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  1. Peck

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    I know it's not apples to apples, but my 1999 Nitro Nx 882 with a 150 merc will run low to mid 60s. I believe I run a 23 pitch 4 blade. I also had a 17' Stratos before this Nitro and it would run mid 40's with a 90hp on it. I'd check your prop to pad dimension and go from there, sounds like you are too low on the jackplate. My nitro was around 5" prop to pad when I bought it. I couldn't lower the motor down to level because it hit the ground before it got level. I raised it up to about 3.5" and it made a world of difference. Just make sure you mark where it is and after each adjustment, so you can always get back to the best setup. Each brand and even boat will have a different sweet spot. Not exactly your year, but similar sounding problem. http://www.bbcboards.net/showthread.php?t=603565
  2. Black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish
  3. Peck


    That should work fine for off plane as long as it's below the water line. I've been thinking of moving mine up there since it didn't do as I wanted on the lower step.
  4. Peck


    I have a Nitro with a similar stepped hull as the photos above. I mounted my transducer where the original transducer above is shown. If I had it to do over, I'd mount it where the arrow points to above on the upper step. I tried the epoxy and the plastic instead of drilling holes. It didn't work on my Nitro because of the way the lower step was sloped. It ended up coming loose and the transducer went flying around. Luckily it didn't do any damage. If you go lower, be sure to keep an eye on the trailer bunk boards. If you're not careful you'll knock the transducer off on the board. I was hoping to keep depth readings on plane by mounting it lower, but I still lose readings above 25mph. I normally cruise around 35-40, so it's no good to me on the lower step. By taking it up you'll be out of harms way. If you want depth readings on plane go with the shut thru hull transducer like SilverFox mentioned. I also get a jet trail on my side imaging unless i trim my motor up a little. It's not a big issue, just trim up if you see it.
  5. Peck

    Elite 7/ hook 4

    Try to give Lowrance a call. If you can get a person they may be able to help. Hummingbird has good customer service (for me anyway) not sure how Lowrance is. You could probably also call Watson's and I'm sure somebody there could help.
  6. Peck

    TNBF #2 Cherokee

    We've had a furnace down for a rebuild. Start heating it up Thursday so it's 12's 7 days a week til it's back in operation. It'll be a long month. Got to love being salary too.
  7. Peck

    Elite 7/ hook 4

    If the pins are different I'd bet the transducers are different. Probably not an adapter and if there is you'll probably loose some functions. I don't know the difference in the hook series versus the elite series tho. Lowrance does sell a 7 pin to 9 pin adapter cable for transducers but it doesn't sound like that is what you need if one cable is male and the other cable is female.
  8. Peck

    TNBF #2 Cherokee

    Looks like it's going to be a good turnout. Unfortunately I'll be at work for the next 25 days straight.
  9. Peck

    Welcome heelerpro

    Welcome to the site and thanks for your service. I'm sure that's a tough line of work to be in right now. Tons of great information on here and lots of guys willing to give advice.
  10. Peck

    Football jigs

    Dirty water can't beat it.
  11. Peck

    New boat

    It'll feel good to be back on the water I'm sure.
  12. I also have no experience, but I believe you can get a starter kit but you have to have an extra Tee to make it work. Something about needing to power the network and each unit requiring a Tee. Again I have no clue, just going by what I've heard. @NobbyNobbs may be able to steer you in the right direction.
  13. Peck

    Winter project

  14. Peck

    Boone Results

    I hooked the big striper there but couldn't get anything else. I think if I had stayed there longer or been there earlier I could have found a few. There was too much bait around to not have some bass nearby. I just didn't feel like fighting the Striper boats, wind and birds. I think I was there around 230 or 3, so I headed back to ramp when I left there.
  15. Peck

    Boone Results

    Tough is exactly how my day went. I managed a few short fish with only 1 keeper for probably just over a pound. I did manage to hook a monster striper. They were feeding! So many shad near the bottom my graph kept thinking they were the bottom. Birds were having a field day too.