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  1. I think it took 17 something to win. There was a 14 pound and a few 11 pound bags. I had 9.1 I think. Decent fishing for most, I just couldn't find the big fish. They had lots of donated give aways at weigh in. I'll throw a report together shortly.
  2. Is this the correct address for the ramp, 199 Public Dr?
  3. I'm in. I have fished 5 this year, 4 regular plus black Friday. I should be qualified without having to buy in 1?
  4. I havent seen the sun since time changed lol. At work before sunrise and home after sunset lol.
  5. Looks great! Care to share the contact? I'd like to get mine recovered this winter. I bought some from bassboatseats.com they looked great just didnt fit like I expected so i sent them back.
  6. Peck

    Carolina rig....

    I've thrown a Donkey rig a few times. It looks great but I haven't caught a thing on it. Wrong place, time, bait, idk but not a nibble. Looks sweet though.
  7. I bought some seats for my Nitro but am not a fan of how the color goes with my boats color scheme. Asking $500 to hopefully save me from paying to ship back for a refund and having to pay restock fee. Seats are black and Charcoal. Two outside seats are 20" wide. The bottoms can hinge up if you have storage bin under the seat. Middle seat is 17" wide and folds down to a step. Good quality seats from www.bassboatseats.com http://imgur.com/a/ae99yJR http://imgur.com/a/LAfhoAR Can text pics if these don't load. 341-9337
  8. Welcome. This is a great bunch of guys to fish with and get started in the Tournament world. Very laid back Tournaments that are well ran. Tons of good information on here for all the local lakes. The more you contribute and post reports, the more people will be willing to help with advice and pointers along the way.
  9. Yes team tournament style, but I usually fish solo. Co angler doesn't have to be a member, but guests can not fish the classic if you fish enough tournaments to qualify.
  10. I believe it took 13 something to win? 6 boats, 3 limits I think. Tough hot day for me. Only 1 keeper that I didn't weigh. Ramp was a mess both morning and afternoon. Someone managed to go sideways across the concrete walkway. Truck partially in the water, trailer in the water in front of the truck. Really jacked up the blast off for the 15 tournaments going on and I"d say at least 200 boats all together. There were boats on every spot I wanted to fish. Tons of boat traffic, both bass boats and pleasure boats. It was HOT! I never found them shallow or deep, so I don't know where people where catching them at.
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