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  1. Peck

    Cherokee results

    Tough day for me. Only caught 4 fish all day, 2 SMALL keepers and 2 short fish. One being an almost solid white smallmouth. It had very little pigmentation. All of my fish came on a spinnerbait. 2 keepers off the same big rock that had a big crack down the center, back to back casts. Other 2 came from the edge of trees. Water temps from 49 to 52 and muddier than I figured it would be.
  2. I ended up with 2 but only for 3lbs 5 oz. lol
  3. I'm guessing 17.1 with a 6.2 LM I'll have 2 for 4 and change tho....
  4. Peck

    TNBF Tournament #2 3/16

    Put me down for a donation. By the way, I still need to pick up a shirt and decal from last year. I got the Jersey, just never been able to meet up for the shirt. Will you have them Saturday?
  5. Peck

    Ranger rt198p

    You're in the center of A LOT of campgrounds. I'd guess that is a good market for your location. Boats or campers, carry what people buy and don't look back.
  6. Peck

    Boone Tx#1 Results

    Awesome ran Tournament! Quite a few boats when I got to the ramp but as always a flawless blast off. Great job on the tournament folks getting everyone launched, blasted off, loaded up and weighed in without any issues. Looking forward to the next one.
  7. Peck

    TNBF Tournament #1 Boone

    I'm planning to be there.
  8. Well started laying it all out in the boat and found out I'm short a tee connector. Ordered another. Maybe I'll have it all working by this weekend.
  9. Peck

    TNBF Tournament #1 Boone

    Same, bumblebee in the helmet on Harley. I'm waiting to see of I have to work or not. Hopefully not but not looking good right now.
  10. Well I pulled the trigger on the Nmea 2000 starter kit, the gateway kit which came with an extra tee, and another drop cable. Hopefully that is all I need. Should be here next week so we'll see.
  11. So I picked up a Lowrance Elite 9 Ti the other day (Bass Pro Sale) and I want to link it with my Elite 7 up front and also to my Motorguide Xi5 trolling motor. Looking to share waypoints and gain some functionality out of my tm by following waypoints, contours ect. I've read that I need the Nmea 2000 kit to accomplish this. I think I also need another tee and another short cable, maybe 2? But I also read I need a gateway kit to be able to connect to the TM? The Nmea kit is under 100 bucks, but i can't seem to find the gateway kit that isn't crazy expensive, and I'm not even sure I need this. Any of you have experience with this stuff and can lead me in the right direction before I spend a bunch of money I dont need to spend?
  12. Peck

    Black Friday results

    Launch and weigh in went very smooth. Love the new weigh in setup. Congrats to everyone bringing fish to the scales. Can't wait til next year to fish a few more.
  13. I'm in as long as I can roll out of bed.
  14. Pay at the ramp morning of. They will post who to look for (person, truck and boat), what time signups will end and blast off time later this week. There is a liability waiver to sign. Also a post in the tournament section with rules that you'll want to read thru.
  15. Peck

    TNBF Merchandise

    Still owe me a shirt and decal. Not going to make the tournament tomorrow, but I'll get it eventually.