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  1. I've enjoyed every one I've fished the past couple years. Hate to see these stop.
  2. I caught 3 or 4 short smallmouth before noon. Once the wind died, so did my day. Can't say that I had much of a day going, but I feel the wind would have helped. I don't fish Douglas a lot, but that is as low as I have ever seen it. Good day to be on the water for December, but horrible day of fishing. I still had a great time and hope to see everyone out again next year. Congrats to Chris and George for making the rest of us look bad lol. Impressive limit for such a tough day.
  3. Peck

    Boat leak

    So I replaced all the livewell hoses, and both livewell pumps. The bilge pump was good, just gummed up. Cleaned it up and she worked fine. One livewell pump had a crack in the housing, but was only a small drip coming out of it. Cant say that was or wasn't the problem, but I changed it anyway. Also redid all the through hull fittings. Only hoses i didn't change were the floor drain, bilge hose, livewell drain and overflow. They were all 1-1/8" ID, and that is apparently not a common hose size. I didn't see any of them bad, so didnt want to spend an arm and a leg to replace them. Also have no idea how you would ever reach the livewell drain hose to replace it. Being up under the livewell, there is no way to get up under it to take the clamp off. My ribs are all bruised up and blood still hasn't ran back out of my head yet. They dont make that area very maintenance friendly. Now to test it all out........It's been too hot to fish the last couple weeks anyway.
  4. Congrats Buckeye and TJ on the W! Cant wait for some more day tournaments!
  5. Peck

    Boat leak

    Probably be long winded on this one, just a heads up before you get sucked into the story..... Went out for some bluegill fishing and family fun last weekend. Messed around Saturday afternoon with little fishing and lots of swimming. Left the Nitro tied up overnight and headed back out on Sunday. Noticed the boat was a bit slow to jump on plane, but figured it was the weight of all the gas. Actually filled it up by mistake the day before. It had been a few weeks since I have had it out of the garage and was thinking I was on E, so as I was putting 15 - 20 gallons in, she topped off way before I reached my goal. 36 gallons is just too much weight for my boat. Anyway, she was slow on plane, but I didnt think anything of it. After a day of it beached and lots of swimming, my little girl thought it was funny that her flip flops were floating, in the floorboard of the boat. I raised the back hatch to realize EVERYTHING was under water. Water up over the batteries! Naturally I panicked! Hit the bilge pump with my fingers crossed, since batteries were underwater, and nothing happened, nothing. Fingers double crossed and I hit the big motor, she fired right up. Sonot knowing what else to do, I started ideling down the lake and bailing water with my little cooler from the storage bin. Seemed to make no progress bailing, so I hit the throttle hoping to make the short run to the ramp to take out. Boat stood up and never got close to hitting plane. I even went up front with the wife driving and still couldn't get it on plane. By this point the wife and girl thought the titanic was going down! We ideled on and made it to the ramp without a problem, what seemed like a 3 hour tour, more like 10 minute trip. Put her on the trailer with no problem. Once out of the water, I realized the plug was in, my first thought of the potential problem. Then after a few minutes I could see no obvious signs of water coming out of the boat, meaning I have no idea where the water got into the boat. My only guess is one of the livewell hoses, but still with the bilge and entire back of the boat filled with water, I expected to see water coming out somewhere, but found nothing. Pulled the plug and drained all the water out. In the garage this afternoon, standing on my head, wedged in with arms and head squeezed in, I seen nothing obvious out of place or cause for concern. Figure I'll plug the livewell drains and fill them up so see if the bilge gets water tomorrow. Might go ahead and replace both pumps and all the hoses while I'm at it. And definitely get that bilge pump working! Any other ideas, feel free to chime in! What an adventure and a memory with the family!
  6. I don't night fish, but I understand not having day tournaments this time of year.
  7. If it was a day tournament....maybe not all day in the heat, but part of the day......I'd be in.
  8. Get a 4 blade and a whale tail. That'll help get out of the hole. Not sure on the pitch tho.
  9. Unless work gets in the way, I plan on making it to this one.
  10. Tough day for sure. I dont know where they where hiding
  11. Congrats on bringing fish to the scales fellas. See yall at the next one.
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