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  1. TNBF #10 Cherokee

    Never fails haha. At least weigh in isn't the same time. Hopefully the fishing is better than it was on Sunday.
  2. TNBF #10 Cherokee

    I should be able to make this one. I also got a flyer left on my truck Sunday for Thin Red Line Bass club (fire department) having a fundraising tournament on the 28th out of Quarryville from 7am-1pm. So blast off may be a bit crowded as usual.
  3. Got a few minutes to mess around on this problem last night. I went wild with the volt meter and finally found the bad plug connection. I was getting 12 volts before the connection and only 7 after on the pump side. Cut it out and replaced and good to go now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction fellas.
  4. Negative. Lowe's or maybe Wal-Mart has them. It's called a fish tape, but has nothing to do with fishing or boats. It's just a spool of a stiffer wire used to help pull wire through tight spaces. I use a straightened out coat hanger and tape the wires to the end. Put a flashlight on where you want wires to do and fish the coat hanger with your wires toward the light. Works decent for straight shots that you can't reach with your hand/arm length. Fish tape is easier to deal with tho especially in the tighter curvy spaces.
  5. I haven't traced the wires. I've only looked at the end at the pumps and the end at the switch. What does in between I don't know. Not the best serviceability with the design. The pumps are an absolute pain in the butt to get to. I don't think it's a problem with the hoses, but I understand what both of you are saying. Even with the pump not hooked to a hose at either end, you can hear a difference in the working pump and the non working pump. Which makes me lean toward wiring or the switch. I guess I'll run a temporary wire from timer to pump and see what it does. Then go from switch to pump bypassing the timer and see what that does. I know it works going straight from pump to battery, so the problem has to be somewhere in between.
  6. My Nitro has 2 livewell pumps. Both can pull water from outside the boat and one is used to recirculate as well. The recirc pump has started to act up. Basically when I flip the switch you can hear the pump run but with very little power and really low water flow comes out the head. It acts the same on outside pump in or on recirc. I took the pump out and cleaned it up, hooked directly to the battery and it sounds fine, plenty of rpms out of it. Put it back in the boat and has the same issue, low rpms and sounds like it is only about half power. I had an old pump laying around so I swapped it out and had the same issue in the boat. So my problem is not the pump itself. My question is what should I do next? Is it something in the wiring or something in the switch/timer? How do I check both? Thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Hydrowave 2

    They make a Hydrowave mini. Cheaper with fewer sounds but would probably work just as well to mask TM noise. Off topic but has anyone used the Livingston lures that make the bait fish sounds? Same concept I'm guessing?
  8. Huge Tackle Lot

    I've seen that Facebook page. Biggest advantage of eBay is the protection they offer. You don't have to worry about the money side of things on there. Not sure you'd have the same feeling about dealing with people on Facebook. I think people would try to rip you off on there.
  9. Huge Tackle Lot

    I'll play the middle man and sell both your lots on eBay broken up by baits and smaller lots for a small commission of course. It'll take some time and work, but eBay is the way to go.
  10. Huge Tackle Lot

    +1 It may take a little more time and effort, but I've had great success selling on Ebay. They keep 10% but you will sell for more in the long haul that way. I sold a Wiggle Wart a while back for good money on there. I've also sold a few Lowrance units that brought more than I thought they should have even after Ebay took their cut. Probably the only way you'll unload it unless you find a tackle shop that'll buy it all.
  11. Stratos Boats (A Sad Day)

    Get wet and lose 100's of dollars of equipment....Some stuff floats, other stuff sinks to the bottom....not that I have ever had it happen?
  12. Black lights

    I wouldn't think so. Like any accessory, run the wires from device, to switch, to a fuse off the battery (cranking or Trolling). Hardest part is running the wires throughout the inside of the boat.
  13. Still have this available. Someone make an offer! Cash or trade!
  14. Yeah came off a Merc, I didn't even pay attention that you said OMC. I'm in Church Hill, but I'm pretty sure it won't work without modification.
  15. I have a 23P Tempest Plus for sale, may give you more than you want tho. You're welcome to try it out.