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  1. Peck

    Black Friday results

    Launch and weigh in went very smooth. Love the new weigh in setup. Congrats to everyone bringing fish to the scales. Can't wait til next year to fish a few more.
  2. I'm in as long as I can roll out of bed.
  3. Pay at the ramp morning of. They will post who to look for (person, truck and boat), what time signups will end and blast off time later this week. There is a liability waiver to sign. Also a post in the tournament section with rules that you'll want to read thru.
  4. Peck

    TNBF Merchandise

    Still owe me a shirt and decal. Not going to make the tournament tomorrow, but I'll get it eventually.
  5. Peck

    Spot lock- anchor

    The motorguide wireless pedal is different for sure. Takes A LOT of time getting a feel for it compared to a cable steer. I oversteer a lot with it, especially at higher speeds. I also don't like how it deploys without having a rope. Also it's a pain to fish shallow where you can't easily raise it up like you can a traditional trolling motor. But the anchor function is worth dealing with the negatives. I have a Lowrance up front so I'm no help on the HB question. I think they make an adapter for the built in sonar on the trolling motor but not sure how the GPS link stuff works with HB.
  6. Peck

    How to get fall schoolies fired up

    Sometimes releasing fish back will shut them off too.
  7. Peck


    Spotlock is well worth it though! I have a Motorguide Xi5. Electric steer, which is..... different, but I couldn't imagine not having the spotlock/anchor function now.
  8. Peck

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    I'm no night guy tho lol.
  9. Peck

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    Be sweet if the makeup was a day tournament!
  10. Peck

    Humminbird 1198

    It should link according to https://www.humminbird.com/support/faqs/NetworkingChart
  11. Peck

    Rain gear recommendation??

    I use cheap frogg toggs in summer. Pro qualifier bibs (I liked the zipped legs better) and 100mph jacket in winter. I don't fish in real cold weather tho.
  12. Peck

    Berkley max scent

    Nathan Light swears by the gulp in those 3B Outdoors videos.
  13. Peck

    Best deep diveing cranking rod

    I use a 5.4:1 Abu Garcia Revo Winch. Lower the gear ratio the better for deep cranking. A day of deep cranking will still wear you out tho, no matter what setup you use.
  14. It's pretty common to find the oil tanks removed for reason mentioned above. Most will smoke a little more at idle, but a little too much oil in the mix shouldn't hurt anything and is better than not enough oil because of a pump problem. Mine is still hooked up of my 99 Nitro. I get an alarm if there is an issue, low pressure, low oil ect. Maybe I trust the alarm a little more than I should....
  15. Peck

    Rusty hooks

    Once you get a plano box that has rust in it, it is hard to keep everything you put in there from rusting again. I'd replace the hooks and replace the box.