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  1. Lowrance Elite 12 ti

    Pretty sure KVD has been running Hummingbird's for several years. He only added Minn Kota and Talons this year.
  2. Pegged weights?

    Bobber stops are the way to go. I hardly ever peg tho.
  3. Damiki Technique

    Just because the color fades out at depth doest mean the color doesn't matter. Different colors fade out to different shades of gray/black. The contrast between colors is what draws the bite (action is obviously first on that list). Water clarity also plays a huge part. Clear water has better light penetrating the depths, so the color is visible deeper than muddy or stained water.
  4. Tourney Scales

    It's in this thread. Pricing is as follows: Long & short sleeve jerseys: $75 Tees: $20 Hoodies(screen print): $50 Hoodies(jersey style): $100 6" Decals: $7.50 ea Jerseys, tees, hoodies all require a 25 pc minimum order. Jerseys & jersey style hoodies are semi-customizable with boat, motor, rod & reel decals, etc. Please contact me directly with your order and sizing info. Message me on here, call or text 423-534-0923, email andrewcole@eastman.com.
  5. Fishing Jersey

    Bump! Mountainman said only 3 people had messaged him about an order. Surely we can get more people than that!
  6. Fishing Jersey

    They look AWESOME! Can't wait to get an order in.
  7. Fishing Jersey

    The Duke boys is "Flame Red" (still orange). Jersey still looks like ol' Vol orange to me lol. Can they work up a concept like the one they originally posted with the Morristown Marine Logo, but instead of the red, let it have the orange there? Basically the pattern sleeves to be black and gray/silver with the outlines orange, still keeps the site orange, just less of it? If everyone likes the orange sleeves then that's fine with me (didn't mean to start a battle). I'd just rather have something with less orange regardless of the shade. Like I said, just my opinion, if everyone is Ok with it I'll still get one.
  8. Gloves

    I got the 100mph jacket for Christmas. Haven't had it on the water yet but have been wearing out in these freezing temps and absolutely love it. I also picked up some gloves from Cabelas. The fingers fold back and some casting in the yard they seem to work ok. Not sure if they will pan out or not, but so far they seem to do the trick. Pretty good with a spinning reel not as good with the baitcaster. More on the water testing needed.
  9. Fishing Jersey

    That's bad too lol. Honestly it looks fine. I'm looking forward to getting some gear so I can spot some of you fellas out on the lake and at the ramp.
  10. Tourney Scales

    Worked that time!
  11. Fishing Jersey

    I guess we just won't call it Vol orange and it'll be fine. I do have orange bibs so it's all good!
  12. Fishing Jersey

    They look great, although I'm not a fan of the Vol orange lol. Blue would be nice! I'll probably get one if the price is right. Shirt and stickers too!
  13. Tourney Scales

    I tried to donate and got this message. "There's an issue with this Campaign Organizer's account. Our team has contacted them with the solution! Please ask them to sign in to GoFundMe and check their account."
  14. Tracker Heritage

    Good point ....I didn't think of it that way.
  15. Tracker Heritage

    I posted this on the other thread, but it should probably be in this one. Unless you just want a new boat with a warranty, I'd stick with something used. Plenty of Bass Trackers around $5k on Craigslist. Then you have another $5k for better electronics and Trolling motor. Heck I got my Nitro for under $10k. But if new is what you're after you won't be able to touch that price. Tracker is right, they'll make money off everything else they sell with the boat. The $400 gift card they are giving will have people spending a grand upgrading electronics. Seeing how expensive new boats are nowadays, this is a smart move in my opinion by going back after the weekend angler and making something more affordable.