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  1. Peck

    Berkley max scent

    Nathan Light swears by the gulp in those 3B Outdoors videos.
  2. Peck

    Best deep diveing cranking rod

    I use a 5.4:1 Abu Garcia Revo Winch. Lower the gear ratio the better for deep cranking. A day of deep cranking will still wear you out tho, no matter what setup you use.
  3. It's pretty common to find the oil tanks removed for reason mentioned above. Most will smoke a little more at idle, but a little too much oil in the mix shouldn't hurt anything and is better than not enough oil because of a pump problem. Mine is still hooked up of my 99 Nitro. I get an alarm if there is an issue, low pressure, low oil ect. Maybe I trust the alarm a little more than I should....
  4. Peck

    Rusty hooks

    Once you get a plano box that has rust in it, it is hard to keep everything you put in there from rusting again. I'd replace the hooks and replace the box.
  5. Peck

    Spot lights for night fishing

    I put a couple of these on my golf cart. Found a set of knockoffs on Amazon for $14, that was for 2! Rigid is nice, but you are paying for the name.
  6. Peck


    Looks pretty sweet.....and expensive I'm sure. Curious to see some real footage rather than a demo tho.
  7. I picked up a Motorguide Xi5 (Motorguide's electric steer version) from NobbyNobbs on here about a year ago. Biggest learning curve was the foot pedal sensitivity. Once you get used to it tho you won't notice the difference. The remote is cool but if you are beating the banks the foot control can't be beat. It's a pain to constantly stop fishing to take your hand off the rod to use the remote, but I do use it from time to time since some functions you can't do from the pedal. Anchor function (spotlock) is worth the price of the upgrade. You'll wonder how you ever fished without it. I still need to link mine to the Lowrance to gain more functionality (follow contours, set points to follow, autopilot ect.) You'll love it!
  8. Peck

    Protect your fish in Hot Weather

    My livewell never drains completely. I always have one corner that keeps a few cups of water. Same stench you mention unless I dry it out with an old rag. I'm not sold on the vents either. Seems like a sales gimmick to me. My livewell has the venturi nozzles so it sends air in with the water to replenish oxygen. Overflow should allow whatever "gases" to exit plus you should be opening livewell lid throughout the day to check on your fish. I don't see any benefit to adding vents. But like mentioned, you have to catch keepers for it to matter anyway lol
  9. Peck

    HDS power cable

    You probably have a connection somewhere that is bad then. Maybe a splice somewhere that you can't get to to check. Pull the factory cable off where it connects to the boat wiring and hook it directly to the battery. That way you can rule out that cable before you pull in new wires. Also make sure none of the pins are bent out of place.
  10. Peck

    HDS power cable

    I'd check for a blown fuse. Then multimeter like he suggested to make sure you are getting power to the pins. The unit itself could have burned up.
  11. Peck

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    I know it's not apples to apples, but my 1999 Nitro Nx 882 with a 150 merc will run low to mid 60s. I believe I run a 23 pitch 4 blade. I also had a 17' Stratos before this Nitro and it would run mid 40's with a 90hp on it. I'd check your prop to pad dimension and go from there, sounds like you are too low on the jackplate. My nitro was around 5" prop to pad when I bought it. I couldn't lower the motor down to level because it hit the ground before it got level. I raised it up to about 3.5" and it made a world of difference. Just make sure you mark where it is and after each adjustment, so you can always get back to the best setup. Each brand and even boat will have a different sweet spot. Not exactly your year, but similar sounding problem. http://www.bbcboards.net/showthread.php?t=603565
  12. Black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish
  13. Peck


    That should work fine for off plane as long as it's below the water line. I've been thinking of moving mine up there since it didn't do as I wanted on the lower step.
  14. Peck


    I have a Nitro with a similar stepped hull as the photos above. I mounted my transducer where the original transducer above is shown. If I had it to do over, I'd mount it where the arrow points to above on the upper step. I tried the epoxy and the plastic instead of drilling holes. It didn't work on my Nitro because of the way the lower step was sloped. It ended up coming loose and the transducer went flying around. Luckily it didn't do any damage. If you go lower, be sure to keep an eye on the trailer bunk boards. If you're not careful you'll knock the transducer off on the board. I was hoping to keep depth readings on plane by mounting it lower, but I still lose readings above 25mph. I normally cruise around 35-40, so it's no good to me on the lower step. By taking it up you'll be out of harms way. If you want depth readings on plane go with the shut thru hull transducer like SilverFox mentioned. I also get a jet trail on my side imaging unless i trim my motor up a little. It's not a big issue, just trim up if you see it.
  15. Peck

    Elite 7/ hook 4

    Try to give Lowrance a call. If you can get a person they may be able to help. Hummingbird has good customer service (for me anyway) not sure how Lowrance is. You could probably also call Watson's and I'm sure somebody there could help.