show them something different until you catch one then go back to cranking.
  13. I throw a chatterbait quite often but still can't bring myself to pay $15+ for just one. $10.99 isn't bad for that considering I've seen them go for $19.99.
  14. Geez. Didn't need you to agree. Normally when you do that's about what it takes lol
  15. Once again, Andy and the committee to the rescue!! I love this trail😋!!!!!!
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