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  1. Peck

    Need some advice

    I've always done better river and pond fishing from the bank rather than on a lake. Small ponds are always a good confidence booster for me, if you can find one to fish that is.
  2. My Xi5 has a remote and a wireless foot pedal. I rarely use the remote, but it does come in handy sometimes. I also have mine linked to my Lowrance and can control it from there. Again, rarely use this, but handy at times. Mine also has to be fully deployed to work. Like mentioned, this is a pain in the butt up shallow. You can loosen the nut and slide it up, but it ain't the same as holding the rope half deployed to navigate shallow. All electric steer takes some practice to get a feel for too.
  3. I would say yes, you'll be able to find fish all year in various parts of the lake and river. Some times of the year the river will be better, other times the lake portion will be better. Lots of factors go into that though and it varies from lake to lake.
  4. That's the biggest complaint I have with my Motorguide Xi5. Electric steer has been a learning curve as well. Still think I'd prefer a cable. You won't regret anything with spot lock. Like everyone else has said, worth every penny.
  5. Peck

    10XD boxes

    I store my soft plastics in them. Works great, they stack nicely and are easy to flip through.
  6. I think it took 17 something to win. There was a 14 pound and a few 11 pound bags. I had 9.1 I think. Decent fishing for most, I just couldn't find the big fish. They had lots of donated give aways at weigh in. I'll throw a report together shortly.
  7. Is this the correct address for the ramp, 199 Public Dr?
  8. I'm in. I have fished 5 this year, 4 regular plus black Friday. I should be qualified without having to buy in 1?
  9. I havent seen the sun since time changed lol. At work before sunrise and home after sunset lol.
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