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  1. Livewell

    For the V4 valve to work, your livewell drain has to connect to the valve. This valve will give you the ability to pump water in, recirculate water, or open the valve to drain. This is what is on my Nitro. If you just want to add the aerator then all you need is the spray head that has the venturi, like this one https://flow-rite.com/products/marine/aerators/mh-psn-100. The recirculate option is really handy tho, especially in the summer when water temperatures rise. If you decide to go that route, I'd go ahead and add the pump out option as well. https://flow-rite.com/products/marine/aerators/ma-024-r or https://flow-rite.com/products/marine/aerators/mp-1000 which comes with the thru hull fitting, add in some hose and you won't have to squat behind the boat to fill a weigh bag. If you go with the V4 valve, you'll also need the actuator https://flow-rite.com/products/marine/actuators-cables/mc-1-04-100 and the cable https://flow-rite.com/products/marine/actuators-cables/ma-cbl-06, if your boat doesn't have them already, which it doesn't sound like it does. I just went through all of this on my Nitro a few months back, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. I can also sketch up something on how mine is set up if you need it.
  2. Livewell

    https://flow-rite.com/products/marine/aerators Flow-rite carries alot of livewell components. It'll depend on what your setup is now and what you want to add. I recently went thru my Nitro and replaced pumps, the shut off/recirculation valve and added their pump out system. They are reasonably priced and I had my order in 2 days.
  3. New to me!!!

    Awesome! How did you get hooked up with that kind of deal?
  4. Jon boats

    I'd say a cooler with an aerator and a portable pump to drop in the lake to fill and to recirculate/pump out would do fine. Might do a little google action and read up on some jon boat to bass boat conversions. A lot of people do deck extensions, rod lockers, livewells ect. This may be a bit extreme, but some good points in the video if you get bored and have time to watch.
  5. Black Friday Tourney

    Well I'm out. Got a sick 3 year old. Good luck fellas.
  6. Black Friday Tourney

    Put me in on this one. Are we doing a smallest fish side pot? I am usually in line to win that lol.
  7. Ultrex

    On my Xi5 it will spin around then spin back the other direction before it wraps itself up too bad. I have gotten it wrapped around my front navigation light before, but it seemed to stop and reverse direction before enough force to pull the wires loose. The navigation light issue was a one time thing, not really sure how it even got over that far, but it did somehow. Not saying it can't/won't wrap up bad enough to pull something loose, but I haven't seen it as being an issue. Ultrex may be different tho. I'm telling you it is well worth the money. You'll wonder how you ever fished without out.
  8. Ultrex

    I've had the Motorguide Xi5 for a few months now. I don't think it's noisy, but like you said that's relative. The anchor function (spot lock on MK) is worth it's wait in gold. Huge benefit to offshore fishing but I use it just as much beating the banks. If you come to a brush pile you want to really work over, you can hit the button and stay on it. Also huge when you boat a fish or need to retie. Just hit the button, do your thing, and pick right back up on the bank or whatever you were fishing. The steering takes some getting used to, it's a lot different feel than a traditional cable steer. The Xi5 has a wireless foot pedal, not sure about the Ultrex. This allows for a cleaner front deck and you can move the pedal wherever you want anywhere in the boat. Also has a remote, which I think the Ultrex does too. I prefer the pedal, but the remote has a few more functions that can't be done with the pedal alone. If you're a Lowrance guy definitely go with Motorguide. If you are a Humminbird guy, then go with the Minn Kota. Either way I don't think you'll be disappointed, and you'll probably wish you had made the upgrade sooner. The additional functionality of either will far out weigh the additional noise, if there even is any.
  9. Gloves

    Thanks for all the advice. I loved the Pro Qualifier Bibs. The Jacket is definitely my next purchase, when I find a sale. I do have some thicker gloves for running down the lake. Some old ski gloves but warm and work perfect for that. I've heard about wearing latex underneath to keep dry like Ross mentioned. Just forgot all about that on Saturday. I believe I even have some in the boat. Hot hands is also something I never though about. I think a fingerless glove would be ideal. I just can't feel enough to cast in anything I've tried. Thanks fellas.
  10. Gloves

    After the wash down on Cherokee on Saturday I've realized I need some gloves. I have a set of neoprene gloves, no idea on the brand, but I can't cast wearing them to save my life. So I wore 1 glove all day. After 3 hours or so in the rain my hands were shot, even the one with the glove. It kept my hand dry for a while, but eventually soaked through. They would have also froze me to death had it been cold. My Pro Qualifier bibs did amazing, and the Frog Togg jacket was decent with layers underneath. I plan to buy the BPS jacket, either the Pro Qualifier or 100mph jacket this winter since my Frog Togg Jacket is more suited for summer time use. I'm curious what gloves you guys recommend. Mainly looking for a good fall/winter glove that will keep me dry and warm, without making casting an issue. I'm not as worried about summer rain, but more the colder weather. Recommendations?
  11. TNBF #10 Cherokee

    Weather I'm guessing
  12. TNBF #10 Cherokee

    Never fails haha. At least weigh in isn't the same time. Hopefully the fishing is better than it was on Sunday.
  13. TNBF #10 Cherokee

    I should be able to make this one. I also got a flyer left on my truck Sunday for Thin Red Line Bass club (fire department) having a fundraising tournament on the 28th out of Quarryville from 7am-1pm. So blast off may be a bit crowded as usual.
  14. Got a few minutes to mess around on this problem last night. I went wild with the volt meter and finally found the bad plug connection. I was getting 12 volts before the connection and only 7 after on the pump side. Cut it out and replaced and good to go now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction fellas.
  15. Negative. Lowe's or maybe Wal-Mart has them. It's called a fish tape, but has nothing to do with fishing or boats. It's just a spool of a stiffer wire used to help pull wire through tight spaces. I use a straightened out coat hanger and tape the wires to the end. Put a flashlight on where you want wires to do and fish the coat hanger with your wires toward the light. Works decent for straight shots that you can't reach with your hand/arm length. Fish tape is easier to deal with tho especially in the tighter curvy spaces.