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  1. I believe it took 13 something to win? 6 boats, 3 limits I think. Tough hot day for me. Only 1 keeper that I didn't weigh. Ramp was a mess both morning and afternoon. Someone managed to go sideways across the concrete walkway. Truck partially in the water, trailer in the water in front of the truck. Really jacked up the blast off for the 15 tournaments going on and I"d say at least 200 boats all together. There were boats on every spot I wanted to fish. Tons of boat traffic, both bass boats and pleasure boats. It was HOT! I never found them shallow or deep, so I don't know where people where catching them at.
  2. It's a jetski with some rod holders mounted on the back. I have a jetski now and have tried to fish from it. Its dang near impossible to stay positioned. No trolling motor so you are at the mercy of the water, wind, current ect. It's uncomfortable and an awkward platform to fish from. You can stand on mine, but it's shakey, you'll end up wet at some point. Kayaks are more built to fish from these days. Still not a replacement for a boat, but they have their purpose. More stable in the water to stand on and more comfortable to sit on/in. Jetski seat really gets in the way and limits how you can stand and where you can comfortably cast. The higher end kayaks have pedal drives or even trolling motors. I'd go kayak before jetski if sticky used to fish from.
  3. New boats are expensive. I dont think fishing from a jetski is feasible, especially around here. If a kayak is out, a canoe or gheenoe should be out as well. I'd look at the trackers or even one of the bigger jon boats if you want to stay with something new. But electronics and a GPS trolling motor will be the majority of the cost. Dont let a used boat scare you. Lots of good used boats out there for under 15k. Any of the guys on here would answer any questions you would have when you find a used boat. Heck most would meet you out when you test drove it to help you out. I dont know Vafis or his boat, but that seems like something to look into. $7K would leave plenty of room for upgrading electronics and trolling motor and still stay under your budget.
  4. Tough day for me. Only caught 4 fish all day, 2 SMALL keepers and 2 short fish. One being an almost solid white smallmouth. It had very little pigmentation. All of my fish came on a spinnerbait. 2 keepers off the same big rock that had a big crack down the center, back to back casts. Other 2 came from the edge of trees. Water temps from 49 to 52 and muddier than I figured it would be.
  5. I ended up with 2 but only for 3lbs 5 oz. lol
  6. I'm guessing 17.1 with a 6.2 LM I'll have 2 for 4 and change tho....
  7. Put me down for a donation. By the way, I still need to pick up a shirt and decal from last year. I got the Jersey, just never been able to meet up for the shirt. Will you have them Saturday?
  8. Peck

    Ranger rt198p

    You're in the center of A LOT of campgrounds. I'd guess that is a good market for your location. Boats or campers, carry what people buy and don't look back.
  9. Awesome ran Tournament! Quite a few boats when I got to the ramp but as always a flawless blast off. Great job on the tournament folks getting everyone launched, blasted off, loaded up and weighed in without any issues. Looking forward to the next one.
  10. Well started laying it all out in the boat and found out I'm short a tee connector. Ordered another. Maybe I'll have it all working by this weekend.
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